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Update on Yesterdays Leftie




It appears Chuck has been trolling the Fraser gang yesterday. I have done a search into the murky world of ysb when we were infected with these lefties. This is what I found.

Lojo Fraser was a member of ysb back in April. He/she posted under the name jsf and had a different email address than the one used in yesterdays email to Chuck. Reading the comments it soon becomes obvious the they were definitely lefties. Comments in support of Cindy were a regular occurrence.

Some of the comments

“Jacinda Ardern,up there with the best, Fortune magazine….PS Simon Bridges isn’t there
World’s Greatest Leaders
1 Bill and Melinda Gates.
2 Jacinda Ardern.
3 Robert Mueller.
4 Pony Ma.
5 Satya Nadella.
6 Greta Thunberg.
7 Margrethe Vestager.
8 Anna Nimiriano.”

“A smart person who sees the world and our PM Jacinda as she is”

“Why call the PM a harrian ,sounds rather childish for an adult and her partner a plaything…”

“So post a link to the PM Jacinda Ardern or her partner’s drug taking, no i dont think you can , its just a mantra from bitter losers, this may be why David F under pressure, NUTTERS posting that Jacinders into drugs,and the MAJOR DEFAMATION LAWSUIT, his posters have caused, David has noticed nutters are making defamation claims and as it his blog like this one hes moderating, the host pays the damages, not the posters, so Hobo think of the host, and not EXPENSIVE throw away posts”

“Because it’s against the law, something like owning an AK47 or selling P to schoolchildren, without laws we could turn out like animals in the jungle or sweatshop owners”

“Sean Plunkett (MAGIC) calling our PM Jacinda Ardern”a pig wearing lipstick” Sean Plunkett being harsh,Sean a WOKE virtue signalling rightie is only trying to sound relevant, as no one will appear on his show to be interviewed by him”

And then we get to yesterdays emails to Chuck

Chuck stated “As you see I am winding the fool up.  I have no idea why the fool sent me an abusive email and then blames me for putting his wife at risk.”

And here is his rambling answers to Chuck

On 5/09/2019 1:25 PM, John Fraser wrote:

Chuck if my family is risked and threatened i will not be
happy….just saying

On 05 September 2019 at 13:43 Chuck wrote:

That sounds like you are threatening me.  I got the following from someone who did not leave a name. I assume it was from your wife Lorraine Fraser.

Are you and your wife people who support the sexual deviants in the
Labour Party?  Were your children victims of this sexual offender?

Please explain how I am putting your family at risk and from who. It is
is the left who use threats of violence to shut down free speech.


On 5/09/2019 2:02 PM, John Fraser wrote:

Everythings free speech in your narrow world chuck, i dont give a shit about the court case i vote for everyone but YOU have put my family in danger as who knows what nutter with a gun with views like you are out there reading YSB…just stick to making a fool of yourself online and the airwaves but dont put my wife at risk…and PS i was on YSB but he hollysheet only wanted an echo chamber (rightwing) that you post on.and like everyone else I WAS BANNED an example of FREE SPEECH

PS email lojofraser Lorraine and John Fraser send this communication on to YSB and REALLY put my wife’s life at risk

On 5/09/2019 2:13 PM, Chuck Bird wrote:

You have not explained why your wife sent me the email.  I never heard of you or your wife or you.  Like most on the left you are not logical or articulate.

Are you claiming I have put you or your wife at risk before I forwarded her email to holysheet or did some how before yesterday?

I suggest you and your wife get off social media and stop making threats yourself.

On 5/09/2019 2:29 PM, lojofraser@xtra.co.nz wrote:
Chuck we share the same email as we do being old,I sent the email to you not my wife but I have received emails from YSB posters and one wanted to dox our family which will not end well for everyone concerned, I’m not interested in you or your causes but you must wonder why there are no decenting  voices on YSB as we have all being banned in the name of free speech…good afternoon and good bye

As you can see from Johns rambling replies to Chuck, he is in desperate need of getting back on his meds. I have only deleted one swivel eyed loon from YSB and he/she is it. If this is an example of the type of comments we would have got daily, then I did us all a favour.

I will leave it up to the readers to decide if he/she is typical of the left. Maybe English is a second language but I doubt it.

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  1. Ed removed Chuck’s email address from “Have Your Say” the other day when he posted it for Happy to contact him about traveling to Auckland. Ed warned Chuck not to post personal information. Guess Ed was right, A lefty was lurking and took advantage of that short window.
    John Fraser sounds paranoid. Why contact someone on a blog to then accuse them of endangering your family. Seems the man doesn’t have enough to keep himself amused without trying to entertain himself by making wild accusations. No wonder Ed saw fit to tell the rabid lefty to sling his hook.



  2. Like i said yesterday lefties love dishing the shit but get all moralistic when they are on the receiving end that said i didn’t agree with the doxing comment it’s easy enough to mock & ridicule these people without using the same tactics they like to use against anyone they disagree with but here’s the thing Mr & Mrs lojo Fraser (speaking of echo chambers) i have seen your social media account the comments & replies and you still have the audacity to ask why someone would dare put the boot into your political allies while saying the most childish nasty things about those you oppose – time to grow up or get off social media if you can’t handle true free speech



  3. John Fraser was “Lurcher1948” at YourNZ.

    I’ve followed his deranged rantings over the years at Kiwiblog:

    You may not be aware, but “Lurcher1948” is currently banned from Kiwiblog until 11 September 2032 (yes, you read that correctly).

    He’s previously posted under the following aliases (that I know of):
    – John
    – JSF
    – Joe Average
    – JoeAverage1948
    – Roger Rabbit
    – Jock
    – Harry Glicken
    – paws
    – Plebe

    He’s an ex-printer, from what I understand, and generally uses the CAPSLOCK key when he gets VERY UPSET.
    If you’d like to know more about Lurcher’s unique commenting style, he had a memorable meltdown on this thread. One of my favourite all-time meltdowns on Kiwiblog, in fact!

    I guess, with Pete closing down his blog, John Fraser needed a new outlet for his creativity – hence his email to Chuck!



    • Wow i vividly remember that thread how could anyone forget that was one of the most glorious meltdowns i had seen in years thanks Nostradamus for the great memories now what’s this about YourNZ closing down have only been there a couple of times the place felt more like an ongoing soap opera with lots of drama & whinging about other blogs any reason given as to why ?



      • Cheers Garbageman – that was back in 2010 when Kiwiblog was a free-flowing discussion forum and when things were, you know, fun!

        In June Pete George announced: “I’m not ruling out anything in the future but for now at least Your NZ is ceasing to operate as a daily news and views political forum”. He still posts occasionally, particularly on his favourite topics of Dermot Nottingham and Whaleoil.



    • I knew I was right in getting rid of the prick. Not having your history to fall back on, it didn’t feel right so I just deleated him. None of this banning shit like Kb . 2032? Why not just delete the fucker like I did and be done with him ?
      Welcome to ysb nostra.



      • Ed, your decisions and comments usually make me think.

        Part of me is grateful that a fidjit hasn’t been given airtime. Part of me wonders if it wouldn’t be better if he was. Part of me thinks free speech doesn’t stop anybody from being a dip. But then, freedom also means you can do what you like. I’m sure some philosophy student somewhere is having a great big wet dream about the implications of unraveling such a mess.

        In the end, glad to see you’re keeping the house tidy but I still would like to see a few more lefties participating.



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