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Wellington Protest Gets Worlds Attention




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  1. I am so pleased that there is some press out there taking photos and reporting on the whole thing. The photo of the old soldier is so poignant and touching as he salutes the passing parade of peaceful demonstrators. I have a feeling that there will be liebour party supporters riling up the mob and we will never see them prosecuted. This is a real shame on New Zealand moment. Shame on Canada and shame on Australia and Austria. we are able to understand Austria as they are well known for their nastiness and cruelty and its possibly never far from the surface. There will of course be some people who are nice kind but once they were known as the capital of cruelty. So New Zealand has joined the other country of total control and not one politician has come out and supported it. Well fuck every one of you and I do not mean in a nice way.



  2. I am amused that all sorts of éxperts’ claim the protestors in Wellington are disorganised and leadership.
    Granted, at times it was like herding cats, but somehow hundreds of vehicles have come from either end of the country and converged on Wellington to be heard. The crowd has arrived with its own catering service and portaloos.
    They might look dis-organised, but I wish these folk were in charge of the Ministries of Health, Housing, Roading, Welfare, Fisheries, Forestry, Immigration etc.
    They’d do a far better job than any of Ardern’s shower of incompetents.

    I like that the police are having trouble finding leaders to negotiate with.
    The protestors have the same problem. No leaders will speak with them.



    • PG.
      The MSM have no idea about leadership and organisation. VFF have 100 area co-ordinators. Yesterday afternoon VFF put out the word for everyone to get outside the local Police stations and MP’s offices and within about an hour the co-ordinators had people doing exactly that.
      I’d bet my last dollar that the MSM could not name any NZ organisation that could do that, on a nationwide basis.



  3. The Duck needs to call his thugs off. They were the aggressors with their man-handling and pepper spray. Are arrests warranted with it being a civil matter? International news is taking notice. More pressure for the mad queen to cancel the mandates and FO.



  4. WG, Mallard enjoys a good bit of biff.

    It must remind him of the time he was a Teacher here in Taumarunui during the Springbok tour when he annoyed the locals so much that one Saturday night, he was attending a function at the Eels Rugby Clubrooms, when he antagonised the locals so much, they took Mallard out the front of the Clubrooms and gave him a bit of the Biffo he so much deserved and asked for.

    It must have been an enjoyable night, as the locals still talk about what a good night it was, so many years later.

    In the meantime, Mallard has never returned to Taumarunui since he left his teaching position at the High School.



  5. Yesterday on HYS I wrote that, if the police started violence by attacking the protesters, I hoped they would fight back hard.

    I was wrong. I’ve been watching Counterspin’s live feed a lot and I now reckon the protesters have been 100% right in refusing to be goaded. They are standing their ground peacefully in the face of some intense police provocation and that shows their strength. Good on them all.



  6. Winning, winning, winning.
    Go you good things
    Yesterday, cops turned up with pepper spray which was taken off them.
    Today they turned up with batons – which have now been taken off them.
    Someone has advised the cops of the really really bad optics of dragging a woman by her hair and kneeling on peoples heads.
    That, and the hundreds of complaints to the IPCA seem to have quietened the thugs down.
    Maybe that disorganised rabble could teach our super-smart leaders a thing or two.
    Are you watching Jacinda?
    Are you watching Luxon?



  7. HdPA can’t really make her mind up.
    She’s interviewing cafe owners about this mongrel government vandalising hospital businesses and throwing around insulting comments about the riff-raff being inconvenient on parliament lawn.
    Evidently some of her pretty press mates have complained the place doesn’t smell nice.
    She’s often fair minded, but people who live and work in the centre of any capital city know they get the rough and the smooth.
    Most days of the year their streets are full of latte-sippers, but sometimes there’s an event that stops the city.
    Do they moan when CHOGM hits town?



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