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The number one lie so far this week from our PT PM:


I kid you not. On Saturday night on TV One, when announcing yet another panic response to the latest Chinese virus scare, she said these words.

Cindy urged people to stay home, and anyone with symptoms to get tested straight away. “Covid kills people. We must never lose sight of the reasons we take these measures – it is to save our people’s lives and our livelihoods.”

On Monday the NZ Herald has on it’s front page the same headline words:

“Covid Kills”

No one has died “From Covid” Most have died “With Covid”

In New Zealand we have had 26 deaths and 2,378 cases attributed to Covid. Most of the deaths were elderly with instances of comorbidity (the existence of two or more conditions or illnesses in a patient). It is unfortunate that these deaths have been used to try and browbeat us into accepting this governments false edicts without question.

It’s not just here that this is happening. In the UK, doctors are recording coronavirus as the cause of death even if a test has not been carried out. This is happening all over the world.

Over the past twelve months , we have been fed so many lies, it’s becoming harder to believe her, when she might actually for once tell us the truth. They say Covid-19 is deadly, the South African variant is even more deadly, and now we have the English variant, the worst of them all. If all this is true, why hasn’t every recent contact of the family in South Auckland been immediately quarantined in the special facilities the taxpayer is paying dearly for.

One needs to ask the question. If we have the most secure borders, how has the two other variants gained access to our population? Just yet another lie.

Once we are all cowered into submission by this bullshit and the public are back under her control, the PM will announce the mandatory use of the useless Covid tracing app.

Once upon a time Kiwis were a rebellious bunch of individuals. Now because of all the scare tactics from the PM and her lackeys, we have become a bunch of wimps.

Wake up New Zealand, before it is to late.






  1. (the nag cindy walks on stage)
    Horse sad (tilts head and frowns) no one do what horse say. Why not stay home? horse pay you stay home, no one want bad cold, stay home, stay home, horse give you more benny for booze and drugs. (shakes head, lets out a little whinnie). you thank horse, horse make you not die from bad cold, no no questions for horse, horse has no answer for questions as you stupid questions
    (gallops off stage)
    Right you lot fire up the printing press we gunna need a lot more monies to pay for all this, I need my fans to keep liking me… quick someone fetch the lawnmower and fish boy I need to celerbrate my dreams are coming true, Ive nearly flushed the country down the toilet and made everyone think im a saint while doing it.



    • The fear & craziness may be related to this horse disease, the dreaded and so feared STRANGLES.
      ELIMINATE ELIMINATE is the chant.

      …. Just hearing the word Strangles is enough to make any horse owner shudder.
      Strangles is present in New Zealand, and cases are seen in the Manawatu.
      A good understanding of the disease will lessen the worry and panic often associated with strangles. ….

      ….. Care must be taken when introducing naïve horses to recently infected horses because affected animals are infectious for more than 4 weeks after onset of clinical signs. ….

      Is it a fatal disease?

      Strangles is rarely fatal but it can make horses very sick and because it is very contagious a lot of horses can become sick within a short space of time. Occasionally complications (pneumonia, further abscesses within the body, to name a couple) can arise so it is important to keep in touch with your vet regarding the horse’s progress. ….

      And there is a vaccine, and requires yearly booster shots.



  2. Interesting isn’t it? I’m wondering why some other members of each family who have supposedly tested covid positive have not become very unwell or….well even died from the virus if it is as virulent and dangerous as we are being told. Taking what the ptpm and that so called dr says, the families and everyone who has had any contact with them at all, well they should be dropping like flies sprayed with a good dose of RAID Soooo WTF?



  3. Have they been prescribed Ivermectin and if not why not?
    Here’s a rather lengthy video (nearly an hour) which is very well worth watching discussing Ivermectin and in particular the many, many studied that show it is very effective for both as treatment and prophylaxis of all the so called variants of the covid virus. It is an absolute scandal that this supposedly “caring” government is not taking steps to ensure everyone has access to this “miracle drug” (the odious Dr Fauci’s own words) before we are hit withwidespread covid infection. The only people Cindy’s mob care for is Big Pharma and their share holders and of course the Communist Chinese. And the laughably inept so called “opposition” is no better, they should be holding Ardern’s feet to the fire over this.



  4. If you have a look at the VAER’s website which records vaccine issues you could just as easily create a headline that says
    “Covid Vaccines Kill”

    Dig into a bit though and you will see that many of the people who have died shortly after receiving vaccines are the same type of people who died from the disease, elderly on multiple medications with multiple health issues. Giving vaccines to 90 yr olds in care homes who are already seriously ill and in some cases already had the disease is beyond belief. In one case I read the staff only expected the recipient to live a few more days but they were still given the vaccine.
    Where is informed consent? What sort of medical practitioner sanctions this? Who is profiting from this?



  5. Headline on todays UK Daily Mail

    Trouble in ‘zero Covid’ paradise? Jacinda Ardern under fire for unleashing social media mob on worker she criticised for failing to isolate – as Auckland enters ANOTHER week-long lockdown over 11 cases

    This sounds like criticism and doubt of horse tooths honesty – Im hearing The Eagles Again – you cant hide your lyin eyes!



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