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Turning Our Countries Into Shitholes




Why do they want to change our countries into the shit-holes they came from?

—-They’re Not Happy!—-

They’re not happy in dirty, impoverished, over-populated Gaza ..
They’re not happy in dirty, impoverished, over-populated Egypt ..
They’re not happy in war-ravaged Libya and want to get out of there ..
They’re not happy in backwards, filth-covered Morocco and want to get out of there ..
They’re not happy in Stone-Age, mad-Mullah Iran and want to get out of there ..
They’re not happy in war-wrecked Iraq and want to get out of there ..

They’re definitely not happy in crapulous, impoverished, war-wrecked Yemen and want to get out of there ..
They’re absolutely not happy in primitive, pre-Stone Age Afghanistan and want to get out of there ..
They’re not happy in stinking Krapistan and all want to leave that total sh*t-hole ..

They’re not happy in war-torn Syria and want to get out of there ..
They’re not happy in war-torn, failed-state Somalia and want to get out of there ..

SO, WHERE ARE THEY HAPPY? And where do they want to stay?

They’re happy in wealthy, democratic Australia and ever more want to go there ..
They’re happy in wealthy democratic Canada and ever more want to go there ..
They’re happy in formerly prosperous, formerly democratic England and ever more want to come here ..

They’re happy in prosperous, democratic France and ever more want to go there ..
They’re not quite so happy in Italy (where the Government has made it clear that they’re not welcome) and ever more want to use Italy as a way into other European countries ..
They’re very happy in wealthy Germany and millions more want to go there ..
They’re exceptionally happy in Sweden given that they get everything for free and ever more want to go there ..
They’re equally happy in Norway given that they get everything for free and ever more want to go there ….
They’re also happy in Holland given that they get everything for free and ever more want to go there …

Basically, they’re happy in every country that is not run/ruined (delete as appropriate) by members of the Religion of Peacefulness and Prosperity and ever more of them want to go to those countries.

and they’re unhappy in every country that is run/ruined (delete as appropriate) by members of the Religion of Wonderfulness and Progress and they usually want to leave those countries!


Not their religion.
Not their leadership.
And definitely not themselves.


AND THEN: They want to change those countries to be like:


The FutureBrand Country Index published for the first time since 2014 charts the global perception of 75 different countries, ranking them according to a nation’s “brand” power. A country’s “purpose” and “experience” are among a number of factors taken into account, as well as tourism potential, heritage and culture and quality of life. 
The 20 countries with the best reputations:
1. Japan –
2. Norway +4
3. Switzerland -1
4. Sweden –
5. Finland +8
6. Germany -3
7. Denmark +2
8. Canada -3
9. Austria +1
10. Luxembourg –
11. New Zealand –
12. United States -5
13. Netherlands +3
14. Italy +4
15. Australia -7
16. UAE +3
17. France –
18. Singapore -4
19. United Kingdom -7
20. South Korea –
Japan, that lets in NO third world immigrants. Funny that.

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  1. Crowds are where many of jihad attacks can take place, and no better place than train stations. It puts fear into many people, and has a major economic effect, as costs of security, closing down train systems, and effects many people. It is a very difficult place to keep secure against determined attackers.a way.

    Today:- An Eritrean man.
    Most likely has a coefficient to being a known wolf that was suckled in a wolf pack.
    Last week :- Another known wolf that suckled in a wolf pack

    The perpetrator is already known to the police – and among the residents of Brünen, a small village with around 4,000 inhabitants, for outbreaks of violence.

    “He often stands half-naked at the window, swears. It’s even worse when he’s in front of the house, then you don’t dare go out with children”, says one resident.

    He is also said to have invaded the house of a retired couple last March and threatened the senior citizens. In addition, he indiscriminately attacked strangers in front of his house.

    Looking to cause more problems at a train station a people rich target.

    Mohamed and Chaarani had previously been convicted of planning a terrorist attack on central Melbourne locations including the Federation Square restaurant and nightclub precinct, St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral and Flinders Street train station on Christmas Day in 2016. https://www.timesofisrael.com/3-sunni-muslims-imprisoned-for-firebombing-australian-shiite-mosque/

    known wolf suckled in Mohammad’s wolf pack.

    identified the suspect as an Iraqi father of five, who was granted refugee status about 20 years ago.
    He reportedly glorified Islamist terror attacks,

    I wonder why Greens and Labour want to herd us onto trains? then there is the giving away a part of NZ sovereignty to the UN migration Pact.



  2. If the UN was doing it’s job it would be helping shit hole countries keep their population in their countries of origin by stabilizing their economies, help create employment, sort out food shortages and advise on infrastructure. If the UN can’t get that right then they should be shut down.



  3. It is nonsensical what the police are calling for.

    No-one has been arrested and the force said inquiries were continuing.

    So the police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after a Pride marcher was verbally abused by a woman in a suspected hate crime in London. 🙂 yeah right.
    Which factor is trumps?
    So is it hate speech?
    Is it an incitement?

    The old ducks did tell her “They still loved her” 🙂
    I guess they figure they can still fly if needs be.



  4. You have to hand it to them, ridiculing, humiliating, mocking islam, even if not quite to my taste or style. 🙂 Still very brave when living in the UK these days.

    CEMB Pride 2019: Topless Imams of Perpetual Indulgence
    3m 59 secs —Published on Jul 8, 2019

    Little do today’s muslims know that Mohammad did have a reputation as a cross dresser, as known by his companions in some hadith.

