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What pay cut? Don’t be silly




Almost two months after the ACT Party proposed a 20% pay cut for all MPs amid this COVID chaos, and El Presidente Jacinda immediately stole the idea, MPs are still on full pay.

The Waterton Chronicle sent in an investigative team to find out why.

Despite attempts to “dismiss” questions from the media about what exactly she’s up to, our somewhat observant journalists somehow managed to get close to Jacinda’s bubble long enough to ask a couple of questions.

This reporter asked Jacinda why her government refused to allow David Seymour to introduce the pay cut bill, in light of the fact she went globally viral for being such “a great leader” after her announcement that she would reduce MPs pay by 20%.

“Oh. Do you need a hug? I mean I feel like me giving you a hug will help me. Come on.” she insisted.

“Don’t worry about this silly pay cut thing, the people love me, none of it even matters. If they ask difficult questions, we can just dismiss.” Jacinda explained, mid hug.

“I’m really not sure what the big deal is with this democracy stuff. Like all you have to do if someone argues with you is dismiss it. And if that doesn’t work, you just make a law that means you can arrest them. Simples!” she added, with a chuckle.

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  1. A couple of weeks ago a customer I’ve put up with for years as one of my slowest payers rang to book my services,she’s a rabid leftie and Cindy supporter and always tries to get a conversation going about how great the COL are.
    This time it was “hasn’t Jacinda done an excellent job of getting us through the Coronavirus ” ? she wasn’t prepared or happy with my answer and started screaming at me down the phone.
    It was the most satisfying thing I’ve done for years when I told her to “go F—K yourself ,no wonder your husband left you for a later model and jam your work up your arse”.
    I’ve been in business ror 34 years and never responded like that before, but good grief I actually felt some guilt for how good I felt afterwards.
    If she rings back I’m not going to be doing her work,it’s just not worth it.



    • Go you rev, that is classic. I hope this does not impact unfairly on your business. Some people you can never change.



    • We need more of this. They must be made to confront the consequences of their actions.

      Remember their weak point is their fake contrived moral grandstanding for herd approval.



    • Really satisfying to get rid of customers that cause you greif.
      We usually have one a year. Have no problem telling them to go away and find someone else to do the job. (Provided always that we have done ours properly).
      You will find work so much more pleasant and the staff will probably ask why you hgadn’t done it sooner.

      Enjoy the feeling.

      The alternative of course is she may come back cap in hand and be a better customer. It happens.
      Just had that happen (I think, perhaps, maybe!!! :lol:)



  2. In her Budget speech, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern addressed jobs, declaring that her Budget “…seeks to save as many as 140,000 of them, and to support the growth of 370,000 more over four years.”

    To achieve this her Government is going to add $150 billion in new debt over four years. To save 140,000 jobs. That works out to over $1 million per job saved, or $300,000 if we add in the mythical 370,000 jobs that will be created by fairy dust and magic.

    None of this will work. Governments do not create real jobs. Private firms do. And for private firms to create employment we need certainty, and the key to certainty is confidence in the value of the currency. Yet the day before Budget was delivered Reserve Bank governor Adrian Orr pledged to increase quantitative easing from an already irresponsible $33b to a profoundly reckless $60b.




    • All government can do is make work schemes for the dole!
      Don’t forget the luvies on top dollar running them. Party members by chance?



  3. Excellent stuff. I’d love to say the same to commie Cindy’s face.
    I ‘d be careful not to get to close .
    She might try to hug me.



  4. The pay cut narrative has been introduced to normalise the concept ahead of pay cuts for the lower paid, along with massive tax hikes, after the election.

    Most people won’t be able to meet essential living costs without handouts from the Party.

    Ardern devoted her life to this goal: Total control and subjugation of the people. Remember her first action was to shut off the food supply and only allow Party approved stores to provide rations at inflated prices.

    It’s all there in front of us in plain sight.



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