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Was Yevgeny Prigozhin Murdered?




Prigozhin, Utkin were in plane that crashed in Tver Region — aviation authority

“The flight of the Embraer-135 jet (EBM-135BJ) was performed in accordance with a flight permit issued in due order,” the Federal Air Transport Agency said

MOSCOW, August 24. /TASS/. The Russian governmental agency in charge of civil aviation published the names of all passengers and crew members of the Embraer business jet that crashed in the Tver Region on Wednesday, mentioning Yevgeny Prigozhin and Dmitry Utkin among them.

Other passengers were Sergey Propustin, Yevgeny Makaryan, Alexander Totmin, Valery Chekalov and Nikolay Matyuseyev. Chekalov was mentioned in US sanctions lists as a man close to Prigozhin.

The plane also had three crew members on board: pilot-in-command Alexey Levshin, co-pilot Rustam Karimov and flight attendant Kristina Raspopova.

“The flight of the Embraer-135 jet (EBM-135BJ) was performed in accordance with a flight permit issued in due order,” the Federal Air Transport Agency said.

An Embraer business jet en route from Moscow to St. Petersburg crashed in the Tver Region north of Moscow on Wednesday evening. The aircraft had 10 people on board, all of them died. It was owned by the MNT-Aero company, which specializes in providing private jet services. The Federal Air Transport Agency is investigating the crash. The Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation started a criminal investigation into potential violations of air transportation safety and operation rules.

NY Times reports:

  • Russian media are reporting that the plane that crashed on Wednesday north of Moscow was an Embraer Legacy 600 business jet with the tail number RA-02795. Past news reports have linked the plane to Mr. Prigozhin and Wagner.
  • Readovka, an account on the Telegram app that is known to be close to the Russian authorities, said that reports of Mr. Prigozhin’s death were “premature,” and that “Yevgeny Prigozhin may have been on a different airplane.”

There have been persistent rumors that US intelligence paid Prigozhin $1-4 Billion to mount an insurrection against Putin with his semi-mercenary army. And that Prigozhin pretended to do so, then openly flipped.

If true, the likeliest explanation for this crash would be CIA payback. At the same time, Prigozhin may not have traveled under his own name.

Is it just me, or has the CIA forgotten its old mantra of plausible deniability? The agency’s brazenness seems to be matched only by its stupidity and its evil intent.


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  1. As the saying goes… fuck around and find out.
    The dude done alot of fucking around esp after pissing off one of the most powerfull men on the planet but my gut feeling screams america or some other shadowy foreign agency.
    The russians are usually much more personal with assasinations.



  2. Well this is interesting. According to the last post from the only woman flight attendant on board, she tweeted there had been a technical delay before the flight took off. If that was me alarm bells would be ringing just they they did for movie star Linsday Wagner who refused to board a flight that crashed shortly after take off.




  3. I have seen footage on telegram of the plane falling, burning from the sky. Looks like it was either shot down or experienced some other catastrophic failure resulting in a large fire before it hit the ground. Telegram reports the he has been identified in the crash, but who really knows. However, this does not bode well for Ukraine, as the Wagners will want to avenge his death, no matter how; or who caused it. Be looking out for an attack from Belarus by Wagner in the short term towards Kiev.

    Telegram channels mention a bomb in the landing gear bay. That would fit the footage.



  4. It has been unbelievable how this has been spun!
    Particularly so many times repeated on New Zealand media, openly said to be based on British Intelligence retired officer Steele.
    Makes me wonder that the narrative about the Russian Ukraine War has to be maintained to keep the deep 5 eyes in line!

    … A former British intelligence officer [Steele]said he received information previously that a contract had been put out on Wagner mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin by members of Russia’s elite over the past few weeks, Sky News reported on Wednesday. …

    The same guy who was quoted that Trump peed or was peed on by Russian prostitutes, or what ever from the Steele dossier supplied to the FBI for Hillary Clinton to shrill on.

    This nonsense is so infectious & then mixed into the USA politics, with forms of corruption with big money floating around.

    …. investigators did not corroborate a “single substantive allegation” in the so-called Steele dossier …..

    So very big motives to keep control on Africa, plus Money, Corruption, & political pressures for Uranium to France, Oil & Gas pipe lines from Nigeria to Europe,
    Wagner training up in Niger after the military coup, in support with Mali, Chad, & Senegal to secure their borders.
    Almost another front & exposure of European & USA controls are gaining out of Africa.

    Who really knows? as Prigozhin was returning from Mali.
    Also some Wagner troops to counter any Polish/Nato back move to support the Ukraine.
    To also stop any problems with the isolated Kalinberg oblast, province of Russian military significance. ….
    Prigozhin was only a partner, a media public relations.

    The real owner of Wagner was also on the ill-fated plane & kept low on the radar.
    Not only distrust Steele but also total distrust in Wikipedia but for what it is worth even if it spin. ;—

    ….. Dmitry Valerievich Utkin ….
    allegedly the co-founder and military commander of the Russian state-funded Wagner Group …


    So is it a way to create dissension, division in the Kremlin, a la like what USA politics?
    Sure Putin is a thug, but a very thoughtful one, & not one to throw anything away of value.
    So like who had the most to gain in blowing up the North Sea Oil pipeline, when Putin had a tap?
    Who gained the most in blowing the dam & bridge on the lower Dnieper River? Perhaps remains to be seen.

    In parts it seems like a cry Wolf, over there, to keep the narrative going for NATO/Biden’s crew.



  5. On the balance of probabilities, Putin would be my #1 suspect. If he sends a team to kill a traitor who defected to the UK to use nerve agents, he would not hesitate to have Prigozhin knocked off for the silly mutiny he pulled.
    For all his faults, Putin has always put Russia first.



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