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University hosting ‘Resisting Whiteness 2019’ event




‘Blatantly racist’ — ‘we don’t think white people have anything to offer’

The University of Edinburgh has been slated for hosting an event where white people will be banned from asking questions – which has been described as ‘blatantly racist’.

A Q&A event at an event, Resisting Whiteness 2019 will take place on Saturday with the intention of ‘amplifying the voices of people of colour’ and giving ‘people of colour a platform to talk’.

However, University of Edinburgh has been criticised for hosting the event at its Pleasance Theatre venue as it will bar Caucasian guests from speaking from the floor.

Can you imagine this happening here? Oh that’s right it has already at our very own aptly named (old white man) Massey Uni. God how I hate these lefties who forget history and want to be offended at the drop of a latte.


  1. Even being white, why would one want to go to such a socialist, politically correct, multi-cultural, social & political humanist science event, where they keep licking the windows in self glorification, and gratification.

    We want to make this event as accessible as possible and therefore have free tickets available for those who would like to attend, …… [a sort of fee-bate system]………
    ……. a quiet break-out space available on the day, where we will have books and stim toys available.
    We will have a family-friendly space and breast/chest-feeding is welcomed at the conference. …..

    …… a not-for-profit grassroots organisation of QTPOC activists with the common goal of discussing and facilitating anti-racist action. ……

    A few beers down at the pub, but not with that ilk, would be much more fun., though I suspect there is a lot of “white people’s” taxpayer money flow through devious channels and finally into their systems.



    • ……” a family-friendly space and breast/chest-feeding is welcomed at the conference”……

      The world has passed me by! What the fuck is “chest” feeding?



        • It’s surreal! I’ve never considered, let alone seen, a poof lactating.

          Mrs Nasska tit fed our lot until they were about 12 months old for which I’m truly grateful. All I had to do if an anklebiter squawked at night was get up, bring her/him back to bed & hand them to the cook to feed.



          • I was like an old cow… 1st weaned herself around 2years… The youngest never showed any inclination to detach…. I had to introduce a bit of tuff luv before she started primary school….My oldest brother remembers one of the Maori Mums coming to Castlecliff School (in the 1950s) during lunch to top up a couple of her boys in the Primer classes.



            • A way to stunt the children, as of the parent’s rights.

              ….. “Public authorities are under a general duty under the Equality Act 2010 to avoid discrimination by limiting the Nursery Milk Scheme only to cow’s milk, the Department of Health is failing in that duty.” ….
              ……. “vegan children are unfairly treated”, lamenting that parents have to buy their own “plant milk” for them, “something that is not always possible for low-income families and causes a great deal of inconvenience to families who should be entitled to free milk alternatives”. ……
              ……. Vegan activists have called for their dietary choice to be deemed a protected characteristic — such as sexuality, gender, age, or race — and discrimination against it an offence, with three philosophers speaking to Quartz last year saying it should be given the same legally-protected status as religion.

              Utilitarian philosopher at Princeton University Peter Singer said veganism was “a sounder belief than any of the religions” which “rests on a strong moral foundation. It’s clearly a deep belief, it affects your life and the way you behave and outlook on the world, and I think should count as philosophical belief.” ….. https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/09/28/vegans-threaten-sue-discriminatory-policy-serving-milk-nursery-tots/

              So long as a vegan does not complain about halal killing, as also shown in that link, islam trumps vegans.



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