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New Zealand First’s Shane Jones reveals plan to take down National in Northland

Newshub reports:

Relations between Simon Bridges and Winston Peters have gone from frosty to Arctic at Waitangi, and this might make things worse: Shane Jones has exclusively revealed to Newshub there’s a plan afoot to take down National in Northland, with him at the centre of it.

Jones, the self-proclaimed champion of the regions and boy from the north, has put in a bid with his party to run in Northland, the seat his boss Winston Peters – leader of New Zealand First – seized from National in 2015 but lost to them again in 2017.


  1. All this politicising is vomit inducing. One of the worst things to ever happen to New Zealand was turning a New Zealand day Ito Waitangi Day. It’s an opportunity to whinge and carry on like they are all the second coming. I will not be watching any MSM tomorrow or tonight and will just be getting news from YSB. It is more than I can put up with at my age.



  2. Well Bridges was the second person to boot Peters arse.
    Bob Clarkson routed him out before Bridges but the nice Mr Key didn’t like Bob nor did he llike the solutions he proposed to fix both housing and roads.
    Hence the Nats don’t deserve much support.
    Had they listened to Bob, housing and roads would have been well off the agenda these days.

    Maurice Williamson was made Housing Minister and at the very first meeting of those who could get stuff done told them all that they were not going to rock any boats. So they didn’t
    So why would we believe the up start that the nice Mr Key slotted into this seat. 10 year police prosecutor.
    Hardly a real go getter.

    Still no one else stands out do they!

    bob Clarkson bo



    • Williamson’s long parliamentary career was punctuated with multiple demotions for ‘gaffs’
      He was there nearly 30 years.
      He was an intelligent and witty speaker. He was actually good to listen to and I went to several of his speeches.
      On technology matters he was well informed given his initial IT career.

      Notional made great noise about leaky homes in 2008 – initiated under the Bolger Govt – but nothing really happened.
      (Like WFF reform student loans, , tax cuts, a great South Seas banking centre)
      They gave ‘Building’ to Williamson as a Minister – outside cabinet.
      So, not really important to them as with Statistics or Small business.

      Notional never took leaky buildings with the seriousness that was justified.
      I guess they did not want to put the spotlight on something they initiated!
      By 2015 it had cost as much in rebuild work and stress in people’s lives as the Christchurch earthquakes but without the noise and profile.

      Bridges was a public service lawyer in a provincial town known for its high level of retirees with its economic powerhouses being the DHB, Council, and Polytech!
      Not exactly a dynamo.
      However it does not matter where he was located because God is everywhere!!

      I just looked up about Bob Clarkson. He sounds like a real man’s man. No Nancy boy.
      He would not have fitted the ‘grey and largely colourless’ nature of Key’s style.
      Talk a lot and do nothing.
      It is counter to the Early 1900s policy of the USA under Teddy Roosevelt :-
      ‘Talk softly and carry a big stick’
      Notional re-skinned that after 2000 to ‘Talk loudly and carry a little dick ‘

      Clarkson: a stock car and dragster racer and Rep level sportsman.
      He would not fit with the weak and soft mob in parliament today.
      He was (is) more of the Muldoon era type of MP. Hard talking, hard living.

      I see you got some downticks, Viking.
      Jeez I’ll cop some here I guess.
      If you or I were on Fruity Farrar’s site we would be getting a plethora of downticks.
      (After it took 3 hours to get released by a Mod, if at all)
      Blind loyalty is so sad. It is also a feature of Labour Pardies worldwide as well as the Demoncrats .
      Blind loyalty does not seek out improvement even when there is much room for it.



      • Bob was certianly a get on and get it done person. Greater wealth than Key which must have greated Keys gears. Not religious either so that would go against him.
        Never found him hard to get along with although the council did and in the end screwed him. Had a large lump of land he wanted to develop for housing and particularly cheaper housing but Mr town and the Mayor Mr Crosby effectively stopped it. (influnce is suspected )
        He has now sold it to a developer who will wring every dollar out of it that can be got. Naturally one of Gods given.

        Donated the Bay Park Stadiun to the council.
        Built dozens of buildings in the mount and at The Lakes.
        Dodnated thousands to stock cars etc.

        A real Kiwi man.
        Sadly he has Parkinsons disease.



        • Clearly the down tickers have no idea about much. Probably Nat. tit suckers.
          Ignorant sods.

          No idea, not open to learning anything, and the big problem is that they will continue doing what they have always done, fuck all for the benefit if NZ.
          Mostly they have no idea what is needed. All very comfortable BUT wait till this virus has its effect. Better believe it is going to hurt.

