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We Are ‘More Dangerous Than Terrorists’




WEF Claims ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Who Question ‘Experts’ Are ‘More Dangerous Than Terrorists’

The World Economic Forum has declared that anybody who promotes a “different perception of reality” and questions the authority of “experts” should be considered “more dangerous” than a terrorist in 2024.

The World Economic Forum has published their Global Risk Report for 2024 ahead of the WEF Summit in Davos later this month and according to managing director Saadia Zahidi, so-called conspiracy theorists must be crushed so the global elite can remain “the owner of the truth.”

“Mis- and dis-information is the number one risk. We put together the views of fifteen hundred experts and that is what they are most worried about,” declared Zahidi, ranking so-called conspiracy theories as more dangerous than terrorists, economic collapse, and the potential outbreak of World War 3.

WEF managing director Saadia Zahidi discusses the WEF’s Global Risks Report 2024, released ahead of their Annual Meeting in Davos next week.

Unsurprisingly, misinformation and disinformation rank #1. Especially during an election year, as emphasized: pic.twitter.com/CX1kEtRmku

According to Zahidi, so-called “conspiracy theories” spread by “disinformation” are particularly dangerous in 2024 because people in the United States and other major economies are heading into elections when people decide who will be in control.

“Depending on how you count it, major economies with large populations, India and the US, are going into elections. What we found is, at each country level, in addition to the global risk around mis- and dis-information, it’s usually ranked very high, among the top five risks around the world, as are risks about an economic downturn,” said Zahidi.

The danger for the global elite, according to Zahidi, lies in the fact that non-authorized views are capable of encouraging “different perceptions of reality” which can encourage people to question whether the mainstream media and global elite are telling the truth.

“If some of those views start spilling over into very different perceptions of reality, when it comes to health, when it comes to what people are thinking about education, what people think about specific people, who then becomes the owner of the truth?

The authoritarian tone coming from the WEF regarding who gets to control the truth should not come as a surprise.

In April last year, the WEF announced it had recruited hundreds of thousands of “information warriors” to control the internet, policing social media and forums for “misinformation” and conspiracy content which will then be systematically shut down.

According to Klaus Schwab’s WEF, misinformation on the internet is an “infodemic” that is “potentially deadly” and requires a “cure.” The definition of misinformation, according to the WEF, is any content on the internet that they disagree with.

This means the WEF’s hundreds of thousands of information warriors will be engaged in the act of shutting down dissent against the globalist elite.

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    • Lizziep@0611

      Perhaps because (At least some) ‘White’ people actually think independently for themselves and stand up to them (Who are, noticeably mostly ‘White’, which is interesting in itself).

      Better to eliminate such individuals and allow ‘the rest’ of humanity to continue to exist in their own tribe and with the tribe’s ‘group think’.



  1. “How could recognising the treaty of Waitangi possibly damage the people of NZ” ,, David Lange ,,
    I remember the conspiracy theorists being ridiculed for saying Langes law changes updating the gravy train would do great damage to this country, billions spent on a few thousand elitist Native troughers and the other 99% of needy Māori who are not coping are worse off than they were 45 years ago ..
    That folks is progress Gayotearoa style.



    • The natives of Hawaii don’t seem to be able to stop the destruction with Zuks and other rich globalists excavating and dominating their beautiful land.

      Do maori imagine they will be immune from the WEF/UN globalists? It is time Maori elite stopped their empire building and worked with all NZers to fight to prevent our beautiful little country being taken over or elitist money grubbing maori will be impoverished like the rest of us.

      Maori will not be spared, They are the UN/WEF’s brown useful idiots, used to disrupt NZ’s social and racial cohesion ready for the next assault.



      • THE USA – as usual – invaded Hawaii with armed soldiers.
        It was an illegal invasion.
        The overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom was a coup d’état against Queen Liliʻuokalani, which took place on January 17, 1893, on the island of Oʻahu and led by the Committee of Safety, composed of seven foreign residents and six Hawaiian Kingdom subjects of American descent in Honolulu.[5][6] The Committee prevailed upon American minister John L. Stevens to call in the U.S. Marines to protect the national interest of the United States of America.
        Fucking coward baby killer US marines…again
        Similar to US creation of so called banana republics, also with US Force.
        The country that has armed soldiers in over 80 countries today
        (and Podesta in CHC just prior to 15 Mar, 2019)
        In the early 20th century, the United Fruit Company, a multinational corporation, was instrumental in the creation of the banana republic phenomenon.[6][7] Together with other American corporations, such as the Cuyamel Fruit Company,
        and >>> leveraging the power of the United States government,
        the corporations created the political, economic, and social circumstances, that led to a coup of the locally elected democratic government that established banana republics in Central American countries such as Honduras and Guatemala.[8]
        The maori, with their Treaty seriously dont know how lucky they are (Hon. Fred Dagg) .
        The best treated of all ‘natives’ in the world in the last 400 years.



