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UK: Christmas and Halloween may soon become “outlawed” in Muslim dominated East London





Christmas and Halloween may become outlawed in East London due to the disdain the high Muslim population has for those celebrations. In fact, as Blitz news explains, these celebrations constitute an “act of extreme sin” for Muslims.
Islamic life is rooted in the Sharia which is incompatible with democratic rule of law and the social norms of free, democratic societies; this includes Western entertainment and public celebrations–considered to be haram in Islam. Given vast Muslim migration into Western countries, the supremacism of the Shariah disallows its adherents to integrate. Instead, Western democracies are deemed to be infidel nations that must be subjugated. It would follow (and has followed) that regions of the West that have experienced vast increases in Muslim population growth have also experienced a shift in the surrounding social climate.
Take for example in East London, the area is gradually going under the total control of Muslims, some of the community centers and Muslim leaders in the East London are saying, for the Muslims, celebrating Halloween or Christmas are not only prohibited by the Islamic textures but it also is an “act of extreme sin”.
Sharia patrols have seized many areas across Western nations, turning them into “no-go zones”. Open door immigration apologists continue to insist that there is no such thing no-go zones. Technically, one can enter any zone in Western nations so the term refers to zones (many of which have become like war zones) that is highly advisable not to enter for safety reasons. In the same manner, Halloween and Christmas will not be technically outlawed under British law, but strolling into East London wearing Halloween costumes or dressed like Santa Claus will be in violation of the sharia patrols of East London and with consequences attached. Furthermore, the majority of the Muslim residents in East London consider Britain as the “land of infidels” and non-Muslims as “enemies of Allah”.

At homes, Muslim parents teach their students to hate the non-Muslims, while most of the youngsters in that locality are encouraged in wearing Islamic attire while boys are insisted on growing beard.
Nowadays, Muslim females in East London face social wrath if they do not wear the burqa or at least hijab.
What is happening in East London is happening elsewhere and the Islamization of the West will steadily advance, becoming more aggressive with time. As warned by the Dalai Lama, Europe will look like Africa and the Middle East if Muslim migration is not controlled.

French scholar, Olivier Roy, argued that the problem of jihadi terrorism is only loosely related to Islamic fundamentalism. That is, radicals are radicals from the start, and they embrace the jihadi narrative largely because of a shortage on the “global market of fundamentalist ideologies”.
Kepel, who has received multiple death threats from the jihadi world because of his work, strongly disagrees.
“Roy’s theory on the Islamification of radicalism is the theory of someone who does not speak Arabic and does not look into the relation between jihadi actions and the Salafi doctrine behind them,” Kepel says. “The real challenge lies in understanding the radicalization of Islam and its connection to terrorism”.
Gilles Kepel, is a leading French expert on fundamentalist Islam and the author of “Terror in France: The Rise of Jihad in the West”……


  1. You have to wonder why the left defend this stone age ideology the hypocrisy astounds me even after years of watching them cover for the barbaric pricks especially as they relentlessly bang on about sexism & gay rights, yet the very people they defend with a passion would be the first put them to the sword thats if there wasn’t a nice tall building nearby to biff them off, Islamophobia is a real thing any sane individual should be more than concerned about a group of people that will willingly sacrifice even their own children for their warped views & dont even get me started on mad Mo the pedo



  2. Well the inevitable is taking place. They asked for this by doing nothing to stop it. The EU is achieving its goal to commit western suicide. NZ and Aussie may become the last bastions of white-majority, free countries!



    • I wouldn’t bet on that either ducklin71. Australia have already had several jihadi terror attacks – one was foiled just the other day. It’s only a matter of time before we have one here, particularly in view of the mosque attacks in Christchurch. There will be a cell of radicals sharpening their knives and preparing suicide vests, probably for the anniversary of said event to bring revenge to those infidels who gave us flowers and lots of money & hugs – but did not bow to Allah and his prophet. Dar al Haarb is coming.



    • UK was lost many years ago, I can remember vividly in the 70’s driving London Kathmandu and the endless line of Morris Minors packed with immigrants headed for the promised land. They all had patriality and guaranteed entry. Went on for years, hasn’t stopped now. You cannot undo all this, my grandfather quoted in his memoirs in 1919 after the war, that UK was being ruined by immigration influx. I haven’t quoted him word for word, I would be locked up.
      Even if they stopped all immigration today, the Muslim birth rate will win hands down.
      It’s too late for much of Europe and UK, NZ and Aussie need to learn the lesson very very quickly, or we will end up down the same road.
      The PM appeasing them is the start of the finish.
      Be in no doubt, there is no going back, once they have a foothold.
      It is all about population growth that brings control.



  3. A couple of weeks ago according to an immigrant woman on talkback radio, a group of Muslim women had gone to parliament to petition the government on making female circumcision legal in New Zealand. Whether that is true or not, I don’t know. But it would be interesting to know what would happen if someone was charged with doing such a procedure. Given the PC shield that presently protects Islam from censure in NZ, my guess is a court case may never eventuate.



    31 minutes 43 seconds.

    “German’s must become Working Robots and pay taxes.”
    An experience, over a few years, that slowly and eventually opened her eyes.

    However though she was gullible, she now speaks the truth, but the rest of her “helping” group of NGO’s , that admit that it seems that they are not making any improvements for the refugees, now despise her, and want to cause major problems for her, as she has gone public.

    She fills this video with many examples, of how she learnt of things, and gradually became “red pilled”.

    This needs to be shown to many more here in NZ.



  5. Many millions of Dollars dished out to build islam in Europe.

    Qatari charity that founded a website instructing Muslims to hate Jews and Christians is behind more than £28.2 million (Dh131.4 m) in donations given to a UK benevolent fund. ….
    …. Trust has given £2.2m to the Emaan Trust in Sheffield to build one of the UK’s largest mosques ….


    Would we know if in New Zealand that some ‘virulent’ money is also helping set up islam here? or is it all kept under wraps, under the excuse, that it is good that their cultural ideology is supported.



    • A few years ago a team of Imams, specially trained in the most fundamentalist Islamic college in Egypt, landed on our shores, ostensibly to fight against extremism. Given that there was zero evidence of extremism, one or two in the Media did wonder if that was the real reason for them being sent here, but they were aggressively shouted down, and the Imams disappeared long before anyone could question them, never to be heard from again.

      Now that clown Ardern has opened the floodgates to their acolytes, every single one of whom has been brainwashed in their mosques to hate the Infidels and support all Muslims who try to destroy them.

      Those Imams came to foment radicalism, not fight it. If anyone believes otherwise, I have a nice bridge in London I can sell them for a good price. It will cost a lot less than the proposed Islamic Monument the Muslim Associations are wanting to erect in Christchurch, in order to establish a very visible foothold in what they now perceive to be a bridgehead into the territory they are here to take. If anyone believes it is planned solely as a loving memorial to the Muslims killed there, I’m sure I can find them another bridge.



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