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What Just happened?




How can we be so out of touch with what our fellow citizens are thinking? Looking at these results, Labour got nearly double the number of party votes of National.




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  1. The politics of fear won. Voters decided to trade in freedom for the delusion of safety; we will end up with neither safety nor freedom.

    It goes to show you that our fellow citizens are overwhelmingly gullible.

    About the only consolation I can think of is the even crazier Greens aren’t needed to form government. Still, I suspect Ardern will form a formal coalition with them.

    My only hope is in 2023, ACT will form a coalition with the smaller party National. Only then will the evil of Labour be rolled back…National rarely has the backbone. And that’s assuming Ardern doesn’t have the pretext to “hold off elections for a while”, which it seems the gullible are only too willing to give her.



  2. John Key’s influence continues to tear down his party.

    While many of the problems brought in under his leadership have been quite rightly rejected by the electorate, they are rubber-banded back in courtesy of the list.
    Nicola Willis lost in Wellington Central – back in on the list
    Chris Bishop lost in Hutt South – back in on the list
    Dripping wet Michael Woodhouse – rejected in Dunedin, back in on the list
    Whiney fuck Melissa Lee – trounced by Covid Cindy in Mt Albert, back in on the list
    Fucking useless Maureen Pugh – lost to Damien O’Connor, back in on the list (“Fucking useless” was how Simon Bridges so famously described her)

    As much as this was a result of Stockholm Syndrome for Covid Cindy, it was also a rejection of the National swamp dwellers.

    The big question for National is – do they want to reclaim the centre-right that has seen them own the “natural party of government” platform? Or do they want to continue to contest the increasingly crowded left and fight for the role of “natural party of opposition”.

    I think there’s enough swamp dwellers in the National Caucus that they’ll continue their revolving door policy leadership policy and reject Judith (emulating Labour when in opposition) and pursue the inevitable de-evolvution into a support party.

    Thanks John Key!



    • I’m not very informed about National …. I don’t think I know anyone who is a National Party member – so can anyone inform me about the role/importance of the National Party President?

      It strikes me he has never backed any of his leaders since Key stood down.



      • Totally agree Maggy and he has to go.
        If they drop Judith Collins then they will become a minor party very quickly.

        The other side effect of this election is the city councils of our big cities will be emboldened and go “off the rails”.



    • Good points DP

      Key did start the ball rolling to bring in weak MPs.
      Dick pic MPS and leakers.
      Also as I have said here the Notional party Prez, Goodfellow, has been there since 2010 and is a cancer.
      He parades around with family money made by his ancestors.
      He is a pathetic man and there is refection in the mirror -well in the party.
      It is a weak outfit all round.
      You have the likes of wetter than Lake Taupo- Fruity Farrar -contributing to ‘policy’ and this is the result

      MMP is a shocker.
      FPP was never much better.
      In 2015 in the UK under FPP UKIP won 12.5% or 1 in 8 votes for only 1 seat of the 650 in Parliament

      I have seen suggestion over the years that under MMP you contest either as electorate OR as lost but not both.
      This is trying to sprinkle sugar on a turd.
      MMP is just a bastard of an electoral system and no amount of sugar will make it sweet.

      Notional need an enema or even a lobotomy.
      There was talk of having no mates 3 years ago – well now they have even less mates.
      It needs a fundamental reset but that was supposed to happen after 2002 but any reset was by some of the above people plus S Joyce whom I do not rate.

      I think we need to understand that NZers are basically highly conservative and very sheep like .
      The majority preferred the authoritarian way shown under covid in the last 7 months.
      Those numbers reflect what this society is.
      Notional were responsible for bringing in 300,000+ immigrants in 5 years.
      That tap remained open with no restraints until March this year.
      This has fundamentally changed our society.
      More than 1 in 3 people in Auckland were not born in NZ.
      That is a huge change.
      I suspect Labour know these people better than Notional which will be a problem.

      I think we could see 1987 again.
      Labour get a second term but halfway in are deeply unpopular.
      Time will tell.
      I have washed my hands of Notional.
      I abstained from the dope ‘sort of’ referendum.
      This could be more common for me in the future- if we get elections again !!



  3. FFS ,The most useless failure of a politician in NZ over the last 50 years Phil Twyford was one of very few to actually grow their majority, WTF just happened to our Country ?
    Thank god I didn’t watch the shit on TV I’d probably have been looking for my cut throat razor and running a hot bath,LOL.
    So who’s going to ask Alfies wife Grant parliamentary question now that Coffey has ridden off in the sunset to start producing a few more Kids ?



