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Vaccine Users Remorse?




Millions of People Admit They ‘Regret’ Getting the Jab — ‘Side-Effects Worse than COVID’

Millions of people around the world are now expressing their regret at getting the jab, with many on social media complaining that the side effects of the shot are worse than the virus itself.

On Twitter, for example, thousands have come out expressing remorse at taking the COVID vaccine. The jabs have not stopped governments from imposing lockdowns and have not stopped people from feeling ill.

The vaccines have, however, made the elite even more powerful.

Dailyveracity.com reports: Below is a shortlist of individuals who have expressed ‘vaccine regret’ due to the coerced COVID vaccination drive from the world’s governments.

The list goes on and on.

We could continue to post the tens of thousands of accounts on social media expressing regret over taking the vaccine, but you get the point.

You can see for yourself — for now — the thousands on social media regretting taking the COVID shot by performing simple keyword searches.

We suggest you do your own research before considering taking any experimental injection.


  1. It’s a strange feeling to look around at ALL my friends and most of my family that have had the ‘snake bite’ and feel superior as a pure unpoisoned human being.
    Jut a month ago at our Family Xmas celebrations at my home only myself and my youngest son were unvaxxed and I’ve since found out that some grandchildren were actually scared of the two of us because we were unjabbed, how things are changing these days.
    My oldest son has had a cough that started shortly after his jab months ago and is only now starting to clear up ,his doctor said it was a common side effect, he was forced to have his vaccine by his company and because it’s such a great high paying position he went along with them, I can already name which of my 5 to 12 year old grandchildren will be rushed along for their poisoning like lambs to the slaughter.



  2. I had to go to the Dr yesterday, so after logging in, the receptionist said to me oh you are unvaccinated I agreed then went and sat in the waiting area. The receptionist came over and told me that I had to sit in the car and the dr would phone me, so I duly waited and she phoned, Oh to keep me safe ……… she said, I said Oh its OK but nope she would do the consultation in the car. Luckily I knew what I wanted and then I was allowed to walk straight away into the chemist to pick up my prescription. What the hell is going on where the dr can only see you for an emergency of live or die???????? and yet you can go to the pharmacy which she emailed the script to, and stand in a line of people who may or may not have the rona to wait for the script. It would be actually hilarious if it were not so sick. FJA



    • Only a stooopid government lead by a stooopid person would come up with a stooopid plan.
      You should have said in the queue that you are unvaxed and they would have opened to let you through quicker than the Red Sea opened. FJA



    • If I remember correctly Pfizer spent up large recently to buy a company that produced some fancy new heart medication.

      Produce the disease or ailment and then sell you the dope to fix it —the Big Pharma business model.



      • Worked for Purdue Pharma. After they’d unleashed the oxy-epidemic in the US with false claims, fabricated data and bought influence with the various pain advocacy groups, they successfully promoted Narcan via an affiliate company, Mundipharma. Talk about a double hit.



  3. I hope there is lots of Popcorn. I will get a sick sense of enjoyment saying” Told you so” over and over and over again. Family functions will be excellent…… My current hope is that as soon as the schools reopen thousands of vaccinated get the Orgasm version. And the cherry on the cake will be is a few Education fuckwits get really, really sick….. ( like fuckface Hipkins and Iona). Never felt so dispassionate if a whole group of society start dying off from their over eager stupidity. I feel for those forced into it and wish them no harm, but the vax Nazis go all rot in hell ( or where ever Nasska goes once he falls off his perch)….



    • And the cherry on the cake will be is a few Education fuckwits get really, really sick….. ( like fuckface Hipkins and Iona)

      That would require them to get the same vaccine as everyone else, which at this point is very very unlikely that occurred. The data about the side effects is everywhere, so they’d have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to not know.

      Especially since they had from day one, medical experts within the health system, let alone public submissions, tell them accordingly.

      And especially since Bloomfield, Ardern, Wiles, David Clarke, Gayford, et all, personally act as if the Covid threat didn’t exist. The measure of a person’s integrity is not what they say, but what they do, especially when they think the public are not watching.



  4. My fully vaxxed, masked and “I’ve been for three PCR tests” family member who nastily and sanctimoniously lectured me that I was putting her at risk has avoided me completely for the past 2 1/2 months. It’s been blissful.

    In future I will be happy to see her at family gatherings but I think our personal relationship is beyond repair.

    Thanks for ruining hundreds of thousands of relationships dl. ////



    • It’s incredibly sad how we have seen family members decide as unjabbed members of family we are not worthy of their visitation or inclusion in any family function. The question which enters my mind is ‘were they always like this or is it the jabby that has made them so strange.’ Honest to God, I only get txts from one of my sisters now have not seen her for I guess 7 months, she doesn’t live far away from me, has visited the hospital which is very close to me. I got a txt from her this morning saying that the rona is in Hamilton FFS. I actually do NOT care to hear this sanctimonious I know you are careful but shit. Honestly she has been so bitten by the pack of clowns NOT doctors but politicians and those in Big Pharma who are as crooked as you can get, running the show that she thinks I will die if I catch it, or it will be the unjabbed that will kill them all. And sad to say they really believe it too.I would feel sorry for them but they all have been given the opportunity to read all the information we have and can check it all out just as much as we all checked it so nope not sorry at all.



      • Lizzie that’s so sad to hear. I strongly believe there will come a time when people with those hardline attitudes towards the unvaccinated will have to reconcile their beliefs and behaviours. For many it will be quite confronting and even damaging. I too have friends who have chosen to exclude my wife and I for reasons of our personal health decisions. I’ve taken the attitude of pity – call it my own personal Jesus moment (“they know not what they do…”), towards them. My life has not been diminished by their absence to date and when the day comes, we may possibly reconcile but when you get used to the absence of things (including people) you feel less need of them. I’m sure your family members will come around and sooner than you think.



        • Was discussing my impending 70th with my older brother.
          He asked if I was having a party.
          I replied I haven’t got any friends to invite.
          Why he asked.
          Because I have called them all fuckwits for getting the jab.
          What about me He asked
          Oh, you are family and I forgive you your stupidity.
          We are still talking.



      • I just got a text from my mother who is sad that she can’t wear her pretty cloth masks now and has to wear the blue and white Jabcinda approved ones. But says if it keeps her safe from omicron, she’ll do what she has to.

        Well, I feel I have now reached a point with nothing to lose in my relationship with my mother. After all, last time I saw her – at an outdoor extended family event, she went out of her way to avoid me, and unvaxxed relatives mentioned how scared she seemed of me (she didn’t know they were unvaxxed). The time before that she refused to take her pretty cloth mask off when we were talking, even though we were outside with approved social distance between us.

        So, anyway, my reply text was definitely me standing up and speaking out, as well as repeating my offer to help my parents boost their immunity with the proven protocols. I doubt I will get through to them, but I can’t stay silent (I also said I hoped that their great-grandson, who turns 5 tomorrow, will NOT be jabbed!). FJA



        • #MeToo
          Family were in town before Xmas. I’ve always found them a bit irritating.
          Did my level best to avoid them discretely, but the final summons was hard to ignore without being blatantly rude. I have since been told that they were offended at being in the same room as me as I am unvaccinated. (It really really really wasn’t a secret)
          I’m so pissed at being set up for a dose of unnecessary nastiness that I’ve disconnected from them entirely. Cnuts.



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