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We Don’t Have a Problem with White Supremacy. We Have a Problem with Leftist Supremacy




By Sarah Hoyt

The left is obsessed with white supremacists the way that children are obsessed with Santa Claus, and for more or less the same reasons.

You see, if they manage to convince people that the alternative to their own crazy, race-obsessed, power-centralizing, socialist policies is white supremacy, then they get everything they ever wanted, plus a pony.

In an America as mixed as we are, the idea that white supremacists are the only ones who will do well is scary to most people. Beyond that, it is the most antithetical thing to American beliefs you can imagine. The nation that banned nobility of birth, and which fought a war to free slaves would never codify a regime where your genetics at birth determines what kind of happiness you can even think of pursuing.  In America, equality under the law has always been the goal, even when honoured in the breach.

Fortunately, we don’t have any need to worry about real white supremacy. Just like you don’t have to worry that Santa Claus is watching you, or has put a spy bug in your bedroom.

This is the problem the left has.  And their response to it is to launch a brainwashing/gaslighting campaign to find white supremacy where there is none.

Also, unfortunately, as with all these things the left engages in, it causes more harm than… well, than even I can imagine, and I write some pretty dystopian stuff.

So, just like their attempt to define “patriarchy” has led them to make it impossible for business women to have closed-door meetings with male bosses or mentors, their definition of white supremacy is making it impossible for any minorities or, for that matter, under-privileged white people to improve themselves or create a better future for their descendants.

We’ll pass over the point that defensiveness is supposed to be a matter of white supremacy, okay?  Apparently, when you’re being accused of horrible stuff, you’re not supposed to be defensive. Yeah. That’s interesting.

Instead, let’s consider that individualism is now supposed to be white supremacy, and if you like working on your own, or dislike group work (remember group work from school? Almost anyone competent hated it) you’re supposedly a white supremacist.

Let’s consider instead stuff like perfectionism — you know, trying to make things as perfect as possible and calling out people on their f*ck ups. Or a sense of urgency — or as we call it around here, having your work done on time. Or what they call “worship of the written word,” which apparently is the ability to express yourself in writing. Or objectivity, which they define as BELIEVING THERE’S AN ULTIMATE TRUTH.

Supposedly all of these things — things that are absolutely required for any kind of workplace to get any kind of, you know, work done — are toxic whiteness and signs of white supremacy.

So, the left, in teaching people to avoid white supremacy, assumes that minorities cannot express themselves in writing, can’t get things done on time, and won’t try to make the work as good as possible.

In other words, the left are in fact the white supremacists who believe any virtue that contributes to civilization must be white. The fact that they then want to suppress it — in everyone but themselves — is probably part of their plan to concentrate power.

Also, it’s the reason why every institution taken over by leftists falls apart and dies.

And they have not the slightest bit of care for the people — minorities and non-minorities — this nonsense hurts.  Because in their minds, the more other people are hampered, the more power they get in their grubby little hands.

We don’t have a problem with white supremacy. We have a problem with Leftist Supremacy.

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  1. Yardy yardy yardy, why do youse put such long boring posts up on here? The least you could do is link to the site they came from. Youse couldn’t write these kind of false stories, so why post them?



    • Why do you read them? I assume you come here to be educated? I am well aware of the indoctrination that you have been exposed to in your life, through school etc if not just at home. It is good for you to be exposed to a counter narrative.

      If you have not come to be educated, then you are indeed a troll, as you are only negative of others points of view. You might be happy to think that everyone is equal to you, as opposed to everyone being equal. You set the bar incredibly low, why not lift it bit and raise everyone else you know with you?

      No? So you would prefer for people to be kept in the dark and ignorant and just swallowing what their betters tell them, rather than having informed debate?

      Tarrant’s manifesto is a great example of controlling the narrative.



    • When The editor chose the blog name “You Stupid Boy”, he must have had a premonition you would be along to personify this. I suspect there are too many big words for you to actually understand what is written above. Stick to Dr Suess.



  2. Massive ‘squirrel bombs’ aided and abetted by the MSM’s roving reporter, that partisan lefty circus ringmaster Paddy Gower finding white supremacy wherever he looks. He shouts, look over there at all the “white supremacists” while failing to realise that he is part of the Marxist plan that nothing is more important than defending the group you identify with. Individualism is out. Competence is out. Boarders are out. White liberalism strikes at the heart of our democracy.

    Identity Politics & The Marxist Lie of White Privilege – Jordan Peterson



  3. “White privilege” lol! I was “privileged” to grow up seeing my parents get ready for work everyday. I knew once I was out of high school I’d need to support myself as an adult- with a JOB! What’s being white got to do with that? The hatred from lefties (especially the white variety) blinds them to all reality.



    • Yes you can always tell a white liberal swamped in their guilt, by the amount of bone carvings they have around their white scawny necks. The bigger the carving the bigger the guilt. Next time you see them On the TV espousing their leftie crap, just remember its their guilt and ignore them.



  4. Substitute “communists” for “white supremacists” and it could be the McCarthy years all over again

    And of course, these similarities is why the left’s obsession with the great march through the institutions has centred on the classroom. Socialism and marxism cannot survive if schoolkids are taught 20th century history accurately. The “reds under the bed” witch-hunts of the 50s and 60s (and the accompanying de-platforming, de-employing, censoring and isolating of those so accused) is being repeated by today’s extremists in exactly the same way once again.

    Small wonder that revolting ginga Hipkins had as his priority number one to shut down Charter Schools – can’t have even one child avoiding the brain-washing. If only a few hundred get through without being brain-washed their open and enquiring minds will violate all the thousands of indoctrinated cultists from state schools.

    It seems the fascists in society can only handle psychotic persecution if then can ascribe a colour to a group of targets of hate speech. Firstly, the political left in the US (Democrats) fought a war so they could keep on persecuting the blacks. Then in the 50s, there was another crusade based upon the fiction that there was Russian interference in all aspects of American life. A few years back the Labour party was in full hate mode against the yellow peril in the housing market. And now it’s the turn of whites. One wonders what colour the loons will be after next – wouldn’t it be a hoot if it was the greens?



    • Is the failing education system just a result of the usual ideology of teachers. Are the teachers really teaching a syllabus? No uniformity in outcome at all, from exactly the same material.

      They are going to put their own slant on everything anyway. Isn’t it an actual marvel that there are any free thinkers anyway? Teachers don’t change when a government does. They want the children from their classes to view things exactly as they do. Imagine the issues if kids had the same teacher all the way through school and they were shit?

      At least the way it is, you would hope the kids would strike the odd one that resonates.

      So , all of you who are not sheep, you escaped, you are outliers because when was the last time the syllabus was changed? Recently? Teachers don’t like learning new things, they like what they already know and that they can recite by rote. Having to learn Maori Language when you are an older teacher would drive you out of the profession. They take a lot of institutional knowledge with them too.

      All those other people were captured and have been held captive. The odd one sees the light and escapes.

      I assume that Maori Language is part of a teacher’s training now so they are all good to go, when they get to the classroom. It might as well be a core subject. three or four years should give you pretty good reo?



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