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Cindy Admits Her Lackey Has Treated The New Zealand People Like Children

The Kiwi people need public officials to tell us the truth, not what they think we need to hear. That’s the exact opposite of what we’re getting.

In an interview last week with the editor of ysb.co.nz, Cindy admitted something that many of us have suspected for some time: The media-anointed, all-knowing guru of the Chinese flu, Dr Ashley Bloomfield, has been fudging the truth in order to encourage what he views as better behaviour from the Kiwi people. Put simply, Bloomfield has been acting less like a public official and more like a parent keeping certain truths from his children.

This quote, which has been rightfully making the rounds, really tells the whole tale. Asked why he changed his mind about how much vaccination would result in herd immunity, Bloomfield said, “When polls said only about half of all Kiwis would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70 to 75 percent … Then, when newer surveys said 60 percent or more would take it, I thought, ‘I can nudge this up a bit,’ so I went to 80, 85. We need to have some humility here …. We really don’t know what the real number is. I think the real range is somewhere between 70 to 90 percent. But, I’m not going to say 90 percent.”

This is a problem. Bloomfield is clearly admitting that he was not simply telling the Kiwi people what he believed to be true, he was instead trying to manipulate us into behaving how he wants. And it’s not the first time. Back in March, he told us not to wear masks. He now claims he did so largely because he feared a shortage. So, once again, instead of just giving us the unvarnished scientific truth, as he understood it, he told us only what he thought it was good for us to know.

YSB commentator, Kea, was quick to point out how obvious it has become that Bloomfield has been operating more as a public relations hack than a scientist for some time now.

Kea is correct that it is not just Bloomfield who has failed to be straight with us. For months it was clear that in-school learning was not only safe, but hugely advantageous for children compared to remote learning. But teachers unions, politicians on the left, and the media refused to acknowledge it. They refused to listen to science because it wasn’t about science, it was about power.

It was also about power when social media giants like Twitter and Facebook censored posts that contained accurate scientific information that questioned the efficacy of lockdowns. This happened when some informed people were banned from Twitter literally for posting scientific studies. Twitter thought that we were not prepared for that information, that it might make us less vigilant, or something. Meanwhile, the very big tech sector that is silencing lockdown doubt is also the lockdown’s biggest financial beneficiary.

The bottom line is that we are not being told the truth by our public officials or the media; they are trying to manipulate us, not inform us. How a society chooses to deal with and respond to a pandemic that lasts months on end is inherently a political choice. It is not a matter for experts to simply decide and then lie about the science to compel adherence to their plan.

Enough is enough. We Kiwis are not children to be guided with half-truths to the decisions that their betters deem best for them.

If you have the sense that you are not getting the whole story, and that you have not been getting the whole story for some time now, it is because you aren’t. This isn’t about science, it’s about power.

It needs to be made completely clear to Bloomfield and every one of our public officials that we expect to be told the accurate truth, not whatever unelected officials think is best for us to know. With more officials moving the goalposts to suggest that even after the vaccinations we might not get back to normal, we need the real science, right now.

We need, not what Bloomfield thinks is best for us, not what Cindy thinks is best for us, not what Andrew Little thinks is best for us, just the truth. Then, and only then, can we decide how to proceed.

For all you dumb arse lefties who might read this.

It’s an ADAPTATION  of the original article from:


If you are offended or triggered, we don’t care. The facts are not in dispute, so just suck it up sweetie….

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  1. Are you people crazy ,don’t you know that Bloomfield is in line for a tryout for the 2021 All blacks?.
    Apparently because of his strength and tenacity he’s a sitter for the position of hooker,It’s true,its true I tell ya….



  2. Waiting for the truth? You will never get it, no one in authority will ever tell you the truth. It is beyond their capacity as a human. The whole of government, including MPs and officials, right down to all government department and local council workers in most countries never deal in the truth, Lying constantly is a prerequisite for the job.



  3. Now here is a thought for today as we wonder how to save ourselves.

    There are two senareo’s arising from this thought.
    The first one that there can be no doubt that the Chinese want to rule the world. Its in their DNA and is now well signalled. They are short of women as they aborted so many and many others become defacto prostitutes to white male politicians all around the world. There is no major advantage to them to reduce the world population as their commerce depends on that population.

    It occurred to me that perhaps the wuhan flu had another source.

    Who, tell me, has an agenda of reducing the worlds population.
    The answer to that is well signalled.
    It is of course the Greenpeace type people who goal has been to reduce the world’s population.
    What better way to do this but by introducing viruses and what better place to hide them but China or Italy. Italy being close to home.
    It’s conceivable that there are greenpeace type nutters in China.

    It’s all about GIA isn’t it?

    Get your thinking caps on.



  4. As regulars will know, I’ve been sounding the warning bells about the inexpertise of our experts for some time:

    1. In late March
    2. In early April
    3. In June again

    And we can expect more, much more in 2021.

    Imagine for a second you are Jacinda. You have failed at everything as PM (running a caucus, youth sexual abuse, violent sexual abusers in your office, housing, youth suicide, poverty, mental health, keeping the populace safe, immigration corruption, treaty relations, measles).

    Then you follow your CCP masters instructions on how to play the Covid card and all of a sudden you implausibly win and impossible election victory with a super majority.

    Given you are a major fuck up at everything else other than Covid – what are you going to do for as long as you possibly can?

    That’s right – anytime she fucks up on anything else – we’ll see a re-emergence of Covid for as long as she is in power.



  5. This is so true almost worldwide.
    The truth has become a real casualty, nothing is ever mentioned that doesn’t promote the agenda.
    Victoria now has a headhunted covid mouthpiece that wouldn’t surprise anyone.
    Back in March and for many years before he was a transport logistics expert.
    Suddenly he became the worlds number one expert on covid and testing.
    He is the Victorian testing commander.
    It takes an ordinary GP over half a decade to attain his credentials to practice medicine.
    It would appear anyone can become an Covid expert.
    Sadly you are so right, it is all about what the governments want the masses to believe and push this agenda ruthlessly.
    2021 will be no different, keeping the public scared and frightened seems to work.
    We all need to be immunized, and have a certificate, but it won’t give you any freedom regarding travel.
    Think about it.



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