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Vaccinated people found to be 600% more likely to die from covid “variants” than unvaccinated people


Those who have been injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are greater than six times more likely to die from a circulating “variant” like “Delta” than are unvaccinated people who just say no to strange experimental drugs from Tony Fauci and the government.

New data published by Public Health England on Friday found that compared to non-jabbed people, those who took the poison for the Chinese Virus are far more likely to suffer an excruciating death upon exposure to one of the many Wuhan Flu variants that the media says are spreading.

As it turns out, experimental gene therapy chemicals make the human immune system more prone to sudden death upon exposure to Chinese Germs than if that immune system was simply left alone to do its job naturally without pharmaceutical interventions.

Entitled, “SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England, Technical briefing 16,” a paper covering the data shows that Chinese Virus variants are pretty much a non-issue to begin with, as the vast majority of people who encounter them never even know it. The minute few who do end up dying with a variant more than likely already had the shot, research shows.

The even more minute few who did not get the shot and still end up dying after testing “positive” more than likely had a weakened immune system or some other health problem such as heart disease or obesity.

Most People Have A Zero Percent Chance Of Dying From A Chinese Virus “Variant”

Public Health England even admits that the risk of dying with a Chinese Virus variant is exceptionally low, especially if a person has NOT received the jab.

Those who do take the jab are much more likely to suffer and die, it turns out, which apparently comes with the territory when trying to stay “safe.”

Even so, the fake news media is ratcheting up the propaganda about the spread of variants, calling it the fifth or sixth or whatever “wave” we are on now, all the while urging the public to get injected as many times as necessary to “flatten the curve.”

Despite the fact that the injections are now known to be spreading the variants, the lying news media is hoping that most people have very short-term memories and will forget the truth out of fear that they might once again test positive for the Wuhan Flu.

In addition to higher death rates, vaccinated people who test positive for a variant are more likely than the unvaccinated to require hospitalization for their Chinese cold.

According to the latest data, a full 2.0 percent of vaccinated people who test positive for the Delta variant require emergency care, compared to only 1.48 percent of unvaccinated people.

The current data is in keeping with data published last week by England’s public health agency that also showed a SIX TIMES GREATER death rate among the fully vaccinated than the unvaccinated and a hospital admission rate of 2.3 percent among those fully vaccinated at least two weeks earlier compared with just 1.2 percent among the unvaccinated,” further explains Celeste McGovern from LifeSiteNews.

All of this is only verifying what Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) research Stephanie Seneff warned about antibody-dependent enhancement, or ADE, which is basically vaccine-induced immune damage that makes a person more prone to getting sick.

It is conceivable to me that the laser-beam specificity of the induced antibodies is offset by a general weakening of innate immunity,” Seneff says. “I also suspect that massive vaccination campaigns may accelerate the rate at which the vaccine-resistant mutant strains become dominant among all the SARS-Co-V2 [coronavirus] strains.

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  1. What do you do when your government says that unless you get the vaccine:
    – You can’t leave the country
    – You can’t vote
    – You will lose your job (if you work directly or indirectly for the state)
    – You will not be able to visit your parents in their nursing home
    – You will not be permitted to ___________________________.

    At what point do the people stop voting for the party that pushes these measures? (Because the opposition party would never do such things….)



  2. It seems very likely that there will eventually be a large Covid19 outbreak in New Zealand. Since it appears that you can die with or without vaccination, unfortunately many deaths will occur. At least one silver lining around this dark cloud is that fewer people will be needing housing and house prices will be negatively affected.



    • What I don’t like is how they spin this to try and make it worse than it actually is. We are all aware of the seasonal flu and have the option of being jabbed or not. This Chinese flu is no different. When did you last hear of a case of the seasonal flu?



  3. My wife and I are in our mid-70s and happy to avoid the Covid19 vaccine as long as no-one is dying in New Zealand.

    We figure that the longer we can wait, the more information good or bad will be available to base a decision on.

    If people start dropping like flies we would likely accept the vaccine but why take it now when not necessary?



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