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Cancer Among Young People Has Skyrocketed 79% Recently – Doctors Baffled

Cancer cases among young people worldwide have soared by nearly 80% recently, leaving doctors and scientists baffled as to the cause.

A new peer-reviewed study confirms the sudden avalanche of cancer cases among people under 50.

The study was published in the BMJ Oncology by a team of researchers from Zhejiang University School of Medicine and the University of Edinburgh’s Usher Institute.

Scientists found a disturbing surge in new cancer cases over past three decades, particularly in the last few years.

The researchers investigated the number of new cases, deaths, health repercussions, and risk factors for people aged 14 to 49.

In 2019, early-onset cancer cases in that age group totaled 3.26 million, an increase of 79.1% since 1990.

Slaynews.com reports: The study authors also saw an uptick in cancer-related deaths by 27.7% since 1990.

According to the team of researchers, cancers of the breast, trachea, lung, bowel, and stomach had some of the higher mortality rates.

Cases of windpipe and prostate cancer have seen the largest increase since 1990, and breast cancer had the highest incidence rate of early-onset cases, the researchers found.

Meanwhile, cases of early-onset liver cancer saw a decline.

North America was listed as one of the regions with the highest incidence of early-onset cancers in 2019, along with Australasia and Western Europe.

Meanwhile, places such as Eastern Europe, Oceania, and Central Asia had the highest mortality rates.

“The rising incidence of early-onset cancers may partially attribute to increasing uptake of screening and early detection in developed regions and countries,” the study authors wrote.

The increase in detections may also have a silver lining, however.

The study’s author, Dr. Xue Li, pointed to “outstanding” screening efforts in the UK that have resulted in the decline of the country’s deaths related to early-onset cancer.

“Fortunately, the annual mortality rate from early-onset cancer in the UK has been steadily decreasing, a testament to the outstanding cancer screening and treatment efforts over the past three decades,” said Li, of the Centre for Global Health at the University of Edinburgh’s Usher Institute, per the Independent.

Should the team’s observed patterns continue, the researchers estimated that early-onset cancer diagnoses could increase by 31%, and deaths by 21%, by 2030.

The authors noted that “local environment, lifestyle and level of available medical treatment” could cause variations in cancer cases and mortality rates by region.

In addition to genetics, the findings claimed that a “Western diet,” consisting of too much red meat and salt — and, subsequently, not enough fruit and milk — could also be putting young people at risk.

Alcohol intake and tobacco use were also highlighted as cancer risk factors for those under 50, in addition to lack of exercise, high body mass index, and elevated blood sugar.

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  1. A good long laugh is better for your wellbeing than an apple a day ever was, it was well worth reading that article if only for the last 2 lines where it mentioned if you were over 50 it’s ok to drink and smoke as much as is possible or did I purposely read it wrong ,LOL.



  2. vaccinations must be the cause…. then provides zero evidence to back up tinfoil hat claims.

    people used to get cancer before the world had heard of covid but you nutters just love to join any dot and point fingers just to stroke your ego and confirnation bias.

    wheres the before n after stats?
    control/unvaxed before and after stats?
    why dont you scream bioweapon and blame covid itself?
    add extra tinfoil and blame 5g?

    just going around blaming the vax because your feelz wants it to be is as legit and truthful as a politicians promises.



  3. This may also be cherry picked info too?
    And it should be noted that the mRNA is only on Emergency Use Approval, as one is barred from using Ivermectin, or HCQ, made so difficult to obtain, & just use in its proven safe ways.
    Sure the effectiveness and there were some trials, also need to be fully evaluated.
    So should the phase 1, 2 trials on the mRNA vaxxes be revealed and the phase 3 experimental trial data should be freely released for independent analyzers to see if there are any patterns, and proper full autopsies, studies should be done searching for that Spike protein started by the vaccine.

    …. mRNA Covid vaccines are programmed to produce a spike protein which is now known to be toxic for the functioning of the heart.
    As we recently reported, myocardial heart damage has been found to be 1,000 times more common than currently admitted by our government, affecting 1 in 35 vaccine recipients.
    The above study in Nature gives reasonable grounds to suppose that even this very high risk may be higher, more long lasting, and affect subsequent generations.

    The cancer risk is largely unquantified, but as we also recently reported, there is data indicating increased rates of cancer related to vaccination schedules.
    The gestation periods associated with vaccine-induced cancer formation appear to be shorter than those traditionally ascribed to cancers.
    They are often being described now as turbo cancers. The Nature study also gives grounds to suppose that the widespread administration of mRNA vaccines might have greatly elevated lifetime risks of developing cancer. ….


