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“We Must Lock Up Conspiracy Theorists”




WHO Declares Global Disinformation Crisis: “We Must Lock Up Conspiracy Theorists”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has urged governments to declare a “global disinformation emergency” and begin locking up people who spread non-mainstream opinions online.

Over 200 health journals funded by the WHO called on the United Nations’ global health body to declare martial law worldwide due to the ongoing threat of alternative news. They also urged governments to impose strict new lockdowns due to the ongoing threat of so-called “global boiling.”

“Over 200 health journals call on the United Nations, political leaders, and health professionals to recognise that climate change and biodiversity loss are one indivisible crisis and must be tackled together to preserve health and avoid catastrophe. This overall environmental crisis is now so severe as to be a global health emergency,” declared the BMJ, a UK weekly peer-reviewed medical journal, in a statement on Wednesday.

The WHO should declare the climate and nature crisis as a global health emergency.

We need urgent action to improve health, say over 200 journals

Read the Editorialhttps://t.co/AFYpjoDHOS

Sign the petition https://t.co/XJSaXOszjZ#ClimateNature4Health @WHO

Infowars.com reports: What the scientists failed to mention is that they’re funded by the very global body they’re calling on to implement the health emergency.


WHO-funded Scientists want the WHO to declare “climate and nature crisis”.

Basically, the WHO wants to declare a crisis.

In other words, the WHO is essentially laying the groundwork for it to declare another emergency similar to the one they issued in response to the COVID plandemic in 2020.

This comes as WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus urged other nations to adopt its Pandemic Accords in part to combat “disinformation.”

COVID-19 “eroded trust between people, governments and institutions, fuelled by a torrent of mis- and disinformation,” Ghebreyesus claimed on Thursday.

The next pandemic is not a question of if, but of when. And we cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of the past.

That is why @WHO’s Member States are negotiating a new #PandemicAccord and amendments to the International Health Regulations, to strengthen the legal framework for… pic.twitter.com/reyc9X485c

“The next pandemic is not a question of if, but of when. And we cannot afford to repeat the same mistakes of the past.”

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  1. No, we don’t lockup conspiracy crazies because on inspection and later disclosures, they may be correct on a given issue.

    However, their conspiracy’s must be put to the test. Once that happens 90%, in my opinion, are found to be bs, 5% half truths and the other 5% true.

    For example, I don’t waste my time on vaccine posts on this blog because even a cursory check shows up authors of posted articles who have been caught out lying and telling bs.

    For example one poster on this blog stated Southern Cross was not covering Covid vaccine damage. I emailed SC and they told me this wasn’t true. The poster of this information had got this info from a Tweet.

    A simple check was all it took. Of course there’s a dim possibility SC may be lying. Hence a reason for caution on all sides of a debate.



    • Has it struck you that the WHO & their venal mates in the pharmaceutical rackets have never stopped lying since the Covid scam was invented? Eg. safe & effective vaccine that’s okay even for pregnant women prevents transmission of the virus (& that’s just for starters)

      The greatest cabal of liars & depopulators the modern world has known wants to silence conspiracy theorists. Irony doesn’t begin to describe the crap.



    • Some of us who post on this blog around vaccines are probably more knowledgeable than the average GP on the Covid Vaccinations. When preparing material for the High Court, it is essential that that material is verifiable. I would not so easily dismiss the stuff on vaccinations here……



  2. Lets have a vote, whom ever thinks that members of the U.N. and W.H.O should be locked up for their crimes against humanity upvote, whom ever thinks that conspiracy theorists should be locked up down vote this post, (thats Democracy in action)



  3. As I’ve said many times the information gathering apparatus at Whenuapai airforce base is a cog in this coming clampdown on far more than just free speech, Cnutface Ardern has sold us out to Microsoft, the UN, the WEF and many other international control organizations,.
    The Australian government have just made the same deal with Microsoft years behind the piece of shit Ardern, we should all be so proud we were at the tip of the spear in the coming power grab..



    • Conspiracy when 2 or more make a plan. To build a house builders conspire. To organise a party, organisers conspire. Any business plan involves conspiring.

      OSS/CIA weaponised “conspiracy” word when too many questioned the official narrative on the governments actual conspiracy to murder JFK. It had a different meaning before propaganda. Bit like the word Gay. We want our innocent words back!



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