          As you predicted ya got some no votes although so far no one has attempted to explain why they down ticked. Cowards I guess.



        • During KlarkenFuhrer’s time the religious side was quelled.
          She is vehemently anti religion.

          The Greens are seldom religious.
          Marxist doctrine is anti organised religion.
          The Labs not so much.
          It is the Gnats that are over-religious. Bolger, and Billy English.
          Now Soimon. Key was a pragmatist.
          the 2014 parliament had 6 MPs alone from St Bedes Catholic College in ChCh.
          Half Lab, Half Nat IIRC.

          That Parkinsons is a bastard. I know a guy who died last year at 61 – had it for 10 years.
          Difficult as he could not do much with the kids in the last 5 years. At least he saw them get to their 20s. Just. 20 and 22 yo at his passing.



        • That Stephen Town went from TGA to Auckland Super Shhitty to be Town Clerk (akaCEO) circa 2012.
          Not a lot to be proud of.

          He has just resigned in the last week to go to a new trough as CEO of the new Labour formed combined Polytechs.
          He must wear the correct coloured underpants. Red.

          The other Bob from TGA/Mount was a go getter. Bob Owens. At one time pre 1989 deforms he was Mayor of both The Mount and TGA.



    • Yes , Clarkson was the person that kicked Peters out , he beat him by 60 votes m, I always could not work out why Peters was so hateful of Bridges , people always say Bridges kicked him out of Tauranga , beating him by 11300 margin , but I have finally worked out that was in 2008 , the year Peters was kicked out of parliament



  3. Few pakeha realise the intensity or longevity of utu within Maori. Europeans are a pragmatic people who forget our history easily. We can fight wars in which continents are damaged & millions die then a few short years later embrace the antagonists as allies & valued trading partners. Eg USA vs Germany, NZ vs Vietnam.

    But tribal Maori can recall wrongs from twenty generations past & in a country where inter-tribal warfare was rife & violence was an answer to everything there’s no shortage of material. We think of Maori as a race, a cultural group, a NZ rugby team but the Tangata Whenua is tribal. Maoridom is terminally fractured along tribal lines.

    The only thing that has allowed them to get together on a superficial basis is the realisation that if their land claims were to succeed they had to present a united front. Scratch the veneer of co-operation & the desire to seek utu erupts.



  4. I am well past accepting it is reasonable to be forced to pay tax to enable the Waitangi farce.

    Time the whole shambles was set aside, the dough is saved for something useful, or preferably returned to taxpayers.

    The insult that this is an accounting for performance by the government is a total nonsense given the pre event bribes and government funding of components of the non event.

    Mr Peters does not display great statesmanship on these occasions. His bilious expression suggests either a case of wind or he has had enough. I think he should quit.



  5. “I’m the full-blooded son of the north,” Jones, the Minister for Regional Economic Development, said.

    Shane believes his bloated expectations of his self importance will see his greater whanau voting for him. He fails to acknowledge His people of the north are aware he is a lazy blowhard.
    Bring on the election.



      • What does full blooded mean in that context?
        “I’m the full-blooded son of the north,” Jones, the Minister for Regional Economic Development, said.

        I would say Jones is no more a “full-blooded son of the north” than Matt King, National. Matt was also born and bred in Northland.

        from National’s website:
        “Matt King is Northland’s electorate MP. He won the seat in the 2017 general election after months of demanding work, repeatedly travelling throughout one of New Zealand’s largest electorates and talking to hundreds of people.

        His passion is Northland. He was raised there. He is a farmer there. He and wife Sarah raise a family there. Having just turned 50, Matt is at the right time of his life to pick up this new role. His background in business and farming is local to Northland. He has a dry stock farm in Okaihau and owned a retail and service dealership in Waipapa with Sarah for several years. Understanding the challenges in the farming and business sectors gives Matt a very good connection to the people he now represents.

        Matt has a BSc from Auckland University and completed 14 years in the NZ police ending up as a detective based in the Mid North. On leaving the Police he set up a private investigation company alongside his other business enterprises.

        Matt was a member of the Okaihau volunteer fire brigade, and is a Northland senior rugby referee.”



  6. Shane Jones getskicked to the curb by Whinestone.
    You would think that NZF would want to raise Shanes profile sean as he will be standing in the north.
    But no, the old short arse 2ants utu on Bridges.
    That worked out well, didn’t it.
    An old pisspot rambling on on like he’s got dementia!



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