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What Next For Ihumatao?




With the dust settling over this election, what are we going to be told about this shady deal? You can bet whatever they have decided, (but not tell us before the election), you can guarantee it will cost the taxpayers.

Worse than the cost in taxpayers money, what will be the cost for our property rights in the future?

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  1. Well at least horse face won’t have to ask the maggot Peters when she bleeds the public purse to pay off the Chosen people again.
    Whatever happens it’ll cost us at least 4 times what it should have by the time everone is Koha’d to satisfaction,Fuuuuckk .



  2. Despite my Loathing for the drunken dwarf Peters why do I have a feeling of unease like a man that carries the ammunition to the concrete wall for his own execution? nobody on this blog would surely not prefer to have the little C- – -T in a coalition than have Cindy with complete control of our future,,,WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF ? Where’s that bottle of whiskey FFS?



  3. Talking of losing Property rights.
    In Tauranga the council is confiscating the property rights of the ratepayers and owners of the refuse collection service.
    The council sold the service off around 25 years ago and now are acting to take it back, no compensation and are gicvving it to Chinese owned envirowaste.

    Its actually outrageous that they would do this all in the name of recycling. They don’t need to but have been hood winked (again) and have gone down this route. No choice for the ratepayers whose rubbish it is and no choicefor the ratepoyaers on who they use for collection. Just less service, more bins and a cost greater than most pay now.

    even worse this has been sanctioned by our Mayor. Remember that fellow who ran the
    Small Business Council for years, went around helping small businessess, who owned a large business named Hirepool till he sold it.
    It seems he has gone from being an ardent capitist to a socialist overnight. Follower of fail Phil.

    What gets into these people? Are they being brainwashed somewhere?
    We need a great Lawyer to defend our property rights.

    How can a council steal someones’ business that they have built up and owned for over 20 years.
    Well seems they are going to.
    So bad. Tenby Powell.



    • Councils are very good at implementing Governments wish to exterminate private property/ individual rights.
      They are unstoppable storm troopers — RMA etc

      By the way the RMA is apparently to be divided into “Built and Natural “ environments.

      No prizes for guessing it will be Rural NZ that really get the future kicking!