    I am sure it costs far too much for any studies to be done independently.//
    Even a study on how monitoring of the injected to be done. Such a great savings not to do this.//
    I know for the greater good, & Doctor does know best, that it is best not to know anything, as that will create more vaxx hesitancy so the costs will go up higher in advertising in the media.//
    Whooops who is paying for the Covid information that everything is good, safe & effective, even for pregnant & baby.



  4. Seeing the same in the local community, cancers at warp speed effecting young and old alike, one lady last month, found out see had bowel cancer, two weeks latter toes up, solo mum with two younglings, jabbed up the wazoo.
    6 in the last year in a very small community, no one mentions the death jab at all in relation to this increase in Turbo cancers, then theres the increase in deaths among the elderly at the local rest home, diein like flies, guess that answers the question i posed last year, “If you spent all the retirement funds, what would you do with the retirees”



    • yeah ive had a relative go to doctor with a headache, rushed to hospital/specialist next day and brain tumour killed her 8 days later.
      wifeys mates partner was 22 thought had a stroke, was agressive tumour. was golf ball size had i removed… 2weeks later it was lemon size again, was a turbo cancer.
      another relative developed a very rare and agressive bone cancer, specialist down here had only seen several cases in his 40yr career, onset of illness to death was mere weeks.

      id like to say it was the covid vax that done it but these happened 15-20 years ago.
      just cuz same happens today and you put the word “turbo” infront of cancer dosent make it novel or unheard of. you lot are just suckers for propaganda from your own side imo, theyre playing on your feelz and bias. correlation isnt causatation and most of this crap is just correlation.

      your diet and lifestyle are more likely to kill you.
      the stressed healthcare systems worldwide will naturaly lead to higher death rates and delayed diagnosis giving the illusion of your turbo cancers.



  5. It may be too soon to figure the Covid vaxxes and this seems to be based on the same study, but also has some very nice graphs.. from the past & figures in the start of vaxxes.

    It is quite possible Hatchard has cherry picked the figures, in more in the post vaxx start.
    In the younger age groups.
    May be the plastic water bottles could be a part of it to, Ithe infectorss


    The issue really is, that the ones who have been jabbed with vaccines should be recorded & monitored to produce data so that it can be independently collated, and and analyzed so that any patterns may show up.
    It seems that system in not doing this?
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    For me was the biggest medical lie told to me was that I was told the side effects of a shingle & flue vaccine was not possible as they were both a dead vaccine, when I reported my problems.
    So no report was ever made, of even the side effects.
    Recently I was so surprized for the young new Doctor saying the the Shingle vaccine was actually a weakened live strain. So how did my other Doctors keep getting that wrong?
    So now it is too late to make a report.

    Although I had turned down his push for the flue vaccine, & it ended up too late to find out if he knew the flue vacccine he was pushing to me, would have been different for Iaasb.
    I have it confirmed by MedSafeNZ that it so. The most funny thing in MNZ is that the Doctor’s duty would be to inform Iaasb & then gain his consent, if he was going to be injected with what I was gong to injected with.
    But at my age I would not be told, only that it is the flue vaccine for me, & no reason why it is different for younger people.
    It is set out to trigger my immune system so that the flue vaccine itself is more readily taken in.
    I would have weighed that up & it may be taken it, or considered, a few more decades when I am put into a rest home perhaps, or maybe start it in my 80’s if not culled out earlier. Who knows??



    • S1, I saw my specialist this week and mentioned the study (below) for high-dose Vit.D. She knew about the trials in Japan and Germany and was enthusiastic about increasing my dosage by doubling it. I’m taking a tablet fortnightly instead of monthly; but she would not have thought to offer it to me without me bringing it up. It’s only been a few days but feel better already. Watch Dr John Campbell to see if this cheap and simple vitamin may help.

      Activated Vitamin D Trial



    • Thanks wg
      I am taking Vit D, a bit more at the start of Covid.
      Rightly or wrongly now just the daily, suggestion as with zinc.
      Put in Vitamin K2, just daily level to balance any possible over supply vitamin D but I know I figure I am no where other people have been taking it.

      Then if & when we have a sunny day, I make the most of the NZ winter sun, seeing it as a Scottish summer sun, for what I was designed for. 🙂
      Not really a suntan, but still good to take in.
      Then the summer is into shorts for the legs to that uptake. 🙂

      Up the vitamin C if I start sniffling nose running.

      Sort of basic good eating, some greens, some fruit, & much good meat.

      Pleased to hear you have noticed a difference, improvement.

      yes one has to 2nd guess those Doctors, and if necessary push them.
      I think the new Doc, seemed very young, from Singapore, and brother in the USA, so had a more open mind & awareness of what may be going on, maybe. At least happy to be questioned as was your Doc. 🙂

      It is just a bit more trickier for me to get down to the supposed recommended weight, but I also point out that I have not increased, and stay in tight band range. 🙂
      Maybe it is emergency store of reserves to tide me over, as that has happened other times. 🙂



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