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The Pandemic Virus that Doesn’t Exist

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  1. While I agree totally with the author & those he cites that the Covid pandemic has politics rather than medicine as its base I’m less certain about their insistence that “the chemical-imbalance theory is a fraud” is valid when it comes to the treatment of psychiatric patients.

    Fifty years ago there were asylums throughout NZ (think Kingseat, Lake Alice or Tokanui) where patients were kept restrained & treated with electric shocks because there were no alternatives. Then with the advent of modern drugs the vast majority no longer need residential care. The pendulum of course has swung too far in this direction & there are very few facilities left for those who really need them.

    But I find it difficult to believe that modern drug based treatments don’t work.



    • Now they have their meds theyre free to roam the streets… any coincidence the decline of society since then?

      If you started up the mental asylums and shock treatments etc i bet 90% of mental health issues would disapear very fast and only the true mentally ill will be left to get treated.
      The rainbow folk would also magically straighten out aswell and only the genuine gender dysphoria suffers remain.

      Weve made it trendy to be special and have made up mental illnesses that need treatment and attention, i honestly think the bulk of our mental health issues are just attention seekers and the me me me types, we have a culture of sympathy seeking/pitty parties and its spreading…



  2. Researchers Do Indoor Concert Experiment to See If Virus Spreads, Virus Doesn’t Spread
    In December, hundreds of people packed into a Barcelona arena to dance and sing along to five hours of live music and D.J. sets, gleefully abandoning social distancing guidelines for the night.

    The show was a large-scale science experiment, designed to see if large indoor concerts could take place safely amid the coronavirus pandemic. But such scenes could soon become far more common: Researchers found that not one of the concertgoers tested positive for the coronavirus after the event, according to results published Wednesday on the website of the Lancet Infectious Diseases journal.

    More than 1,000 people passed the test and became part of the experiment, with half ushered into the concert and the other half sent home as a control group. Two members of the control group tested positive for the coronavirus eight days later, the researchers found, but none of the concert attendees did.

    If the virus was real and they really cared about people’s well-being, one would have to wonder why they didn’t do this research before introducing the social distancing and mask mandates. People could have been working normally, meeting up and being social while wearing these masks. The economy could have been saved.

    But none of this pandemic stuff was ever about a virus. It was always about increasing the power of the elite.



    • Hold on !

      500 people were tested before the event and all clean.
      There was no covid present in the venue so no source to be infected.
      Therefore it is not likely they would catch it anyway.
      From there.

      Does not sound very scientific.
      The only way to test that is to have an infected person in the 500 strong audience behaving as the others did.
      It does not appear this happened therefore null and void as an ‘experiment’

      Fail !



  3. Fair enough.
    There have been many people who have said SARS COV 2 has not been isolated.
    A few months ago our (NZ) own Dr Sam Bailey covered this.

    I agree re PSYCHIATRY
    What load of crank shit.

    Down tick me if you like but it was invented by Jews to take money off the gullible.
    A revenue source.

    Psychology is real where where there is deductive analysis done,
    Psychiatry is a con for suckers.
    All yik yak and keeping people trapped and charging them by the hour to keep talking.
    It is at best a placebo .

    How do you feel about that?
    Keep talking.
    Ka ching ka ching $$$

    Crocodile Dundee covered this decades ago.
    Just talk to your mates.

    A good article



    • Nail on the head mate, i mentioned similar a few days ago. The systems setup to focus on the patients negative aspects on life and dwells on the past, they focus very little on positivity and looking to the future hence why nz mental health services achieve fuck all.

      Another observation ive noticed from family members that have seeked help is they NEVER actually ask the patient what they want, instead the patient gets told what they should want and gets poked into a 1 size fits all system that dosent work.
      When a patient speaks up and tells them what they want they get labelled nuts/irrational and fed more pills that adds to the compounding problems.

      Honestly if kiwis really gave a shit about their own mental health then talk to mates and family, the moment you go to mental health services youre fucked.



      • I saw the post.
        We are in agreement.
        A near neighbour is a practicing psychologist and she says she gets into the background, the drivers of the current problem(s) before acting.
        Define the problem before you (can) fix the problem.

        The Psychiatry route is more about selling hours- like a lawyer – than finding a cure.
        My acquaintance (as an observer) of counselling is that they seldom help and just stir the problem(s) around like tea in a cup.

        I have two family members in that field and would seek advice from neither.
        The irony is that the long lasting counsellors are the ones who dont care, or dont get impacted.
        If you care too much, you burn out anyway.
        In the US they have the two tier system of licenced – often qualified Psychiatrists – and then the cheaper unlicensed counsellors.
        Then of course there are the ‘life coaches’
        Take me now !

        I am sure there are good shrinks/counsellors out there, and some very good, dedicated ones who get positive results.
        I just dont see them being in the majority.

        I do see good results with sports psychologists but then again they are psychologists, not the pure yik yak mob.



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