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Ukrainian neo-nazi battalions funded and backed by NATO




An excellent report in English on Ukrainian neo-nazi battalions which were funded and backed by NATO

NATO caught funding the neo nazi and then supporting them. Ukraine conflict is a stepping stone for the US President to wage a war on any pretence to generate the US Economy. Remember the weapons of mass destruction false flag, WWI & WWII were USA economy boosters while further funding the Rothchild family piggy bank

Video direct link: https://rumble.com/vyqu7n-an-excellent-report-in-english-on-ukrainian-neo-nazi-battalions-which-were-.html?mref=qnz9d&mc=6f8oi

The more I read about this war, from sources other than that supplied by MSM, the more I come down on the side of Putin.

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  1. I can’t come down on the side of Putin, but I understand why he has done what he has done. The Ukrainian government hasn’t done itself any favours by allowing its soldiers to shoot captured Russian soldiers in the legs and leaving them to die slowly, all while recording it and sharing it on social media. I don’t think any nation in the west should be giving any weapons to any nation doing war crimes.



    • “The Ukrainian government hasn’t done itself any favours by allowing its soldiers to shoot captured Russian soldiers in the legs and leaving them to die slowly”
      It is just mind boggling, that you believe the peoples supposedly in control have any control over the Nazi’s
      They have been brutally killing Russians for years, why should it be different now..
      The Russians have been pissed about the situation in the Ukraine for a couple of decades, They have waited patiently to seize the opportunity to do something about it, shooting Russians in the legs and letting them bleed out will not go well for the Nazi’s. The Russians will retaliate and Europe will be protecting the Ruble paying for their energy in Rubles. a win win for Russia.
      The so called western civilization has gone woke and swallowed the great reset and climate agenda, the collapse is happening faster than I could ever imagine.

      Like or hate Russia, it holds all the cards at the moment, how stupid to put all your energy needs in the hands of the enemy.



  2. The only mistake utin made was not throwing enough resources at the job fast enough.
    T oo much stuffing around.
    Failed in the PR war as well. should have told the world about the nep Nazos months before ,created sympathy for his side.



  3. Viking…
    I am pretty sure that Putin had been doing exactly that, but he was never going to win the PR war with the whole of the woke west controlled media against him.

    What about the Russian UN resolution well before the invasion calling on the world to condemn nazism? New Zealand wouldn’t support the resolution and abstained. Why was that?…..have we ever heard or read anything about that resolution from our media whores here?



  4. …….as to not throwing enough resources at the job fast enough…yes he could have taken a leaf out of the American play book by leveling Kyiev and other cities before sending in his ground troops, but being the murderous war criminal that he is, chose a strategy designed to minimise civilian loss and destruction.



    • Yup, from the experts I have read or looked at he is deliberately skirting cities, as these are too hard to take if he intends minimising casualties. He could have flattened them by now, but his intentions are not to conquer Ukraine. He wants to de Nazify it and secure the independence of the Donbass region. He is not even trying to kill every Ukranian soldier, mostly concentrating on the Nazi battalions. Further, the Wests reporting of this war is laughable, both in terms of the accuracy and the propaganda. Let’s not forget that 1 million civilians died in Iraq, and we all supported that war….



  5. I was watching a video on telegram but the link wont work unless you a member. Gist is basically the media are lying to us. The only way to get the truth is to read/watch local Ukranian posts via Instagram tiktok etc His name is Richard T. Railey but I can’t track him down.



    • Censorship seems to be very strong.
      I found a clip, commented by E. Poddubny as correspondent, every other Poddubny but no correspondent of that name , can be pulled up again.

      The fog of war, where truth is the first major causality.
      Truth can be callous, but which is the real truth.
      Truth is often hi-jacked or covered up for nefarious purposes.
      What is the real truth, the real cause behind atrocious, collateral damage.



  6. Zelensky and a majority of the US puppets installed to upset Russia via Ukraine are Jewish. The Azov Nazi’s, are the good Nazi’s. Sort of like Oprah’s white version of Nazi’s who were just squabbling whiteboys. The Hitler/Nazi/Holocaust narrative they are meddling with is THE unifying Narrative post WW2. To mess with the programming like this, things must be bad.



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