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Trumps Standing In The Way




Trump’s Movement Transcends Politics

By Matt Kane


By now, everybody has heard Donald Trump say: “They’re not after me; they’re after you.  I’m just standing in their way.”  It is a rallying cry for his supporters and “conspiracy” fuel for his critics.  But as is the case in many instances, Trump is right.  In fact, “they” have already begun coming after us — which is why the Trump political movement has officially transcended politics.  America’s fiercest enemy is now those within its own government using Trump’s persecutions as a vehicle to covertly violate individual freedoms.  The damage they are causing is undeniable, and the Trump movement represents the strongest, most wide-reaching, and most unified effort taking on these threats.

Traditional issues that exist in every election are still present.  Immigration, the Second Amendment, the economy, jobs, inflation, taxes, and foreign affairs are still pressing issues.  But a new set of challenges that have arisen are so crucial that if they are not addressed, they will make the traditional issues a moot point.

In just the last eight years, numerous attacks on Trump have occurred that were previously thought of as “not possible in America.”  Because they occurred so frequently, society to an extent became desensitized to their absurdity.  Removing names when analyzing these events prevents bias and helps one better objectively comprehend them and understand attacks on Trump are assaults on the decision of citizens by proxy.

In 2016, the Democrat nominee for president concocted a complete fabrication about her Republican opponent colluding with a foreign country to propel him to victory.  The sitting Democrat president and vice president were made aware that the allegations were bogus, yet they did not put an end to them, and in some instances, they furthered them.  This was a direct attack on the people’s right to elect the candidate they desire.

That attack on citizens to remove their chosen leader did not stop when the false collusion scheme failed.  After he prevailed to win the presidency, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives sought to remove the victor by impeaching him for questioning potentially unethical behavior the former Democrat vice president may have participated in with foreign countries.  The media were quick to “debunk” the damming allegations against the former vice president and presume the sitting president guilty, but recent revelations proved that the latter’s concerns were credible and worth looking into.

Just months after defeating impeachment, the acquitted president was running for re-election against the former vice president.  A laptop containing damaging information belonging to the son of the former vice president was left in a repair shop, and its contents were made public.  However, government agencies colluded with social media companies to suppress the story and discredit it to prevent the incumbent president’s re-election.  The media now self-righteously admit that they were wrong, but only because they accomplished their mission by finally subverting the people’s will after failing countless times during previous years.

The former vice president is now president, and his actions prove that these attacks on the people’s choice have not stopped, as his Department of Justice indicted the former president who is once again running for the presidency.  In total, the former president has been indicted four times since leaving office, with one indictment resulting in a mug shot, for questioning the results of an election, something Democrats have done every election they lost since 2000 and were rightly never criminally charged for.

Previously indirect assaults on the people are no longer that, as prosecutors are now attempting to intimidate supporters and allies into submission.  The former president’s chief of staff and personal attorney were indicted in the Georgia case for pursuing legal, constitutional election challenges.  It’s also gone beyond publicly known figures associated with Trump, as his longtime butler was indicted in the documents case for allegedly “helping Trump obstruct the investigation.”  Fittingly, the mainstream media describe these events as “saving democracy.”

This is not limited to partisan politics, as some in the former president’s own party are attempting to prevent him from appearing on ballots in 2024 based on a fringe legal theory that continues to be dismissed in courts across the country.  When those in government openly plot an attempt to prevent citizens from freely choosing whom they want their next president to be, it signals something sinister at play.

In case you need any more evidence that these times are different, plenty of additional damage is being carried out by those currently in power.  They forced mass inoculation on the masses and prevented those who opposed it from making a living, paralleling the Bible’s Revelation prophecy regarding the mark of the beast.  They also promote genital mutilation for minors, advocate for unlimited abortion, and endlessly fund a war that results in death and destruction, while those at the Capitol on January 6 have their homes raided by the FBI, are sentenced to extreme terms in prison, or rot in a cell without a fair and speedy trial as guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment.

If all these events were made into a TV show as opposed to reality, it would likely be described as action-filled but unrealistic.  Even those who oppose the Trump movement are becoming aware that it is the only thing capable of stopping this agenda.

Alex Soros, the chair of the board of directors for the globalist Open Societies Foundation and son of George Soros, wrote that his main focus right now is preventing a Trump win in 2024 because a MAGA victory would “undermine the progress achieved in Ukraine,” which translates to “Trump’s plan to broker a peace deal in lieu of sending endless amounts of money to Ukraine threatens me.”

Even Donna Brazile, the former acting chair of the Democrat National Committee, who later resigned from CNN after she was caught sharing debate questions with Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, conceded on left-leaning ABC News that she’s “never seen anything like this,” referring to the Trump movement, citing his rising support after indictments and mugshots.

Trump extended an olive branch by choosing not to investigate Hillary Clinton upon taking office.  It was the correct move, as Trump would have been viewed in a tyrannical light for going after a political opponent, since that is precisely how Joe Biden and his weaponized government are now perceived.

But the gloves are now off.  So much about the American political system is rooted in precedent, and a precedent has been set that will allow Trump to open investigations into the many troubling actions taken by his predecessors.  Another Trump election could bring true generational change to America for the better.  He has vowed he would quickly bring down inflation and gas prices, strengthen the economy, secure the border, and reintroduce a strong America on the global stage in just months.  But taking on the Deep State is most important now, and he has demonstrated that he understands how vital this task is for America’s long-term future by recently urging Republicans in Congress to “fight fire with fire.”  He also referenced “an eye for an eye” when asked, if re-elected, if he would “lock up” those in government who commit crimes.

Steve Brannon recently said the nation’s destiny is tied to Trump.  That couldn’t be truer.  Ironically, the man who built the wall is now the only barrier capable of preventing a communistic style of government from taking control of America forever.


  1. ED, I see you’ve missed the breaking news from CNN and MSNBC “Merrick Garland announces the DOJ has credible evidence that Donald Trump was the shooter on the grassy knoll”, the FBI are also following strong leads on Trumps involvement in the Mysterious disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, seriously Trump is fucked.



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