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Here is the entire message in English: I work in the IT department of a very large, renowned insurance company – headquartered in Germany. Unfortunately, what I tell my circle of friends and relatives about my projects, they dismiss as “conspiracy theory”. Many people don’t see or understand what will happen to us with this great digitalization revolution – especially the possible dangers/misuse. Here is a small excerpt of the pilot projects we are working on Topic: Digitized car (pilot projects are already underway): In the next 10 years it will no longer be possible to insure “old hams”/ ”old car” (I drive one like that too). You’ll be forced to buy a “digital” car (otherwise you won’t get insurance). These cars are “online” 24 – 7 and in real time in touch with the insurance/traffic authorities/remote maintenance/surveillance/authorities etc… (that’s no joke!). Depending on your driving style, time/speed/driver, your insurance premium will automatically adjust. I.e. If you drive too fast/risky -> you not only pay a fine to the magistrate, but your insurance premium automatically increases. Let’s register you as a night driver -> higher premium. If you have more passengers in the car -> higher premium. If your premium is not paid -> you will no longer be able to start your car. We are already in discussions with several major automotive brands to bring a Europe-wide, standardized technical “one-size-fits-all” solution onto the market. Many people don’t know that fully integrated breathalyzers (Alcoguard) will be MANDATORY in the coming vehicle generations. This means that if you are drunk, you will no longer be able to start your car. Even if you are below the “minimum alcohol limit”, this data will be passed on to the insurance company and you will be penalized with a higher premium. If you are drunk beyond this limit, the relevant authorities will automatically be informed and your insurance will be canceled immediately. Transparent customer We are also relying on the upcoming digital ID to access personal data such as health, traffic, home, etc. The background is that all the necessary customer data is already stored somewhere and as long as it does not leave the EU, everything is fine for the insurance sector with the GDPR. Nowadays, customers also carelessly give their OK under the “small print” that we can collect their personal data. In real time, we collect medical records, living conditions, vehicle data, etc. in the event of damage. Upcoming pilot projects are planned with credit institutions/banks to “reward” a “healthy” lifestyle and punish an unhealthy one… in which we monitor shopping behavior (temporarily limited to districts, but only a matter of time until it is delivered about individual people). If you live in a district where a lot of unhealthy stuff is consumed -> it does affect your life insurance/pension/death insurance etc… We already check the liquidity of ALL customers, but it’s still quite old-fashioned. With the coming technological advances (digital ID, digital currency) we will be able to check the liquidity in real time via interfaces with banks/credit institutions/etc…, as well as the tax circumstances of each customer. Security: Also planned and already scheduled as a pilot project for 2025 – a cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Defense/National Security. If a vehicle is registered to a politically exposed person and there is a suspected case, this person will no longer be able to start their vehicle (it will be deactivated via remote monitoring). This applies to all private vehicles in which the politically exposed person sits (except officially registered ones e.g. police cars). A powerful RFID chip will be built into these digital ID cards. This enables a close coupling of 10 m, but monitoring/localization with an accuracy of approx. 1000 m. This is of particular interest to the insurance company because, in the event of damage, we can more easily locate the people/acts of damage/crimes/those involved. We are already in negotiations with the “European digitalization and data protection managers”. to also be able to access this data in more detail. Justified under the name of “security”, “customer friendliness”, “digitalization”. The background is the boom in accident insurance, whereby we are of course interested in how often, when, how and, above all, where each customer moves. Our pilot projects with the connection to AI are particularly interesting – here in ongoing cooperation with Google and Microsoft. In the next 5-10 years, if not much sooner, there will be a revolution (both in the areas of digitalization and AI) that will make the invention of the Internet look like the invention of the “pencil”. This is not a conspiracy theory/joke; these are projects that we are already piloting in the implementation/testing phase in the insurance sector. Side notes: In the coming years, owners of electric cars will be prepared to pay a battery tax instead of an engine tax. Reason: Batteries pose an increased risk (fire) and are harmful to the environment (disposal). Payment is made on a sliding scale – watt hours per kilogram. Already in are insurance for “autopilots”. Here, the higher your insurance amount, the “safer” your autopilot will act. Don’t be under any illusions that the autopilot will act the same in all vehicles in the event of an accident. At every point in time we know who, when, how, why… is in the car.

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      • At the rate the world is going, that won’t be necessary. If you ban fossil fuels you knock out 3/4 of electricity production, and with EV’s and increased electricity demand, they will achieve that without doing anything.

        It’s like Bitcoin musical chairs, everything’s fine until the music stops playing.



  1. ” we collect medical records”

    It would seem many will become more healthier.

    …. Autistic drivers are now required to disclose their condition and may need to undergo a medical screening, depending on the regulations of their respective states, to ensure their fitness to drive. ,,,,,

    This is old but always the system cinching this up tight, and will cost a lot of money.
    Already one is liable if taking certain medicines, or your licence is sort of suspended after heart surgery or a stroke until certain medical tests are done.

    The goal is fewer drivers, not so much freedom, so less need of cars.
    The auto-pilot of gaining compliance.

    After all some Doctors & people are wondering about brain damage from covid vaxxes; those little tia’s (warning/mini strokes) then the obvious myocarditis of the heart.

    Maybe full and proper tests will show up that there are irrationality problems as a result of taking those sex changing drugs? & then the issues of post surgery.



  2. The Strange Death of Europe

    This is initiated in Germany of course.
    The French would resist …with violence.
    The Germans always comply- with violent pockets of resistance.
    The EU is a German Project.

    The EU is generally a test ground for Globalist events
    However, there are only a handful of European counties outside Europe
    AU, US, NZ Canada
    So these controls are in place for most Europeans
    The Asians avoid them – although S Korea has a tendency to copy USA.
    South/Central America/Caribbean is controlled by USA via coups, election rigging, and other interventionist methods.
    US has armed forces in 90 countries on the planet incl Japan and S Korea.
    It is all about controlling Europeans who are being diluted out of their countries anyway.
    Africa does not matter except for resource stripping; and the Middle East is subject to constant war from the USA.

    This car control is just one method.

    While you are getting all jizzy over the new NZ goo-mint remember Winston will be deceased in 10 years, Shane Jones is as lazy as hell, Seymour is a Globalist (likely Brooke van veldenberg as well) and we all know Luxon is .



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