  2. Saadia Zahidi. Pakistani. Another fucking Muslim.

    This bitch is 100% correct that lies, disinformation and propaganda are a huge danger – but what she cleverly omits is that all this shit is being imposed on populations by governments, corporations and super rich elites through their submissive media.



  3. Like rust they keep on working to bring in global censorship, step by step.
    Like NZ has the Ardern-ic “Christchurch Call” that aims to control NZ & globally.
    [Irish] …. authorities are working to introduce the Irish Online Safety Code – ….. in part, inspired by the UK’s hugely controversial Online Safety Act. ….
    ….. even if a video does not contain [“harm”] content of the kind – comments to it are branded as “hateful.” …..
    …… enforced by a regulator …. blessing to introduce the regulation both from the Irish government, and the EU. ….
    …. eventually complicate the situation and bring the same kind of censorship to the users in the US as well. ….

    I already note some effects of censorship, in having to work around to bring some links from Canadian sources.



  4. We are more dangerous ? ?????? ??
    Here are the so called experts, knowledgeable ones scheming & planning & so telling us, actually demanding us to do what they say.
    This proves that they know “jack shit” ! !

    The people who want to regulate “the science” don’t even understand the very basics of science.
    Apocalyptic climate change is a scam religion and big money… nothing else.
    It’s the equivalent of human sacrifice to the gods.

    1 min 34 secs

    There comprehension of even understanding the well paid warped scientists falls so far short.
    It proves they have no ability to even question the science, but so happy to follow the money, like a pig putting his nose & mouth into that $ trough.

    Alan Jones at his best on the % of Carbon.

    Wide Awake Media @wideawake_media
    Australian broadcaster, Alan Jones, utterly schools a panel of climate zealots on the reality of the #ClimateScam.

    “CO2 is 0.04% of the atmosphere, and human beings are responsible for 3% of that 0.04%… It’s like saying: ‘There’s a granule of sugar on the Harbour Bridge. Clean the bridge up, it’s dirty’.”



    These days of DEI scientists, & $ to follow the scientism,
    It has become the age of Lysenkoism which killed hundreds of millions of people through Russia, China & Cambodia.



  5. Free Speech Union (New Zealand) Incorporated

    Happy New Year!

    We’re nearly a fortnight into 2024, and the Free Speech Union team is back hard at work defending your right to free speech. I’m grateful for the work they’ve continued to do as I’ve taken a few weeks for paternity leave, but now we’re all back at it- and not a moment too soon, as we’ve already had several new cases come our way!

    Some have asked us if the change in Government means there will be less need for us. Unfortunately, (and I mean that sincerely – if only we were done out of a job) there’s not much chance of that. These two cases over the past two weeks illustrate this.

    The fight for free speech continues in New Zealand.

    Our society needs to relearn the art of agreeing to disagree, communicating constructively, and debating and wrestling with ideas. You and I know it’s a bland world where we all must think and speak the same way. Yet, whether it be the public service, censorial business interests, the media, or universities, we have a fair few opponents out there who disagree.

    Elderly woman trespassed from supermarket over her t-shirt

    Last week, we were approached by an elderly woman who had committed the most grievous of infractions. For this, she was trespassed from her local supermarket. She wore a t-shirt that read: men are not women even if you squint.

    Staff took offence over the shirt and threatened to have the woman banned from the store. The owner of the store subsequently made her leave and later formally trespassed her from the store. This means she can’t buy food from her local supermarket for the next two years. They claim the woman had made repeated provocative comments to staff members over a period of time, a claim she denies.

    What kind of society do we find ourselves in when even grocery stores are the frontlines of the ‘culture wars’?

    In a democratic society such as ours, it should be acceptable for Kiwis with personal and political views to somewhat literally ‘wear their heart on their sleeves’. Grocery stores should not be deciding which views they’re happy for their customers to hold. No matter the view or mine on whatever complex issue you want to debate, hopefully I can still get my bread and milk and just go about my day.

    Foodstuffs (the corporate umbrella body which New Would franchises are part of) received its ‘Rainbow Tick’ in 2022. When this happened, head of public relations Emma Wooster said the supermarket co-ops in both the North and South islands had gender-affirming policies, claiming, “We want everyone in our Foodies whānau to feel included…

    I don’t think this woman felt particularly ‘included’ as she was trespassed. Clearly, diversity doesn’t include the right to, you know, dare think differently.

    We’re working to get to the bottom of this issue. We’ve written a ‘please explain’ letter to the store’s owner-operator and will contact Foodstuff. We are also taking legal advice. As this develops more, we’ll be in touch.

    IRD employee explicitly told to self-censor

    Just before Christmas, we were contacted by an IRD employee who has been sent a “letter of expectation” from her team leader after making a comment on an internal chat that offended co-workers.

    Which co-workers you may ask (like she did)? Well, you never know that! They don’t speak out and challenge your views openly (you know – in a way that could increase dialogue and learning), they just tell the manager to censor you.

