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What Does National Have to Do to Get your Vote?




Here is a list of things they have to promise to do in the first 100 days.

Withdraw New Zealand from the UN migration compact.

Repel the stupid gun buy back law.

Re-institute the Roads of National significance policy

Introduce legislation to allow oil and gas exploration. Undo Cindy’s capitains call.

Reinstate Charter schools.

Reinstate the 90 day trial period for new employees

Bring back Bill English’s wrap around policy for winz losers.

Stop paying out the DPB to anyone who has another child while currently on the DPB. Cap it at 2 kids.

Reintroduce the Name the father policy, or lose your total benefit.

In other words just reverse all the changes this cluster of fuckwits has been foisting on the taxpayers.

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  1. Get out of peoples lives.
    Sack the Chow Spy.
    Leave the UN.
    Stop bringing refugees from shitholes into the country until we have our own shit together or in reform Camps.
    Declare Islamists non residents and send them back.
    Grow some balls.



    • Labour Lite did propose a tax cut – for when they were no longer Govt.

      Other than that there were no actual tax cuts in 9 years and before people go on about money for Christchurch Rebuild the Central Govt paid a net $10 billion dollars over 6 years for that.

      The insurance companies paid just over half and individuals and Council paid the rest.
      So that was about $1.7 billion a year for 6 years – equal to what they paid out for South Canterbury Finance.

      On approx $70 billion a year Govt exp that is not a lot and Labour can flick out an extra $250 mill a year to give away to the Pacific Islands on top of what we already pay; plus $1 billion a year for the Shame Jones slush fund.



  2. The thing is most of us on here want Ardern (and the COL) gone.
    So it really needs to be 2 ticks blue.

    But the thing is that list puts us back where we were before Ardern became PM.
    So the question we need to be asking is…

    “What would it take to get 10% of the people that voted for the COL to vote for National this time.”



    • DigNap15: “What would it take to get 10% of the people that voted for the COL to vote for National this time.

      Adopt yet more Labour policy. Not that they had policy, they had vapid promises. But something like that would get National votes off Labour. They’ve been doing it for a decade, so nothing really new though.



    • – Tax on top of petrol tax and then increase it
      – Tell tenants they deserve to have fully insulated and mold free housing with no regard to rental costs rising
      – Demanding licensed firearm holders hand in their guns while leaving gangs to continue killing each other
      – Cancel the oil and gas industry
      – Tell everyone they should be buying expensive EV’s, nevermind people who can only afford cheap Jap imports and farmers who don’t have a functional alternative
      – Tell everyone the world is heading for death and destruction due to climate change and then fly off on a 757 all by oneself
      – Sign up with the UN to allow all and sundry to just waltz in and set up house in NZ on the backs of the taxpayer if and when they choose to
      – Say “a house for everyone” and then fail to produce

      That’s for a start…



  3. National would have to fundamentally commit to reforming New Zealand by:

    * Doing away with the welfare state
    * Doing away with public healthcare and related industries
    * Reducing the size of government to caretaker status, rather than overlord status
    * Creating a flag tax rate that is the same for companies and individuals
    * Becoming pro-free speech
    * Repealing all policies introduced by the Coalition government led by Jacinda Ardern
    * Removing all race based policies that favour Maori over other races. In fact, remove all discrimination – “positive” or otherwise from legislation

    But, I asked Chris Bishop once what would it take for National to actually reform (I think it was the public healthcare system). And the response was equivalent to – it’d never happen, there’s no votes in it.



    • Doing away with the welfare state and public healthcare is absolute madness.

      Sure, we should be clamping down on abuses in the system and introducing more efficiencies…. but having a safety net provided by the state is one of our huge strengths as a society.

      Have you ever lived in a country with no public health system? I have, and I certainly wouldn’t want that for New Zealand.



      • …..”Doing away with the welfare state and public healthcare is absolute madness”…..

        Anyone advocating otherwise has a political death wish. NZ is not a hardline conservative nation. It is not a particularly religious country either so replacing welfare & health with an alms based, church administered alternative won’t fly.

        We were the first in the world to grant old age pensions (1898) & it has grown from there. Whether it has gone beyond common sense is a moot point but abandoning welfare is not in our country’s dna.



      • I’m not arguing against the safety net concept. That is a good thing.


        There has been what, nearly two decades of “clamping down on abuses” and “introducing more efficiencies”. It has gone from being a safety net where you have more tax payers per beneficiary to one where you have more beneficiaries per tax payer. The welfare state here is now a lifestyle choice and approaching UK levels of stupidity.

        The system needs redesigning completely so it is a safety net.



    • That is Libertarian not Labour Lite.
      That is Lindsay Perigo territory which would get less than 1% of the vote.

      A Shooters party like in Australia gets more.
      They got 2 seats earlier this year in NSW.
      = the Shooters, Fishers, and Farmers Party .
      Interestingly the Australian Country Party changed its name to the National Party.

      You talk above of reform.
      The NZ National Party aka. Labour Lite came from the Reform Party.
      Not much of that going on in the 2000s.



  4. I’m not expecting a perfect party but a good enough party. However, their lurch to authoritarianism is my biggest barrier in voting for them. Even if Bridges, Collins and Bennett did an about turn, I wouldn’t trust their motives.



    • …..”their lurch to authoritarianism is my biggest barrier in voting for them”…..

      Their lurch to religious, moral authoritarianism has finished off this long term National supporter.

      I require a government that looks after trade, defence, law, basic health, infrastructure & provides a safety net for society’s unfortunates. What I don’t need are a pack of religious nuts pushing their imaginary Skydaddy’s wishlist onto all.



  5. Id like National to promise to
    Stop all muslim immigration completely
    Reduce low quality immigrant from places such as India.
    No family re-union immigration, aunties, grandmothers – super seekers
    Stop funding to universities sunless they only teach worth while subjects
    And replace their leadership with mostly males from a right wing background
    Double all violent crime sentences and introduce minimum sentences and cumulative sentences
    Close or integrate all programs with maori names – eg there arout ten maori housing and welfare organizations that we have never heard of.



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