    “The revelation does not come to me when i am in the garment of any woman except Aishas”
    Sahih Bukhari #2442

    Modern day muslims need to get with it. 🙂
    “Allah is gay”



  5. Would one be surprised if this was happening in our DHB’s
    In the hospital mentioned above there would not be a single German doctor anymore. 1 foreign doctor can demonstrably not read
    Situation – the doctor comes to the nurses’ room, stands in front of the medicine cabinet and says he needs Otriven. Since the young woman had cleaned up the medication cabinet only a few hours ago, she knew that the Otriven was exactly at eye level.
    She told him and he searched and looked. Still, he told her once again that he needed Otriven, kept looking and getting nervous, realizing that the young woman was watching him.
    He grabbed a drug and it was the right thing. But according to the young woman, the right grip was more of a coincidence, than definitely exquisite. He did not have to search, it was right in front of his eyes.

    In the circle of colleagues, it would be assumed that he has all that he can, memorized. The administration and management would know that he could not read. The colleagues complained because there was a risk of switching infusions, medications, etc. To date, no action would have been taken, because he has made no mistake so far. ….

    In addition, there are only Muslim nursing students who would not and would not work, but know and exercise their rights as soon as they are criticized or asked to work.

    When I asked if she believed that anything would improve if patients died because of the lack of language skills and medical expertise of doctors … she replied that patients are already dying, but no one is registering what’s going on.
    I did use google translate.

    I do not take away from many other hard working doctors and nurses, but a question remains, when a muslim is supposed not touch alcohol, and then all those hand sanitizers that are supposed to be used between patients. The also arms are not to be bared, so sleeves stay down, so that washing hands is not as effective.

    For some patients, there seems to be such a costly need for translators, and every thing seems to have to wait for their availability. Adding more costs to health systems.



  6. The exposure of another cover up of murder by train in Germany. January 2o19

    Nuremberg: Turks and Greeks push three 16-year-old Germans on track – two dead!
    …. mainstream press lied by “Germans” to disguise a migrant background. In addition, it was rumored by “accident” and “tragedy”, the three 16-year-old had “fallen” on the track.

    The Bild-Zeitung but uncovered on Monday, the hard-hitting reality: The murderers or at least homicidal who encountered the three young Germans on the track, were a Turk and a Greek, who were born only in Germany. ….

    The two victims Luca and Frederic are two real Germans who were extremely popular in their hometown Heroldsberg, eleven kilometers northeast of Nuremberg. Friday night, the two high school students in the Nuremberg club were “nightlife” and wanted to go home around midnight. At the train station they, along with a third friend, got into a quarrel with the Turks and the Greeks. According to police, it should have been a vain cause that led to the highly aggressive reaction of the perpetrators. ….

    …… video footage of the crime scene in Nuremberg prove, according to BILD, that it was pure intention to push the three into the track bed, as the train was already at a good 80 km / h on the way to the station. ….

    All other media are downplaying these brutal murders so far scandalously. …..
    …..You can literally feel how chief censor Prantl leads the way in the process of dressing up the act. ….
    ….. Franken Television even titled the murderous event in its TV reportage as “S-Bahn misfortune”. ….

    Above all, politics must counteract and explain the dangers of Islam.
    As well as the mass invasion of Muslims put a stop, even if it was here in this case born offenders.
    But all formerly conservative old parties, together with the Greens and Reds, are howling up and down the stupid Welcome Culture and Tolerance game.

    Therefore, Nuremberg is always “colorful”. ….
    Only complete left idiots are happy about the Mohammedanization of our country. ….

    I used google translate.

    Starting to see a pattern that no one wants to transparently admit to.
    It seems this happens a bit more often than officials, academia, media, politicians, authorities, will admit to, as just inferring that it is natural collateral damage of traveling by train.



      • Aaaarrrggghhhh! Yes that’s the one. Funny the comments have been disabled, I am sure I remember commenting when the video first appeared and so did a lot of people who obviously shared my thoughts. Not New Zealand journalist’s proudest moment.



  7. The government and judiciary do not care for their own citizens.

    Now the Afghan is sentenced to two years and two months in prison for rape against children. According to the court, the man must have had an “indifferent attitude” to the girl’s low age. The act is equated with intercourse and the immigrant must also pay SEK 115,000 in damages to the girl.

    However, the offender, who is also convicted of so-called unlawful persecution of another defendant, does not have to be deported. “It should also be borne in mind that he was only 16 when he came to Sweden,” the judgment states.

    – They have concluded that there were no special grounds for deportation given that he has lived in Sweden for five years and that he has a permanent residence permit, says prosecutor Emma Olsson to SVT Södertälje.

    The convicted denies the crime and believes he believed the girl was 17 years old. According to him, sex was voluntary.

    I used google tranlate.

    These judges juggle between their countries laws, and sharia.
    An even more wicked combination when thinking of crimes in New Zealand.



    • “he raped a 13-year-old girl at …..
      ….. The 21-year-old Afghan had first put his hand in the girl’s pants. He talked to the girl, who was confused and thought it best to talk back, for fear of what would otherwise happen.

      But in a dark place, he grabbed the girl’s shoulders and pushed her down to the ground.

      “He then grabbed both hands behind her head and pressed her face against his erect penis. He forced it into her mouth,” it is described in the police’s preliminary investigation protocol, which Fria Tider noted.

      The girl tried to push the man away by pressing his hands against his groin, but “he held back”.

      The victim “got no air, he had his penis in her face for maybe 20-30 seconds … ”

      She did not swallow, but spat it out when he was not looking.

      I wonder if the girl lied about her age to him? and consequently bit off more than she could chew? or should her teeth have ‘beared’ down in a total chomp. It was not penetration.

      It also seems he had a previous conviction? but it is not absolutely certain in figuring the translation.

      Fortunately is not a violent guy, and there seems to be no injuries.

      The Swedish social system does allow for the older woman, the “batikhäxa”to take advantage and have fun, and the 13 year old perhaps wanted to emulate this practice.



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