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What Do These Headlines Have In Common?




1. Animal activists demand greyhound racing shut down after three deaths in a week

Racing was suspended for five weeks at Manukau Stadium on Thursday by Greyhound Racing New Zealand because of a “concerning increase in injuries” that required “immediate intervention and further investigation”. Photo: 123rf

Animal charity SAFE is calling for an immediate ban on greyhound racing after the deaths of three dogs in a week and the temporary closure of a track.

Racing was suspended for five weeks at Manukau Stadium on Thursday by Greyhound Racing New Zealand (GRNZ) because of a “concerning increase in injuries” that required “immediate intervention and further investigation”.

Races were relocated to Cambridge while international experts assessed the South Auckland stadium, the body said.

However, SAFE head of investigations Will Appelbe said the temporary closure only shifted the risk of injuries and deaths to other racetracks.

“The injuries witnessed at this particular track are appalling, yet sadly, they are not uncommon within the confines of this industry,” Appelbe said.

“Injuries and deaths keep piling up, no matter the track. The government must recognise the urgency of this issue and intervene decisively.”

He said the deaths of three racing dogs between 11 and 18 March underscored the urgency of the issue.

They included Big Time Punga, who died suddenly after a race at Manawatu Raceway, Palmerston North; Thrilling Spiral, euthanised after sustaining a compound fracture in the right leg at Manukau Stadium; and Uhlan Bale, who died due to blood clots following a spinal fracture at Addington Racetrack in Christchurch.

Appelbe said there had been 2371 injuries, including 250 fractures and 22 deaths since September 2021, when the industry was https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/political/450619/greyhound-racing-industry-on-notice-over-transparency-animal-welfare-minister put on notice over repeated failures in improving animal welfare].

He claimed the industry’s self-regulation was failing, and called on Prime Minister Christopher Luxon to ban greyhound racing to protect the health and welfare of the animals.

Asked about the deaths at the post-Cabinet media briefing on Monday afternoon, Prime Minister Christopher Luxon said the ban would be “something for the Racing Minister [Winston Peters] to consider”.


2. Three District Court judges die in one week

Three New Zealand judges have passed away within a week, and colleagues have praised the trio for their humble and hard-working contributions to law and order in New Zealand.

Rotorua acting warranted judge Jocelyn Munro, 73, died on Monday, Invercargill judge Bernadette Farnan, 67, died on Wednesday and former Auckland judge Philip Recordon, 75, died on Thursday.

The three District Court judges worked in a wide range of areas, from general court and jury trials to family court.

Chief District Court Judge Heemi Taumaunu said it was “an immensely sad week”.

Former judge Recordon served in the Manukau District Court, with his last judgment being in March last year.

He was sworn in as a judge in 2003.

Taumaunu had previously paid tribute to Recordon as someone who strove to ensure all who came to court seeking justice were treated in a respectful, fair and just manner.

He was remembered by judges, staff, lawyers and others at Manukau District Court on Thursday with a karakia and waiata (prayer and song).

Not to diminish the death of the Judges, but where is the outrage, gnashing of teeth and a demand for an investigation into their deaths?

The deaths of three dogs even gets to the  attention of the PM, but not a mention of the judges.


  1. But what about the whanau.
    2 died in one day from injuries just on the weekend.
    Then the poor old road possums. No one counts them fella’s dying of severe injuries.

    Another trust fund communist.
    Luxpn will soon be on the pest list if he keeps gong woke.



  2. So why did they die? Perhaps this will have an “awakening” effect on the remaining judiciary. A few on the bench might finally question how wise it was to follow the mass formation promoted by official propaganda,

    Wakey, wakey… 😧



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