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Study: Face Masks Are Filled with Disease-Causing Bacteria and Fungi

Face masks are not only useless, they’re also petri dishes for dangerous pathogens to fester and multiply, according to a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports.

According to Japanese researchers, face masks are filled with disease-causing bacteria and fungi.

“Since masks can be a direct source of infection to the respiratory tract, digestive tract, and skin, it is crucial to maintain their hygiene to prevent bacterial and fungal infections that can exacerbate COVID-19,” the authors warned.

Naturalnews.com reports: One of the first studies to address the hygiene issues associated with wearing a mask, the paper looked at 109 participants between the ages of 21 and 22 who wore a mask between September and October of 2020, the height of the plandemic.

Each participant was asked about the type of mask used, as well as how long, on average, it was worn. Researchers then collected bacteria and fungi from the three types of masks identified: gauze, polyurethane (plastic), and non-woven.

What they discovered is that bacteria tended to fester inside the masks where they are closest to the face while the outside of the masks tended to harbor more fungi.

The longer a mask is worn, the researchers further discovered, the more that bacteria and fungi multiply.

“[F]ungi and their spores are resistant to drying,” the paper explains. “[T]hey can survive under the condition where masks dry out.”

No matter what type of mask is used, bacteria and fungi love it

The worst offenders were the plastic and gauze masks, which were found to contain far more fungal colony counts than the non-woven mask type, which have three layers: two layers of fabric sandwiching a non-woven middle layer filter.

Washable and reusable masks were no better, the researchers also discovered, much to their surprise.

“The proper cleaning method for cotton face masks has been recommended to reduce the microbial load on the masks,” they wrote.

“However, in the current experiments, we did not find significant differences in bacterial or fungal colony numbers on the masks based on washing.”

Regardless of which type of mask a person uses, what he or she does every day, the duration and mode of travel to and from work and other places, etc., the risk of being exposed to dangerous pathogens is pretty much the same.

“We found no differences in the bacterial or fungal colony counts on both sides of the masks among the three transportation systems,” the authors explained after looking at masks through the lens of public transportation, personal vehicle use and walking or biking.

Even if a person gargles once and day and takes other attempted protective measures to keep a mask clean, it will still accumulate bacteria and fungi just the same, the paper further reveals.

While some of the bacteria and fungi identified are generally harmless, others are linked to food poisoning symptoms and staph infections. In the case of fungi, those that build up on masks are linked to things like ringworm, athlete’s foot and jock itch.

In their conclusion, the authors wrote that people should “avoid repeated use of masks to prevent microbial infection,” especially if they have a weakened immune system.

“To date, the evidence has been stable and clear that masks do not work to control the virus and they can be harmful and especially to children,” says Dr. Paul Alexander, an epidemiologist and researcher.

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    • This new initiative to wear a face nappy is ridiculous. “If you care about others you must keep your mask on etc etc” There are more cases of the coof than ever before, people were wearing masks just like dear leader told them to from the very beginning, ( unless you are some of the maskless society of which I am one,) and it did not stop this coof. FFS its time they all got over themselves. FFFJA



    • Thanks Komata, and though American, worthy to repeat for what is “going down” in New Zealand

      “I wear a mask to protect you, so you need to wear a mask to protect me”.

      —- That is so nice of you. Truly!
      Then if we are on the topic of protecting each other, that is why I carry a firearm.
      To protect YOU if “something went down”.
      Do you carry a gun to protect me?

      “Well no”

      —- Why not?

      “Because it is a gun, …. …. I do not want to”.

      —- So you understand the power of Choice, I see, as well as personal freedoms.

      “I do not want a gun because …. ”

      —- It does not matter.
      If it could protect ME, then you should do it. …. right?
      And I carry because my own safety is my responsibility,
      And I would never expect any one else to keep me safe.
      Do you see how stupid you sound now?
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

      The Gun Buy Back program: yet Ardern’s body guards more than likely will be armed and reinforcing guns within seconds would be popping up.
      All to protect her, and maybe others if “something goes down”.



