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We All Know a “Karen”




A “Karen” is a term used as Internet slang in general to refer to a specific type of woman. A “Karen” is typically between a woman the ages of 30–50 who likely has children and has the air of a suburban mother. However, what is most distinctive and important to notice about a “Karen” is that she is incredibly entitled, nosy, and belligerent. “Karen” is almost always used as a slur for these kind of women who refuse to treat other people decently. Some examples of “Karens” would include:

Example 1

  • Karen: Hi, do you work at this store?
  • Person: No. I’m just shopping here.
  • Karen: Are you sure? You seem very familiar with this store.
  • Person: I come here often, but I am not an employee. Do you notice how my shirt is blue and the employees all wear red shirts?
  • Karen: I’m reporting you to your manager for horrible service and for trying to pretend you don’t work here. *flags down manager* Manager, Person won’t help me. You should fire him.
  • Manager: Ma’am, Person does not work here.
  • Karen: Not anymore he/she doesn’t. *smirk across her face as she walks away – Person and Manager are confused*

Example 2

  • Person: Ma’am, your kids are running around this dangerous medical lab. Please take them out of here.
  • Karen: My little babies, they would never do anything bad.
  • Person: This area is dangerous; you need to remove your children.
  • Karen: It’s OK. They’re well-behaved.
  • *Unbehaved children are running around. One comes extremely close to a vial of a strong acid that will burn off his flesh.*
  • *Child runs back to Karen scared*
  • Karen: Why would you be so rude to yell at my babies!? We’ll be going now.

Example 3

  • Karen: I saw that you listed the price on Trademe as $500. Can you give me a discount?
  • Person: No. That price is actually a bargain given how much a new television is with those specifications. As I wrote on Trademe, the price is firm. Take it or leave it.
  • Karen: But I am a single mother. How would I be able to afford that price?
  • Person: That’s not my problem. Either pay and get the TV, or don’t.
  • Karen: But I really need the TV. Could you give it to me for free? It’s clear that you don’t need it if you’re selling it.
  • Person: I am selling the TV, not running a charity. This is your last chance. Do you want to pay $500 for the TV or not?
  • Karen: You are a horrible person for not helping a single mother! I will report you to Trademe for your rude behaviour and how mean you were for not giving me a TV that you don’t need.

The other give away is that they all vote for the greens and drive SUV’s that never ever see the back country they were designed for. Leave your examples so we can all have a laugh.


  1. Actually, I’d never heard of the “Karen” phenomenon before.

    But it is so true. About 15 years ago, a mate was letting me park my mum’s car in their garage for a few weeks so I could keep it out of the weather after I’d done a full clean and polish and while I was listing it on TradeMe to see on behalf of my mum.

    My mate told me that she had a friend (called Karen – really!) who was looking for a car and wanted to check out my one, I told her yes and said it was OK for her to test drive it etc while I was at work. I spoke to the woman (the Karen) and told her that it the vehicle was listed on TradeMe for $3.5K , but as the Karen was a mate of my friend, I was prepared to let her have it for $3k. I stressed to the Karen this was a “mate’s rate” and therefore was non-negotiable.

    Two hours later I got a call and the Karen told me that the AA had checked it out and told her it was a solid car, however she wanted to negotiate on the price (?). I reminded her that she was already getting a “mate’s rate” and I had told her before hand it was non-negotiable.

    She persisted in insisting that I sell the vehicle to her for $2500.

    She was shocked when I said told her “No thank you, but I won’t be selling the car’s to you for any amount” and hung up.

    Your post reminded me about “the Karen” given that she ticked every one of the criteria you listed.

    (I sold the car a week later for $3.3k to the first person that checked it out).



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