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What could he possibly do to cause her to pull this ugly look?

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    • Everyone has to read this and listen to this… I haven’t slept in my bed for 3wks, as I felt this in my back! I’m sleeping in my sons bed with him as has no coils! My bed went thru the roof with emf reading… App on phone, anyone can do it. Anything metal has high emf, acting like an antenna… I found this 3wks ago and it’s true. Get off ur bed! And away from metal and disable the 5g on ur router admin settings, to only 2.4gh. THIS is what they are doing.

      I have witnessed for 3mths or longer a black stealth helicopter out at night, every night, at this time!
      OMICRON is not a variant, but an irradiation, a millimeter wave –
      Channel 7 Salta 3-4 minuten

      Now I tell how the Omicron variant arrives at night and attacks the unsuspecting, infecting them despite being at home sleeping under the shelter of walls and closed doors. The Omicron is not a variant, but an irradiation. As in fact everything related to k0b1D 19 (84).

      Why is it coming at night?
      It comes at night because when measuring the radiation, they have noticed that at night the values rise up to 15 times more than the legal limit. The time is between 2 and 4 am. Time when internet traffic is significantly lower since people are supposed to be in bed sleeping peacefully. When measuring they realized that at that time instead of decreasing the radiation values increase.

      Omicron arrives at night! It doesn’t matter if you’re hiding in the house because Omicron is not a pathogen. Omicron is a wave, a microwave. Omicron is a millimeter wave. Closed doors and walls are not an obstacle to millimeter wave. If you have been inoculated with graphene oxide, Omicron will find in your body the right substance to expand and amplify its frequency, initially causing nausea and diarrhea, followed by fever, visual disturbances, headache, disorientation, amnesia. Why does it cough? Because the body tries to get rid of graphene oxide and does so through the lungs. That’s why FLUIMUCIL works in k0bid therapy.
      Then you will feel discomfort in the light, likely tinnitus… especially if you live near telecommunications towers. At the epidermal level you may experience redness, itching, burning, herpes, psoriasis, shaking at specific points and even vibrations.

      You know why?
      Because Omicron is not a contagion, but an irradiation. A RADIATION In Spain they announced that Omicrón arrived on December 24. They know exactly when it will arrive because it’s a matter of pressing a button…

      *Turn off routers, devices, use copper fabrics or fix with aluminum foil or Faraday fabrics.
      *Take frequent showers.
      *Do not take paracetamol because it is the glutathione antagonist and glutathione degrades graphene oxide.
      *Taking melatonin because it is a protective radius.
      *Take zinc and vitamins C, D3, E.

      The marked (inoculated) do not do well to perform aerobic activities, less if they have received reinforcements because they risk a lot, that is why so many elite athletes are falling. Graphene oxide has an affinity with the bioelectrical functions of the body, hence the heart and brain. If you increase the pulse, there will be more bioelectricity in your body and the graphene oxide will go there straight.
      * It would be good to always carry a Shungite on top of the neck or on the left side of the body, place a Shungite under the pillow or under the bed, another on top of the router, another next to the mobile, although at night better in airplane mode or off. And drink mineral water (to the tap they are adding a lot of crap that has no flavor but is there), putting inside the bottle or jug a Shungite. Shungite is proven to nullify these harmful effects. https://canal7salta.com/2022/01/08/omicron-no-es-una-variante-sino-una-irradiacion-una-onda-milimetrica/



      • Your theory about turning off 5Ghz on your router but leaving 2.4Ghz on makes no sense. A one mm wave is 300 Ghz, not 30 or even 3. Turning off 5Ghz will make no difference.

        300 Ghz will not travel through conventional electronics, routers, or electrical devices. As frequencies increase, conductors appear as insulators and insulators as conductors.

        At 300 Ghz, it is practically directed line of site, for which nothing presents as an obstacle. At 300 Ghz, your mobile phone, and anything metal will intercept and refract the waves. Lying with nothing metal around you, provides a perfect un-attenuated wave guide conduction path to you.

        Your concerns about deliberate irradiation and graphene oxide may in fact be real, however to be believable you first need to do some homework and get your technology concepts sorted out first. For a start cell towers are incapable of the power or frequencies required to irradiate, especially as the particles smaller than the graphene oxide are in the nm range, not mm.

        To irradiate the entire population at those frequencies, the power required would probably be a power level probably only created with a contained singularity or something. With those sorts of power levels, intergalactic warp speed space travel would be possible, as would being able to reduce tall buildings to dust in a matter of seconds, and who would believe that?

        Failing to get your technology theory straight is an insult to the real tinfoil hat wearers.



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