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   Here Is The “World Economic Forum”, Video They Deleted – The Video Shows That The World Is A Better Place Without Humans

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) tweeted yesterday that “Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world,” accompanied by a video showing deserted streets, empty factories, and grounded planes. After backlash, they deleted it.

The tone-deaf tweet – coming amid millions of Covid-19 deaths and countless lives and businesses being destroyed by lockdowns – was quickly ratioed by Twitter users. The WEF’s comments and linked article about the historic quietness brought on by lockdowns leading to better detection of small earthquakes were lost on most observers, who focused instead on the group’s apparent affection for a dystopian, depopulated world.

Global lockdowns will plunge 100 million into extreme poverty.

Klaus Schwab also made clear lockdowns are a wonderful option for fighting global warming. Look for the globalists to push lockdowns in the future for their nefarious agenda.

The most impressive thing in ‘any city’ is the ambient noise. It’s called hustle and bustle, and it is a sign of success and progress, aka…capitalism

There was a time not long ago when I would have said that’s crazy. Not any longer.

I believe we will see a wave of these man-made Plandemics every couple of years to thin out the herd in accordance with the goal of the extremists’ billionaires who think there are too many worthless peasants.

I could not download the video, so took screenshots of it


    • That’s because he IS Dr Evil. Just to be clear I am very much in favour of reducing the human population, I have been strongly in favour of population control and reduction since my first visit to India in 1969, and I agree that a capped and sustainable 500 million would seem to be about right but the way these evil people seem to be trying to go about it is repugnant.



      • Alice a world population of 500 million would have the people living in caves and riding on horse and carts again, that small population would be even easier to enslave than the billions they are trying to enslave now.



      • I’m sorry Alice, but I absolutely disagree with you on this one. Human progress would be impossible without a steadily increasing population and even though there are still huge numbers in ‘poverty’, this is only a relative value. A poor person in India lives much better and has a much higher actual standard of living, nutrition, health, longevity and general comfort than almost anyone had 200 years ago.

        The idea that there are too many humans on the planet is an evil dystopian philosophy of self-hate and if we continue down this road we won’t survive as a species (let one as a civilisation).



  1. I reject the cult of doomsayers seeking to return others to Neolithic existence. I enjoy the technological progress made by humankind, good health and nutrition, ability to travel, learn and recreate.

    Politicians and parties rejecting the wider public and following the cult will not get any vote from me.



  2. The idea of population control is absolutely sick – but somehow it has become so ingrained in our cultural psyche that if you did a survey, probably almost everybody would instantly agree with the statement:

    “The world’s population is too high and the would be a better place if we reduced our population”.

    Just like the idea of population control, most every one of the Western World’s sickest core beliefs is anchored in guilt and self hate. Beliefs such as:

    “Humans are damaging the planet”
    “Recycling is morally good’
    “It is better to be happy with what you’ve got than strive for more”
    “Capitalism exploits the masses and causes poverty”
    “People shouldn’t say things which make others feel uncomfortable”
    “All cultures and races are equal and it’s best to close our eyes to their differences”

    etc etc etc blah blah



    • Cut the socialist shit and return to survival of the fittest, we were born to die mate yet some think we should be immortal or have some long existance so we can witness our legacy.

      Im here for a good time not a long time hence why i dont plan for retirement or intend to get into a medical fight with cancer or serious illness.



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