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The COL’s “Well being” budget is set for Thursday 30 May 2019.  How many taxes will be increased to ensure the COL can implement this expensive flagship “Wellbeing” policy?  Their failure to get the country to accept their CGT plan will mean a lack of tax revenue to spend on this expensive holistic-welfare experiment.

From stuff 15 April 2019

“Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has confirmed Cabinet signed off the 2019 Well being Budget but kept mum on details about its plan for a Capital Gains Tax.

She would not go into specific details about what would be in the May 30 Budget but said the Government would look to make some pre-budget announcements before then.

The Budget would continue to show the Government was maintaining a strong focus on the economy and running the books responsibility in the face of slowing global growth, she said.

As well as being prudent economic managers, the Government was going further by tackling long-term challenges and looking to break the cycle of issues like mental health, domestic violence and child poverty, she added.

It was also focusing on the health of the environment and transitioning to a sustainable low emissions economy.

What was signed off was months of wellbeing work for better outcomes, she said.

“It is a new approach to the development of a budget, which is about creating a New Zealand current and future generations can be proud of.”

Talk about “touchy feelzy” crap. What is a “Well being” Budget? Is it all about giving away more taxpayer money to the useless in our society who will not help them selves? I hope not, but given this COL’s track record to date, it’s more than likely.


  1. Comrades,
    Allow me to clear up this misunderstanding.
    Comrade Shaw has suggested to Dear Leader, that we don’t actually need a CGT. We can “exponentially-incrementally” increase existing taxes, and Print More Money! Comrades Little, Shearer and Cunliffe were too short sighted to see the brilliance of this move, and were consequently punished by the Proles and did not become Dear Leader. Now that we have Dear Leader, the polls sort themselves out (wink, wink.) and the re-education units will soon provide a solution to the problem of “Conservatives” (#NotAllRichPricks)

    That is all Plebs, Back to work!



    • I could handle zero. Zero would be an improvement. What we have is a costly regime whose spending habits will have disastrous economic impacts. It wouldn’t be so bad if National had the gumption to roll back Leftards policies but they don’t. Not even Key with his WFF is communism by stealth comment did any reversals.



  2. Yes well personally I am not to worried about this collective wellbeing nonsense as those who work hard and have personal responsibility are already ok in this country so what more needs to be done?.
    Oh yes that’s right we need to take care of all the losers and non contributers whose wellbeing is not so good.
    Time to start letting them fall by the wayside in my opinion as throwing good money after bad is only bringing everyone else in society down and stopping us progressing as a country.
    Best starting point would be reducing the offspring of beneficiaries and then move on from there.



    • It is harsh, when we were discussing the disablity allowances being cut back the other day, there is another side to that too. Amongst my other interests I have silkie chickens, and I brought some eggs and an incubator and a brooder. So that the grandkids could be part of it.

      Anyway, I took two of the chickens to my grandkids school as they had been talking about them so much, so it was all very exciting. While I was there I asked the teachers if any of them would like us to visit their classes, and a few took me up on my offer, it was also my children’s school and some of the same teachers are there.

      We went into the special unit, where children have one to one carers, I am sorry, but these children are never going to get better, there are children struggling with literacy where that one to one could make an actual difference and they are the ones who will end up in prison.



  3. Let’s face it, there is an extremely high chance that this budget will be significantly a great deal more spin, PR waffle, smoke and mirrors and show manship than any real change in substance. This is because at the end of the day, they:
    1. Still need to have a budget that maintains the operations of those departments that deal with mundane facts of life like issuing passports, running a police force etc. That is expenditure on those realities that don’t have a well being measure;
    2. They are still trying to work out what the well being measures are and how to value them; and
    3. Despite telling us they want to move beyond measuring GDP and the like – which has not very much to do directly with the government budget. They still need to tell us how they are going to measure the economy and tell us how good (or not) they are doing at managing/influencing the economy.



    • If the CoL expected more of those who have been cast aside on the sidelines then well being would improve. People need to take at least a little responsibilty for their survival. If you allow them to wallow on taxpayer provided welfare without expectation of themselves they know they are shirking work resulting in poor psychological outcomes such as depression and addictions.



  4. When Labour call it a “Wellbeing” budget you know they don’t mean the wellbeing of net taxpayers. They mean the wellbeing of life’s losers, the unemployables, chronic beneficiaries and don’t forget Shane’s cuzzies on the couch.



    • In short you are spot on. But as much as we know they are creating a series of well being indices for us. So what it will mean is the lower on the scale we are (ie closer to 0) versus being a rich price at the top end of the scale, where they will legitimise the redistribution as much as possible of your wealth. Thereby making us feel as equally miserable about life as each other. At the end of the day, it is about lifting lifes “losers” out of poverty, comrade!



    • Yes difficult balance for the CoL, a need to look like attempting to help their traditional voters with taxpayer handouts but without encouraging too much personal independence.

      I bet every hardworking kiwi knows at least one person who is not trying and relies on the taxpayer for their lifestyle.



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