  4. And as for Ed’s question – how are we here on YSB so out of touch?

    Well I don’t think we are. In my community, I believe I detected a deep sense of betrayal about National. I think at the 2017 election they were on their ‘final warning’ from their traditional electorate.

    They failed in the intervening three years by continuing to pursue the Labour Lite agenda – I think what we’ve seen is a rejection of Labour Lite National. I think there has been large condemnation on YSB of how out of touch National have been (despite a brief glow provided by Judith).

    I think as the next three years unfolds, YSB commenters are going to be able to enjoy an enduring period of “I told you so!” as the shitshow unravels.

    There are some interesting issues in the numbers this year so far:
    – Labour only got about 15k votes more than National did in 2017, however for some reason that has translated into a staggering 8 additional seats (more than can be attributed to the massive wasted vote).
    – more than 7% of the vote was wasted – showing what a failed system MMP is. In a town of 100,000 people, about 720 of those people will have had their right to representation stolen. Put another way – that’s 8 seats in our Parliament that were re-distributed to parties that the 7% did not vote for! So much for every vote counting!



    • The 15k difference could be a lower turnout.
      Just guessing at this stage .

      Also 7.2% of 100,000 is 7200 not 720
      Did Goldsmith do the numbers?

      FFP was even more of a waste of votes and even more distortionary.
      Social Credit got over 20% of the popular vote in 1981 for I think it was 2 MPs
      (about the same percentage Notional got in 2002 !! )
      I’m still a fan of STV.

      Speaking iof Social Credit ..at 1350 votes why are they still here?
      one fifth the votes that legalise dope got (why are legalise dope party still here, they got the ‘sort’ of referendum)
      Ironically Social Credit are about low interest rates.
      Hello !!



    • Did Labour get more votes than National in 2017 ?? I don’t think so.

      There may have been some people disappointed with National but I think Labour were right –this was a Covid election and they played on it to the limit with their fear mongering.

      Bridges (and Key with his public comments) made a massive mistake when Covid hit —Bridges said National would postpone electioneering until things settled (Key said it was not a time to play politics). Meanwhile Ardern and Labour went into overdrive with the politicisation of the issue. ( This is not hindsight from me —I wrote Bridges at the time saying National needed to grow a pair and get on with it).

      The problem for Ardern is from now on propaganda will not cut it. Real problems will need real solutions, not fairy dust.



  5. New Zealand is in recession. How is Labour going to improve the lives of working men and women? Subsidies, government make-work and life-support for zombie companies will only sink the country further into debt.
    Last night was a sea of red.
    The next three years a sea of red ink.



  6. Great comment DP. I can only add she had the country when her pretense to “kindness” and covid collided. The gullible suckers have all been taken in by her. How long before the rose-tinted glasses fall from their eyes?



  7. Very sad day for NZ.
    So why?
    Well its not that hard to figure out.
    National are lazy, have no structure, have no clear path to future MP’s and have no stand out principles. Accept any bod as a candidate because they can debate well or can speak well. e.g. Simon or the young 18 year old they put up in Palmerston North. They retain useless like that rat from down south. Federated Farmers and the All Blacks used to be their training ground. They no longer have a training ground, no longer have an excited workforce to back them up and worse they have a President who is just like the Party. They have no mongrel in them.
    They have no team focus..
    Bad management.

    Versus Labour.
    Have a long history of training via local bodies and unions and via these have a huge number of working supporters. Have a huge number of motivated people who hate the Nats with a vengeance. ( The Nats have no Gorrilla in them. Key treated them nice nice. Labour don’t do that do they?)
    Labour did the work. Sure they had some who didn’t but in the BOP labour did the work on the ground. Simon sent us pics of him eating lunch with his kids.
    Here’s the thing.
    Emotion opens the mind, logic opens the cheque book. Who won that debate.? ( Replace cheque book with votes.)
    National with no emotion, ACT with logic or Labour with the emotion and the people?

    Labours Achilles heel is the Maori caucus and watch what happens with Illamato.
    Labour doesn’t need the Greens but Shaw gets his smaller salary and keeps needling away.
    You rich Pricks had better find a way to hide your money.

    The Nats. need to weed. Weed out the useless. get rid of their entitled President, get a team of excited people on the ground. Stop being nice and think about what they are doing. e.g. standing Nicola Wills against Robertson, FFS even a school junoir could tell that wasn’t sensible. Why didn’t they put her into a seat she could have won? Keeping Nick Smith in an electorate that was filled with Christchurch refugees and expecting to win.