    But we’re told some co-workers were offended.

    In the letter of expectations, she was threatened with a formal disciplinary process over a mildly sarcastic comment made on an internal forum specifically for women employees at the IRD.

    This is the story: IRD had just installed feminine hygiene products in all bathrooms and the employed made this comment on a IRD Women’s Forum chat:

    “This is awesome but a shame it took so long coming. And interesting, that now that men can menstruate, free period products are available in all bathrooms.”

    Whether you agree with or are offended by the employee’s comment, it gives no reason to be threatened.

    Here’s part of IRD’s letter:

    “If you are unsure which of your views might be perceived as offensive or divisive,… take a prudent approach and refrain from sharing your opinions altogether.

    Choosing to remain silent can prevent unintentional harm and contribute to maintaining a harmonious and respectful environment among colleagues.”

    But I have a fairly simple question. Who decides when something is offensive? Where do you draw the line?

    This culture of ‘playing it safe’ stifles voices and leads to intense self-censorship, whether it’s conscious or not.

    How’s this for ironic? “IR is committed to maintaining a safe and positive working environment and culture. This means we must all respect the rights of our colleagues…”

    So, IRD is inclusive… if you toe the line.

    We’ve written to IRD, challenging them on their contradictory value of being an “inclusive workplace” that values “diversity of thought, beliefs, backgrounds, and capabilities” while asking an employee to self-censor because of her views.

    If you’ve followed our work for a while, you may remember the case of Emma Barraclough, a public servant who used to work at Ministry of Transport. In a similar way, she was threatened for daring to speak out on similar issues in her work place (you can read more about her story here). Back then, in 2022, the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Transport was Peter Mersi, who co-chairs the the initiative by Public Sector Chief Executives ‘to support and grow diversity and inclusion in the public sector.’

    Guess who is the Chief Executive of IRD now, the agency where this new case has come from? After finishing his time at Minsitry of Transport, Peter Mersi became Chief Executive of IRD.

    In the letter I wrote him and his staff challenging him over the legality of the Letter of Expectations, I included this:

    2024 may be kicking off a year with a new Government, but opposition to free speech means the Free Speech Union isn’t going anywhere.

    I believe 2024 will be our biggest year yet, as we make the case for tolerance, the right to speak openly, and the need for free debate.

    We already have a series of events, campaigns, and cases we’ll be working on for the first quarter, and we’ll be in touch more about these soon.

    For now, again, Happy New Year! Let’s get into it.


    Jonathan Ayling
    Chief Executive
    Free Speech Union



  6. The bastards are throwing every thing they can, then to get the political parties to side with them to bring about legislation to censor, suppress & ban.
    Slowly beavering away to stitch those controls across the world.

    ….. There has long been a concerted campaign to force Substack to engage in “content moderation,” or censorship of ideas that corporate journalists and their masters disagree with.
    Substack, for its part, has remained true to its mission, refusing to engage in ideological censorship.
    Substack has, however, rightly removed platforms that engage in unlawful behavior and/or incitement to violence. ….


    I know we should not self censor, but being absolutely mental & stupid does not help, when we know the system is looking to take us down, where ever it can, like when government resource some of those like Kate Hannah, etc., to then lever others to push stupid cases.
    The costs of lawfare, from our stupidity is prohibitive.. …
    We also have to value our Freedom of Speech & Expression, & not recklessly throw it away in this controlling world.
    Particularly when it can have a major effect that can lead to de-platforming. one of our outlets.

    Facts are facts. Evidence is evidence.
    Experience is experience, or can be contrived.
    Opinions are like arse-holes & that is where attitudes can be weighed up, & can be found to be wanting, against the supposed global controlling ideologies.

    Recently again I saw more questions & pointed fingers at Rumble to try & get them to be questioned in governmental circles. Can not find it for now.
    Bear in mind the UK Parliament wanted to bring Rumble into question about Russel Brand last year.

    Though I have found a positive support for Rumble 🙂



  7. A little confusing in this article but the point at the end is the real point of that article.
    When reading it bear in mind that seminar was before the Hamas attack on Israel.

    …. The lecturer further argued that Douglas Murray and Joe Rogan are both examples of the far right.

    ‘To what extent should Joe Rogan and Douglas Murray be suppressed?’ he asked.

    ‘They have millions of followers. To de-platform them would cause issues.’

    Concluding his talk, the lecturer told a room full of government professionals, ‘so, society needs to find other ways to suppress them.’ ….

    Not that one may always want to agree with Ian Murray or Joe Rogan on every topic.
    Many of us find that where we agree is ok, but those other views of yours — yikes. 😉

    The system may have seemed to have backed off, but they will always be working to weaken what many of us uphold & trying at every opportunity for more controls on free speech, dialogue, discussion, debate, sharing information & knowledge.
    And so many rabbit holes to explore.
    “It is a free country, isnt it???”



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