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Debate Questions That The Moderators Should (But Won’t) Ask Biden

By Greg Salsbury

Given the media’s reporting on and/or suppression of a host of issues surrounding the Russia Hoax, COVID, BLM riots, January 6th, the Hunter Biden laptop, the DOJ lawfare, and so many more, don’t hold your breath that their representatives will ask the most important questions in the upcoming presidential debates. President Trump should thwart them by working those questions into his own answers.

In other words, he might say something like, “Look, folks, you aren’t asking the questions that the vast majority of Americans want answered. Here is one of the questions you should ask my opponent…” If he is accused of not answering the question, he should simply reply that he is giving his answer whether they like it or not.

Following are a few straightforward questions President Trump could suggest that they ask President Biden. He can invite President Biden to answer them even if the debate moderators refuse to ask them.

First, Mr. President, during the 2020 debate, President Trump pointed to the information found on your son’s laptop and claimed it incriminated both you and Hunter. He called you corrupt. You answered that President Trump’s assertions were “a bunch of garbage” and referenced an open letter from some 51 retired intelligence officers who said that the laptop should not be taken seriously and had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

Subsequently, the Wall Street Journal and others have reported that not only was the laptop genuine, but that your own campaign adviser at the time, now Secretary Blinken, orchestrated creating and publicizing that false letter. Now that we know Mr. Trump’s claims were not a bunch of garbage, how would you amend your response from 2020, and will you commit to providing all banking, email, and phone records requested by the House Oversight Committee?


Second, Mr. President, in the 2020 debate, you said that your son had “not made any money from China.” We now know through just some of the records that the House Oversight Committee obtained that Hunter, his associates, and other Biden family members received more than $24 million between 2014 and 2019, much of it from China. Two questions: Firstly, why were so many Biden family members receiving money from these foreign entities? And secondly, do you concede that, to most voters, this has the appearance of impropriety?

Third, Mr. President, many people say that the story about your son’s laptop is really a story about you, given that emails, other documents, and your son’s recent deposition testimony reveal that you are, in fact, “the big guy.” Whether you agree with that or not, several surveys show that the overwhelming majority of Americans believe the suppressed laptop story altered the 2020 election results. Technometrica, recognized as the most accurate pollster in recent presidential elections, found that 79% of Americans believe Donald Trump would likely have been president if the truth about the laptop being real had been known. Was fraud-based censorship about this story election interference and, if it was, does this make you an illegitimate president? If not, why not?


Fourth, Mr. President, you have claimed that Americans who question the results of the 2020 election are “threats to democracy.” The active suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story has become a story in and of itself. Given that we know that the media, your own campaign adviser, Mr. Blinken, and the FBI all participated in suppressing the truth, isn’t it quite understandable that most voters would be suspicious of the election results?

Fifth, Mr. President, the House Oversight Committee claims that the Biden family and its business associates created a complicated web of more than 20 companies, most of which were LLCs, meant to conceal money received from foreign nationals and then distributed to at least nine different Biden family members. Did nine different Biden family members really receive money from foreign nationals? If the shell companies were not created for the purpose of hiding distributions to family members, what was the purpose of the many obscurely named shell companies?


Sixth, Mr. President, last year, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board published a piece in response to the House Oversight Committee’s 36-page report on the Biden family business ties. It stated that “Bank records show that more than $10 million was delivered to Biden family members, associates and companies from these foreign entities, and in curious ways.” It also says that the report suggests the main Biden family business is influence peddling. Is that true? If not, what is the main family business?

Those are questions that ought to be asked of Biden, but realistically, there is about as much chance of an MSM representative asking one of these questions as there is of President Trump getting a fair trial in New York or Georgia. The debate moderators won’t ask these questions for two simple reasons.

Firstly, in many cases, their companies were complicit in the effort to quash or trivialize the factual information provided in the questions themselves. Secondly, they know there are no good answers President Biden can provide and that his responses (even or especially if he goes into his “lying dog-faced pony soldier” routine) will most likely make matters worse for him.

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  1. first question: state your name and occupation.
    second question: what country are you in.
    third question: how is the 2024 election going to be rigged.

    biden may fail the first 2 but will smash the third one much tho his handlers and dems disgust.



  2. They will never ask Biden the questions they should however Trump will get some very nasty questions I imagine. It is a very noe sided debate with CNN being the questioners I can only imagine how it will go and none of it will be good. They will make Donald Trump out to be some nasty bastard and Biden as the kindest old critter in the world



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