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Unity ends on NZ gun law reforms




New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has lamented a fresh loss of unity on national gun reforms in the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attack.

Opposition leader Simon Bridges says his party is unlikely to support a second raft of changes, including a national gun register, higher non-compliance penalties and new controls on dealers.

The National Party’s position, attacked by Ms Ardern as well as the police lobby, is unlikely to scuttle the reforms, given they hold a minority of the seats in parliament.

But it could set up a major dividing line between the two parties ahead of next year’s election.

Along with farming, hunting and police lobby groups, National supported the first-wave reforms in March, including bans on semi-automatic rifles.

On Wednesday, after a leak of the draft laws, Mr Bridges declared his likely opposition.

Chris Cahill, president of the New Zealand Police Association, said he feared “politicking” over an issue which should be bipartisan.

“I hope that all politicians, including National Party politicians, see the suite of firearms reforms as a once-in-a-generation chance to rid our communities of assault weapons,” he said.

“We watch in disbelief how politics skews the gun debate in the United States.

“I am certain New Zealanders do not want to see our politicians go down the oft-trodden road of ignoring the role firearms play in mass shooting after mass shooting, and do nothing about reforming gun laws.”

Mr Bridges’ attempt to curry support as a tough-on-crime candidate was clear from his use of one well-rehearsed line on Wednesday.

The Tauranga MP referred to the need to rid guns from the hands of “crims, gangs and extremists” and not “law-abiding citizens” no fewer than seven times in seven minutes.

He’s declared himself a sceptic on a “costly” firearm register and called for the addition of Firearm Protection Orders in the next wave of proposals, which are yet to reach Cabinet.

Ms Ardern fell back on the support of the Police Association for her new laws.

“When the police are coming out strongly, saying this is exactly what we need to make New Zealand safer; I’d like to think the vast majority of New Zealanders, including law-abiding gun owners, would agree with that,” she said.

“Owning a gun in New Zealand is a privilege. It’s not a right.

“We’ve learned a hard lesson in New Zealand; I would hope that everyone will have learned it.”

The reforms followed the killing of 51 people in the Christchurch mosque shootings last March, allegedly undertaken by Australian Brenton Tarrant who faces trial in May.


  1. Well Melahi this government is all about “rights” so it is a tad hypocritical. But it is Labour and they are shit.

    I heard a cop on the radio yesterday commenting on the buy back. As an avid hunter he, like the rest of the shooting community, refer to it as the Government Upgrade Scheme. He also opined that it will do little to curb illegal possession.

    Labour. They really are shit.



    • As Mike Loder has pointed out:
      “……… Police have admitted arming 1132 such criminals. Who went on to commit 36 known gun crimes. This ONLY counts criminals who were deported! Not those who chose to return to avoid legal problems in Australia. There will be MANY more.
      Police recently admitted to media that more than one of the criminals that they had armed went on to kill. OUR POLICE ARMED KILLERS. The only question is whether we can now add the Christchurch killer to that list.”

      Removing administration of the Arms Act (licencing) from the police should be an urgent priority. They have proved themselves incompetent and especially so since Jacinda Ardern’s centralization reforms pushed through by Order in Council in December 2018.



      • Had the Australian police ever granted a fire arms licence to Brenton Tarrant?

        If there was a fire arms licence, were there conditions and, or restrictions?
        Had it expired?

        Did Brenton Tarrant apply for a gun licence in Australia?

        If he was turned down for a firearms licence, then what reasons was he turned down?

        If Brenton Tarrant did not have a gun licence in Australia, would the Australian police granted him a licence?

        Many more questions will arise if there are answers to those questions.



    • I posted this late last night so forgive me for posting it again at a time when it is likely to have more views:

      Anti gun zealot Cahill has done immeasurable damage to the reputation of the police, already suffering due to the willingness of senior police to allow themselves to become politicized, and the respect in which Arms Officers and police in general were held by the licenced firearms owning community. His shrill attempts to blame LFOs for the inability of the police to properly administer the Arms Act thereby allowing Tarrant to obtain a firearms licence which he should not have been able to do and to tackle unlicenced violent criminals who sometimes use illegally held firearms (among many other forms of weapons) makes him sound like an idiot. He should wind his neck in. As for the National Party it is encouraging that they seem, at last, to be beginning to act like a proper opposition party keeping the follies and excesses of the governing coalition in some sort of check.



