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Jared Harris:

A slew of companies operating in the United States have been discovered by the Department of Defence to be owned or controlled by the People’s Liberation Army.

According to Reuters, the list names 20 firms, some of which are already under American trade restrictions.

Companies found to have ties to China’s PLA include several telecommunications giants, a surveillance company and even an airplane manufacturer.

While President Donald Trump’s administration is now seeing even more of China’s unfair practices, the White House did not immediately lay out what steps would be taken to hold the companies accountable.

Two of the businesses listed, Huawei and Hikvision, are already under restrictions after national security concerns landed both on the U.S. Entity List last year.

The Entity List is essentially a trade blacklist that gives the government power to hinder companies working against American security interests.

For Huawei, its placement on the list jeopardized a key component of its business model — dealings with American companies.

The telecom giant’s CEO, Ren Zhengfei, publicly admitted last year’s restrictions would cost his company a whopping $30 billion in lost revenue.

It’s unclear what the PLA’s role is in these companies.

A bombshell investigation from last June found that the Chinese military worked on research projects with the telecom company.

Huawei’s central role in the 5G network race makes these discoveries even more worrying.

The company is behind 5G networks around the globe, stretching from China to the United Kingdom. Cell phones manufactured by Huawei were at one time a popular choice for many, and the devices can still be found in America.

One unsettling possibility is that the PLA, and by extension the central communist government of China, could use Huawei’s expansive network and infrastructure to conduct espionage and control the flow of data.

CEO Zhengfei has denied that Huawei spies at the request of the Chinese government.

Despite his assurances, many remain skeptical about the company’s intentions.

The sheer number of companies found by the Trump administration to be working under or with the People’s Liberation Army is a reminder that China is willing to bend rules and break conventions to undermine others.

As America continues to decouple from China following the communist powerhouse’s role in the current pandemic, Chinese companies will likely pose a greater danger now than ever before.

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  1. In some ways I think the article is a bit “rich” (and I’m not supporting the CCP with this comment), but could we not change the following statement

    “The sheer number of companies found by the Trump administration to be working under or with the People’s Liberation Army is a reminder that China is willing to bend rules and break conventions to undermine others.”


    “The sheer number of companies found by the Xi administration to be working under or with the CIA is a reminder that USA is willing to bend rules and break conventions to undermine others.”



  2. As I have mentioned a number of times, active influence in New Zealand educational institutions.

    The Confucius Institute in Auckland helps to link New Zealand and China through education and culture, through a range of offerings including courses, exams, scholarships, business mentorship and cultural knowledge.

    …. at Victoria University of Wellington
    The renowned Mandarin Language Assistant scheme at the University’s Confucius Institute trains top graduates to deliver Chinese language classes to government leaders and New Zealand schools. Through our festivals, lectures and workshops we share insights into Chinese cultural knowledge with artists, students, writers, researchers and the public.


    at the University of Canterbury is part of the global CI network jointly established by Hanban (Beijing)

    Makes a very strong Chinese Communist Party influence, with funding, targeting positions of power, and then able to control in New Zealand academia.

    These universities, in part seem to be very active to keep this industry of so called educational collusion to align with a socialist ideology.

    Just as students here in NZ were also an active part, in particular in the early stages of CCP virus lock-down, were looking to ‘blasely’ make work around so students could return to NZ, despite China doing full on city lockdowns.



  3. Will gold prices surge?
    Will copper prices drop?
    Is this communist culture? or chinese culture?

    The above story is shocking in exposing just how multi-faceted fraud is in China:
    capitalizing on pre-existing cronyism and connections with China’s powerful army,
    the founder of Kingold was allowed to basically do anything he wanted,
    no questions asked,
    including counterfeiting over 83 tons of gold bars to get billions in funds to participate in China’s housing bubble,
    only for a series of unexpected events to unwind the frauds one after another and
    expose the type of sordid scandal that is at the heart of most Chinese “enterprises” and business ventures.


    So it is simple, issue more gold? 🙁
    Maybe it is just “impure” gold?
    Is it any different how they treat their own people, like putting melamine in milk to increase the protein ratio? believing anything, that the kidneys can handle it, yeah right. 🙁



    • As long as the Gold is not the same as the 80 Tons of Fake Gold I read about and it came from – yes you guessed CHINA and now they have a new variant of Swine Flue and Beijing having issues with Covid 19 despite the CCP’s assertion less than 4000 deaths in China total despite 10,000 Urns being delivered to one of 49 Crematoria in Wuhan. To add to a Churchill saying – there are lies, damned lies and statistics and then there are CCP figures.



  4. I read a comment a few days ago that had me thinking. A young, Uni student with far too much attitude and far too little brains made the comment that the CCP was not a communist party. I went looking to try and prove or disprove this assertion and no, I haven’t found something conclusive although I am leaning towards “Yes, they are communist by the USSR definition of it”.

    But I came across this and it’s scary when you look at how many companies, both domestic and foreign in China have to have CCP Party Members active in them.




    • Is it much more different than laws coming through to have a % of woman on boards, that surely will evolve to “feminastas” on boards.
      Sure not all woman are feminists, and some are very good, but on that basis there is not enough on pure merit.
      So the barrel has to be scraped so that then the marxist feminist is put into a high level of control.

      Often their studies are political science of humanities of “feelz” so already the indoctrination is embedded deep down.



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