    For ACT there are a couple fo really big challanges and if they do it right they will win bigly next time. They have to train traintrain, they have to develop on the ground people evrywhere in electorates that they can win. there is a core group of young people who won’t vote Labour but who don’t like the Nats. David can capture more of that group if he builds his party organization. they need clear vision statement of who and what and they need to get the emotion going. So a Deputy and a couple more that can storm around the country for th next three years doing like Labour. Prebble and Douglass know how that is done. They need to push Seymour to do it. They need ACT Party Clubs all over the place, country and town.
    Want to win then that is what is needed .
    Feet on the ground.

    At this time I don’t buy the recession bit. Sure we have people not working but there are jobs out there, just people who don’t won’t shift to meed the need becuase they get paid not to. Looking back at Savage he was tough on those people and these guys will need to do that as well.
    They won’t do all the stuff they have been promising for the last 3 years. They simply have no idea of how to do that but they will interfere with everything even more than before. The Banks will get a bit gun shy.
    If I was a builder I would be very careful as each job goes by. Same for us property investors. Get rid of your worst performers.
    Get into recycling. It is kinda what I do and its a growth industry.

    Exporting is always tough and this is not going to get better.
    Productivity needs lifting hugely. Higher wages force companies to invest in training and efficient plant. Labour are going to push wages even higher. (they need the tax don’t forget.).

    think hard about what you are going to do especially in your business.
    I started down that track more than a year ago.
    These guys don’t care about you only their power.



    • Kea ,all 120 of them are useless and it’s been years since anybody in that place has been anything but “charismatic,lovely,pretty,caring,thoughtful”,etc etc ,a person with true leadership abilities that could rescue our country from the shit we are facing wouldn’t go within 100 km off that putrid septic big house.



      • David Seymour?

        National, get a grip, clean out from the top down but keep Judith as leader as she is the only one with any chance of leading your soft bellied lot out of oblivion.

        Maori party back in with their financial list of demands for “our people”

        Oh, and bye bye Winston!!



  8. In line with United Nations requirements expect the announcement of a much larger intake of “refugees” especially jihadist muslims from the Middle East and North Africa. Oh New Zealand, what have you done?



  9. I don’t actually agree with any of the above as the reason for this electoral landslide. It’s all true – National is a fucked up party with fucked up ideas, Labour worked very, very hard to get their message out and have ground level supporters everywhere.

    There are two major things that won this election:

    1. Covid-19 which entrenched a culture of fear with only one messiah to save New Zealand
    2. A compliant, bought media that never challenged any of Jacinda Arderns’ lies and hid the truth from the public

    Before Covid-19 Labour was dropping in the polls. Reality is that we have more people waiting for houses, more children living in material hardship, etc. under Labour but our media never questioned it. People don’t believe it, because the messiah told them something else.

    We are living with a cult.



  10. “There are two major things that won this election:
    1. Covid-19 which entrenched a culture of fear with only one messiah to save New Zealand
    2. A compliant, bought media that never challenged any of Jacinda Arderns’ lies and hid the truth from the public”

    You hit the nail on the head.
    Once Jacinda declared herself as our ‘Saviour’ and was allowed to parade round every day telling us she had saved our lives the Election was over. Frightened old people and gullible morons actually believe that garbage…
    And the $50 million paid off to Media (*wink/wink) ensured nothing but toxic bile was directed to the National Party.

    Watch Covid mysteriously disappear now it has served it’s purpose…
    God Help us All.



  11. Well I disagree.
    That was clever and that’s why they are there.
    The Nats are simply not that excityed nor inventive.
    Don’t like his politics but give credit where credit is due.
    Written and paid for by the Taxayer you.



  12. There is also something else we missed. We forgot becuse the Press never reminded us.
    Now perhaps it would be one thing for the National Party’s foreign affairs spokesman to be meeting with the PRC Ambassador (as with the ambassadors of other countries) but this is a party-to-party meeting, in the middle of a New Zealand election campaign. The same Goodfellow who previously championed Jian Yang, and who refuses to come clean on the National Party’s involvement/association with the CCP-affiliated people now facing electoral finance charges. What values, one wonders, do the ordinary members of the National Party share with the CCP? Few, if any, I imagine, but if so what is the party hierarchy doing holding party-to-party exchanges with the CCP. Pretty confident that in days gone by it was only the Socialist Unity Party that had much to do with the USSR Communist Party.




    • Viking@1304

      A check of the NZ National Party’s Founding Document reveals that it specifically states that the party was to actively fight Communism.

      That aspect would seem to have been ‘conveniently’ forgotten over time, so perhaps it needs to be brought to Mr, Goidfellow’s attention…



  13. some suggestion that the Aussies would like Cindy.
    My good lady reminded me that they stole Phar Lap so why not?

    Well, they stole the pavlova, Russell Crowe, the lamington and of course that other famous horse Phar Lap. they are welcome.



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