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Changes to ‘fundamentally unfair’ process to make way for Maori wards

Radio NZ:

The government is to introduce legislation to uphold council decisions to establish Maori wards, said Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta who made the announcement in New Plymouth today.

The first stage of the legislative reform would include immediate changes to establish transitional measures making the establishment of Maori wards easier ahead of the 2022 local elections.

Mahuta said the current system had a different set of rules for establishing Maori and general wards and that councils had asked for a law change.

The current law allows the decision of an elected council to introduce a Maori ward to be overturned by a local poll. Just 5 percent of support is needed for a poll to be demanded.

Mahuta said the rules needed to change.

“The process of establishing a ward should be the same for both Maori and general wards. These are decisions for democratically-elected councils, who are accountable to the public every three years.

“Polls have proven to be an almost insurmountable barrier to councils trying to improve the democratic representation of Maori interests. This process is fundamentally unfair to Maori.”

Legislative reform to Maori wards processes would be progressed in two stages over the next three years.

The second stage would develop a permanent mechanism for local authorities to consider the establishment of Maori wards and constituencies.

Mahuta said increasing Maori representation would be a good thing.

“Increasing Maori representation is essential to ensuring equity in representation and to provide a Moari voice in local decision making. It will also lead to greater Maori participation in the resource management process.

“We know the importance of diversity around the council table and, as part of the government’s commitment to working to honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi, we need to do our part to enable councils to achieve fair representation. Like in Parliamentary elections, specific Maori seats can assist with this.

“Maori and non-Maori across New Zealand have been calling for these changes for some time, including the recent presentation of two petitions with more than 11,000 signatures to Parliament.”

On 4 December a petition was delivered to MPs urging them to get rid of legislation that enabled referenda on Maori wards.

ActionStation collected more than 10,000 signatures calling for Parliament to make the process of establishing Māori wards for district and regional councils the same as the process for establishing general wards.


    • Since 2002, 24 councils have attempted to establish Maori wards using the process under the Local Electoral Act 2001 and only two have been successful so far
    • Nine councils have decided to establish Maori wards for the 2022 local elections, joining three councils who established these at earlier elections. The government will support these councils’ decisions to improve Maori representation

The new legislation will also extend the deadline for councils to consider Maori wards to 21 May 2021, providing them with a fresh opportunity to make decisions on Maori representation at the 2022 local elections.

Wait until the CCP hears about this. We will then have Chinese wards for “Their People”. Then the Indians will threaten trade boycotts until “Their People”  in NEW ZEALAND get treated the same. Moslems will just make threats if they don’t get the same treatment

What about Pacifica, and all other imported ethnic groups.

Where will it end? Oh thats right, all the LGBTwhateverthefuckyouare’s will be next.


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  1. So to make democracy fair we must ignore the majority of voters wishes to allow the undemocratically elected tokens to put their snouts in the trough?

    This is actually highly disturbing, the democrats made changes to laws like this in several usa states to setup for a fraudulent election. I guess when the whole world witnessed the blatant fraud and little resistance to it tgen its no wonder other lefty fucktards will set about to undermine democracy.

    Once again maori get an undemocratic free pass, their own people wont even vote for them so they have to throw out the rule book and force ppl to vote for them.



  2. I said when horseface was chosen by the maggot peters that “closing the gaps” was back on the agenda, the commie bastards have learnt not to actually put a name on these racist policies ,that way the moronic white populace that voted for the creature aren’t alerted to what she and her cabal are up to.
    This shit is being guided through parliament by sickly white traitorous cowards, something this Country has in abundance.



  3. It amazes me they describe the current law that triggers a referendum as racist yet don’t see anything wrong with seats being reserved for a person of a certain colour. That alone is the very definition of racism but they are unable to see that because they think they are winning. I wonder if more than a few voters are starting to suffer from buyers regret? Just looking at the scribble faced wool bale behind this would make any bloke celibate.



  4. Geographic seats have a history going back for nigh on 800 years.
    No other OECD country have race based seats.

    It seems to be claiming that race based seats are the same as geographic seats.

    The maori elite, with an ideology, could not get the rest of the couch to vote for them.
    Now a seat, that will then be funded by the general rate payer will be open for them based on “iwi” concepts for a particular “iwi”.

    This advert was banned, by certain news papers.

    Three of Northland’s four councils are proposing to introduce Maori-only wards (or constituencies): The Northland Regional Council (NRC),
    the Whangarei District Council (WDC), and the Kaipara District Council (KDC).
    These councils made that decision without consulting the community at large and in fact the NRC and WDC have voted against doing so*.

    Unbelievably after a petition was launched to require councils to hold a binding referendum the Northland Regional Council wrote to the Minister of Local Government requesting “a moratorium or the like on the ability to demand a poll”. **
    For councillors to actively obstruct their constituents from exercising a legal democratic right is an outrage.
    Councillors should work for all of their community, all age groups, all cultures, no matter what their backgrounds. Everyone’s right to have a say should be respected.
    There’s a word for it: Democracy.

    Please sign the PETITIONS being organised by DEMOCRACY NORTHLAND so you can have your say.
    Petition forms can be downloaded at democracynorthland.co.nz or Facebook @democracynorthland.


    ‘What does success for Maori, look like to Maori’. ….. yeah right, when it suits,
    ‘What does success for iwi, look like to iwi’ …. the real power over all.

    ‘What does success look like to the rest of the world?’
    Now it is ‘What does success look like to the UN’d WEF, “Great Reset” to “Build Back Better”



  5. Truly iwi based. Appeasing the right ones or the wrong ones.

    However, hapu boundaries outlined in the bill have concerned some East Coast hapu and Turanga iwi, Rongowhakaata, who raised grievances about the bill in their submissions.

    So the appeasment is well under way, at the cost of every one else.
    That is why “Black Lives Matter” and can not allow any of “All Lives Matter”.



  6. Bloody outrageous with appalling outcomes.
    Power and property being allocated on race,
    And to a race that is now not defined or definable.
    This government is failing to look after all New Zealanders as is their responsibility.
    They are not fit to govern.



  7. If big hooter gets her way it sets an interesting precedent of legislating for the abolition of democracy and the law is non appeal able. there are interesting precedents set that Mawree may come to bitterly regret.



  8. I read the Reserve Bank statement noting the value of Maori Business. These businesses are doing OK and good on them.

    That Reserve Bank report noting the business strength of Maori does not support pandering to activists over the Maori Wards for Local Government elections matter.

    My view is New Zealand does not need these wards based on race and there is no comparison with wards based on geography. I am sure New Zealand does not need this separatist approach the Minister is now intending to ram through Parliament. I am uneasy for my grandchildren, some of whom can vote either way while some have no choice.



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