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Wednesday was one of the busiest recorded days in aviation history — and it’s going to keep getting busier




More than 225,000 flights took to the skies on Wednesday, July 24, more than ever recorded before.

Flightradar24, a real-time air-traffic-tracking service, tweeted that this was the first time since it began monitoring flights that it had tracked that many aircraft.

The figure represents virtually every trackable aircraft in the world that flew on Wednesday between midnight and 11:59 p.m. UTC, according to Ian Petchenik, who manages media and community relations for the company.

That includes everything from cargo planes and commercial passenger flights to helicopters, private jets, gliders, sight-seeing flights, and personal aircraft.

Flightradar24 tracks flights by combining data from several publicly available sources, including Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) transponder signals from aircraft, multilateration (MLAT) transponder calculation, and radar data. The tracking coverage – and consequently the 225,000 figure – excludes certain sensitive air traffic, including most military flights.

While it’s theoretically possible that there have been days with more aircraft before Flightradar24 began tracking flights and recording data in 2006, Petchenik said, it seems unlikely since the number of aircraft active around the world has continuously increased. He also said that while an increase in total planes in the air is the main driver of the record-breaking figure, the fact that a higher proportion of aircraft are adopting ADS-B than ever before likely played a role as well.

It’s likely that the record will be broken at least a few more times this year, Petchenik said, maybe even this week. Late July and early August are typically the busiest periods for air traffic.

The 225,000 figure didn’t indicate everything, like the number of passengers or amount of freight moved and the total distance flown.

Some Twitter users criticised increasing air travel as damaging to the environment and contributing to climate change. Commercial air travel accounts for 2 to 3% of man-made carbon emissions.

Thats a heap of flights in one day. Where are all the virtue signallers refusing to take flights? Oh thats right. Just like Cindy and her frequent holiday trips, It’s do as I say, not as I do

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  1. A mate of mine theorises that the reason Ardern uses the Air Force for all her personal travel is because she is going to make another of her ‘Captain’s Calls’ once she has declared a Climate Emergency and axe Air travel for anyone except her and her inner circle….
    Sounds mad but she is the ‘Mad Queen’ after all and so was axing the entire Oil and Gas industry….



  2. Air travel, especially for non-urgent reasons like holidays (God forbid!) is a big enemy of lefties. Technological advances like the new non-stop flights to New York are “ruining the planet”. Whatever. The market will decide, as always. (piss off Greta!)



  3. And did I hear correctly yesterday that Prince Charles is going to grace us with the Jug Ears Travelling Ecology Show in November? Stupid is as Stupid does.
    How many trees will need to be planted to compensate for that irrelevance?



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