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“”Yes, Patriarchy is a disease in the World which must be eliminated. A man made illness, if you will. Historically crafted to control. It does not come from a place of Protection or any of the justifications apologists suggest. The so called remnants from cavemen who protected their families. A civilization where physical strength meant superiority. It is about time that such definition of strength is assigned as what it is. Superficial excuse by testosterone infused alpha males who love to dominate. They are the exact opposite representation of strength. They are insecure and gutless. They are always trying to prove something yet take no chances at being vulnerable. Sure they need help for they were socialized to accept the stereotypes thrown their way. But it was and is their convenient way to control the world. How it is possible for the most ignorant to control, it is done systematically. When you control finances and societal institutions such you control the design of the world… But guess what? Time is UP!“”

I found this in a site dedicated to undermine the patriarchy. Here is their explanation of what it all means:

“”Mansplaining. #metoo. Middle-aged invisibility. Glass ceilings and lower wages. Legally Blonde. Lorena Bobbitt. Angela Merkel. Bullying and harassing for gender, gender identification, and sexual orientation. Stereotypes that make men right by definition.

This is a space to oppose all the ways in which women are marginalized, ignored, belittled, abused and assaulted in the world. It is not a place for man-bashing, and it’s not for violating BNBR. In this space we’re going to talk about the ways in which we’ve succeeded in overcoming the second male reflex (and the first one, if you have a better solution than cold showers). It’s also a place to post questions about how to overcome a particular instance of misogynistic behavior, or to ask reality-testing survey questions – e.g., “does this happen to you?”

In an interview about Harvey Weinstein, Emma Thompson mentioned that the problem has nothing to do with Weinstein as an individual; she says the problem has existed as long as women have. In keeping with this spirit, older stories are welcome as much as newer ones. I do ask that any story that isn’t personal or anecdotal have some kind of link or reference if at all possible.

Men are welcome, of course, but not to argue, and not to say “we have that problem too.” (There will be some room for leeway here for transgendered people.) Men are welcome to suggest solutions to the problems that are posted, or to share stories about times in which they’ve been made aware of their own “MANliness,”

The purpose of this space is not to complain about the problem, but to work together creatively, collectively and individually, for solutions.””

Women (and amigos simpaticos), unite!

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        • Don’t worry about being confused Tinman, I read it and as a woman can’t make head nor tail. It’s a confused ramble trying to score points that don’t stand up to scrutiny. These women are caught up in virtue signalling. No intelligent thought when it is so easy to blame men for all the ills in the world. Thank god men are different from us despite some women being determined to kill off any difference to create ‘soy boys’, a mirror image of the women who write such articles .

          How extremely condescending inviting “men to suggest solutions when they’ve been made aware of their own “MANliness,”. What the heck is “MANliness,”?

          PS: love the cartoon. That picture will drive the SJW’s nuts.



  1. Sounds like that was written by one ANGRY woman! Men also have mums, daughters, sisters, wives etc and I suppose people like her actually believe we want them treated 2nd class. What kind of men does she hang out with? Hells Angels?



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