    • I swore at the TV when I heard Chris Cahill speak on this last night. His concern should be with his police members catching the criminals running around with guns in South Auckland. How many shooting incidents among the ferals have their been since March? None of them licensed firearm holders I’d imagine.



  2. This is politics being run on feeelz and kindness and don’t forget the national compassion. Rights have gone out the window with Ardern’s ‘Great Leap Forward’. She is seriously drunk on power.



  3. NZ did not and does not have a gun problem, full stop! How many crazies running around with semi-autos have you seen lately? These clowns are also using mass shootings in the USA as an excuse to punish Kiwis further.



  4. So Bridges has finally started to show some spine? Well, no, All he’s doing is picking on some details in his dribbly ineffectual way after the main event.

    The guy – and his party – should have come out and opposed this draconian punishment of the innocent and virtual confiscation of their property right from the start.



      • I’m beginning to think you’re right. I’ve looked at the New Conservatives, but they don’t really inspire me. Same with ACT, although they at least have shown some spine on this issue.

        Geezz… this country is in a mess….



  5. ““I hope that all politicians, including National Party politicians, see the suite of firearms reforms as a once-in-a-generation chance to rid our communities of assault weapons,” he said.”

    what a cunt.

    ““I hope that all politicians, including National Party politicians, see the christchurch massacre as a once-in-a-generation chance to rid our communities of assault weapons,” he said



    • Statistically most gun murders in NZ are by shotguns or .22’s, not handguns or so-called “assault weapons” which is a bullshit term anyway. A piece of steel pipe applied to the side of one’s skull is ALSO an “assault weapon”. In the UK a f*cking spoon is considered an “assault weapon”!



  6. Lest we forget.
    Anzac Day 2017, Invercargill, NZ.

    Serving policeman Ben McLean lay in wait in the dark for his estranged wife and shot her dead.
    He then lay in wait for the new boyfriend, in the dark, on that guy’s premises.
    He shot the ex-friend who was still able – with gunshot wounds- to overwhelm the armed, serving policeman Ben McLean.

    There was one murder that night.
    Serving policeman Ben McLean attempted to murder two people.
    He succeeded with one.

    ” Constable Ben McLean shot dead his wife, Verity, while she was bound and gagged. He then twice shot her new partner Garry Duggan. He later told Verity’s father: “She wouldn’t talk to me or have anything to do with me and I snapped.
    >>A NZ policeman’s solution.

    He bound and gagged his (ex) wife – mother of his children- and murdered her in cold blood and these bastards want to make sure the only people who can have guns are the police, the army, and criminals.

    Cunt-unstable Ben McLean is the reason why the police are Wrong Wrong Wrong.
    Weasel Chris Cahill is an Invercargill lad.
    Similarly F.I.T.H.
    He might want to check his fecking ego because it is not supported by a functioning brain.

    We have never got the full story on Mike Sabin, ex policeman, and National Party MP for Northland.

    Chris Cahill and Mike Bush :-
    ..get your own messed up house in order then ask what the law abiding citizens want.
    If you want to be politicians then stand for election.
    Zero respect.



  7. Pleasing that National is considering acting as an opposition now on this matter. The first time around was a disgraceful abuse of process callously capitalising on an appalling event to enabling seizure of firearms from law abiding people not remotely involved. The Prime Minister was fortunate the mass of detail and the extent of the grab was obscured by her undemocratic rush designed to prevent organised opposition to her proposals. Or is that, the proposals she was presented with?

    Licenced Firearm Owners should not be facing such an abuse of process and power. Mr Cahill gives the game away somewhat with his reference to a “once in a generation opportunity” . He is not in a position to suggest others are playing politics.

    To claim improved safety for the community as a consequence of these actions against law abiding Licenced Firearm Owners is simply incorrect. It is not supported by the records of incidents involving this group of the community.

    I am pleased at the approach being taken by Mr Bridges. Supporting this second attack on Licenced Firearm Owners and the clubs they join is not reasonable.



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