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Whats wrong with Newshub?




PM’s press trapped in Australia as another flight breaks down

What wrong with this photo on Newshub ?

If I was Air New Zealand, I would sue the arse off Newshub.

It was an Airforce plane that couldn’t get off the ground. Maybe they have been drinking the same stuff Cindy was on, when she couldn’t differentiate between what plane she was actually flying on.

Members of the press gallery have suffered a second defeat in their efforts to return to New Zealand.

The Kiwi political journalists were accompanying Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern during her visit to Australia. However their attempts to fly back home have been plagued with difficulty.

On Friday night the Defence Force plane expected to carry Ardern, her staff and the journalists home broke down due to a computer problem.

Ardern took a commercial flight back later in the evening, but many journalists were stranded deep in foreign territory.

A second attempt to fly them across the Tasman failed earlier on Saturday when their Air NZ flight was halted due to technical problems.

“Can’t believe this! After getting stranded in Melbourne after the Airforce plane broke down, my @FlyAirNZ flight back to NZ has had to turn around because of a technical issue!” one tweeted.

Several of the journalists who were trapped across the ditch have confirmed all are home safe.


  1. And as soon as Ardern is back in New Zealand she will start wagging her horrible bony finger at us and lecturing us on the ‘Climate Emergency’ and that we need to pay more tax and use our cars less etc etc
    Blissfully unaware of her own stinking Hypocrisy….(Not to mention Grant Robertson whooshing off to watch a game of cricket)



  2. What’s wrong with newshub? The answer to that cannot be given in a short time frame but there are two issues that I see almost daily.

    The first is that some of their most popular personnel are off side with the left wing propaganda department which is currently staffed with left wing children. The three presenters that I listen to on Magic are out of sync because they are reasonably normal people although some may not agree. Peter, Sean and Ryan seem normal but well out of sync with the rest of the news team/organisation.

    The second issue is that they don’t care. They really don’t care what anyone else outside of their little left wing “likes” bubble thinks. They want to garner “likes” and if that requires ignoring corruption by the adored leader then so be it. If that requires to sign on to “fake news” then so be it.

    Bottom line, they don’t care.



  3. What about all the businessman, I mean sorry persons that she took to the breakfast, were they all stranded as well. Thinking they were back in NZ trying to keep the wheels turning.
    Who was at the business breakfast?



  4. Ardern has surreptitiously been trying to get onto the bandwagon of richer and larger nations having a private plane for the leader of said country (excepting dictators of poorer or smaller countries).

    The problem for Ardern is our politicians have been driving flying our military and especially our Air Force into the ground. IOW our Air Force cannot pretend to be her personal chauffeur on a regular basis.

    It’s quite obvious she wants a personal tax funded airplane for her own enjoyment and abuse of power.



    • At least Key had the political nous not to pursue a taxpayer funded air taxi for the prime minister of NZ.

      Ardern just blusters and lies about the need. I suspect the goal is “well, I’ve been using broomstick ? one for government business all this time. No one (important) has complained about it. We might as well make it formal”.



    • There will be a spare plane going cheap to the sex island soon. Lefties will be leaving like lemmings to get away from Epstein and Lolita Island.
      Maybe Cindy can buy it for the airforce to use for her private jaunts. It will be all fitted out with all the luxury’s that any world leader would want. fFrom all reports, Clinton had more than just a flight on it more than once.



  5. You do know that Labour bought those 757s, did you!
    What’s the bet that the Mad Queen will put in for a new travelling horsebox in the next few days!
    When her Highness goes travelling,
    How many staff go with her?
    How many media hacks go?
    How many business people normally go!
    Were do you go to find out the fitout of the 757?



    • The current 757 is airforce so ‘secret squirrel’ on it’s fittings.
      Maybe that’s why Cindy last week confused her current 757 air taxi stating it was a 737 as she has plans for a 737 as her future broomstick? Like she probably wouldn’t know the different sizes of her BMWs.



  6. It’s been on the news that the Mad Queen had prepaid tickets on Air NZ allready!
    How often does she prepay Air NZ tickets?
    How many tickets had she prepaid?
    What happens to the tickets?
    Do they go back to travel office?
    Cashed in?
    Given to selected staff and media toadies?



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