  1. Its a shame we dont see lots of mask lovers with faces like the header pic, looks like a hot load of monkeypox got blown across their face. It would be the ultimate karma shame for those devoted morons



      • You are 100% correct Rachael, these stupid decisions made in the name of health have been forced upon the population. It has been apparent all along, it is just rubbish science made up by them.
        As long as the majority of the population is compliant, they will continue.
        I would be a rich man if I got a dollar every time a politician is shown putting on a mask and walking a few metres to address the compliant MSM.
        The really worrying aspect is they are going to continue with this bullshit.
        I guess they will go until the hospitals completely collapse.
        They have destroyed the blood bank system in Australia, Warrnambool used to operate 6 full days now 3 half days. the “experts” haven’t worked out that if you destroy immune systems with systematic jabbing, no blood donors except the un jabbed and maybe the double jabbed to a much lesser extent.
        The un jabbed were not allowed to give blood at one stage.
        It amazes me they haven’t woken up to this. They have been told but ignored me as an idiot conspiracy person. The trading hours on the door and appointments available back up they are the nutters, not me.



        • Dr Yeadon has been saying the immune system will be destroyed by the vaccines since the time of their development in 2020. As someone with health issues I’m pleased I took time to listen and take heed of his professional advice. He is one of the many amazingly brave doctors who saw the truth and wouldn’t be shut down by the big pharma/govt machine.

          Dr. Michael Yeadon PhD was formerly Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer of Allergy & Respiratory at Pfizer Global R&D. He holds joint Honours in Biochemistry and Toxicology and a PhD in Pharmacology. He is an Independent Consultant and Co-founder & CEO of Ziarco Pharma Ltd.



  2. Went to the local F & C shop for the first time since way back before you know what. Only one unmasked, me, 4 Chinese staff and 7 other customers who came and went all had their masks on. Going to be a long time before anything changes and remember, this is where Ardern votes come from throughout New Zealand. Good Morning everybody, raining today.



  3. If the mask mandates are again implemented, that results in no service, no shops, etc., I would buy masks that have on drawings as true life poxxy pussy sores, snotty, hanging bogeys, dripping drools,
    Then do surreptitious coughing, or even just scratching, etc..

    linked to food poisoning symptoms and staph infections.
    In the case of fungi, those that build up on masks are linked to things like ringworm, athlete’s foot and jock itch.

    Recycling the covid virus to build up back to the wearer as well.

    Or tell any mask nazi to prove to me that they are not covering up their poxes, herpes, spreading ring-worm etc..
    That the best disinfectant is sun-light, air, self-drying, not a condensation trap.



    • Sooty living dangerously..
      Amongst the herpes, viruses, athletes foot, jock itch, and ring worm, that know amount of washing works.

      Putting on that new mask is again like living dangerously or can it be like smoking?
      Only a puff or two, every day, just a “minor problem” like lung cancer, whatever number of years down the track.

      “It is a minor problem compared with protecting humans from Covid-19,” said the team from the Institute of Hydrobiology in Wuhan in a peer-reviewed paper published in the Journal of Hazardous Materials on Wednesday. …

      … Scientists first discovered microplastics in the lung tissue of some patients who died of lung cancer in the 1990s, and many other studies have since highlighted the potential damage to health caused by such materials.

      Plastic degrades slowly, so once in the lungs it tends to stay there and build up in volume.
      Some studies have found that the immune system can attack these foreign objects, causing prolonged inflammation that can lead to diseases such as cancer.


      Are you feeling lucky that today your face mask protected you may be about 20-30 % from Covid,
      Now saved for later, as it will all just be “a minor problem”,— Emphysema? Bronchial conditions, Cancer, etc.. is more than ok later & pass me the oxygen bottle & leads?



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