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Where is the outrage ?




Indonesia’s Aceh province publicly canes two gay men

Authorities in Indonesia’s Aceh province publicly caned six people accused of breaching Islamic law, including two men who received 77 lashes for having a same sex relationship, in a punishment Human Rights Watch called “public torture”.

Aceh is the only province in majority-Muslim Indonesia to follow Islamic law, and this was the third such caning since Aceh outlawed homosexuality in 2014. The province, on the northern tip of Sumatra island, also imposes caning for crimes such as theft, gambling and adultery.

A hooded religious police officer carried out Thursday’s floggings, watched by a crowd wearing face masks. One of the men grimaced in pain as he received the punishment, which caused his mother to faint.

This is rather tolerant of Indonesia. Saudi Arabia would have beheaded them and Obama’s buddies in ISIS would throw them from a rooftop.

The silence is deafening from our leftie media.


  1. The penalty is 80 lashes, seeing they had spent 3 months in prison, presumably not in the same cell, 3 strokes were taken off. That is a sentence of 6 years and 8 months for sex.
    Some marriages last a lot longer.



  2. That report justifies any expressed non acceptance of Islam. That it is carried out as a State sanctioned punishment does not ease concern. My view, it heightens the requirement the State, and that includes local government in New Zealand, remains separate and independent from any religious connections.



  3. Strange that no gay rights, lgbtq, human rights, etc… said or done anything.
    Something seems amiss in the “intersectionality”.

    So islam trumps many others, and at the worst may be mentioned as a cultural aberration, while all the time building up in population.

    Hiding it true source of Mohammad’s sayings, guidance, action & deeds, as written in koran, hadith and sira.

    The imams of Aceh did not get the punishment right as per what Mohammad, the perfect man himself would have decree’d.
    A governmental compromise, for the moment.
    Perhaps next time they will be able to follow more perfectly?



  4. The NZ government has a well set up system for “special people”.
    That is so easily worked for other groups, as “# they are us”, so precedence has been set and considered normal just as Adern’s adhan went across all of NZ.

    It will become a cultural right to recognize the vibrancy, their ‘norms’ and to respect the meritless inclusive diversity,

    All of this will be leveraged, step by step, ratcheted, not to go back but locked into place, incrementally.

    If reversed, never for long.
    Why the government, bureau-techno-crats politicians not read up on islam, Mohammad, the Egyptian, Arab scholars etc.. at the risk of them converting. Some background history.
    To have some real knowledge of islam? and what their goals are.



  5. Awesome diversity. They also lash women for their behaviour. They have morality police patroling around ensuring diversity is enforced.

    Indonesia never had diversity but they were lucky when Muslims brought it to them. Just like we are lucky.



  6. Finally some human rights, but it is where they are being directly pressured in Malaysia.
    Will the International Human rights really speak up, in full voice?
    allow state Sharia (Syariah) courts to establish harsher sentences for same-sex conduct than the current maximum Sharia sentence permitted under federal law.
    Marzuk also proposed codifying as Sharia criminal offenses changing one’s gender and producing or sharing social media content deemed obscene and indecent, including images of non-normative gender expression.
    “Malaysia’s state and federal statutes that criminalize LGBT people are already out of bounds with regard to international law, and the government seems to be sinking even deeper in its disregard for human rights,” said Neela Ghoshal, associate LGBT rights director at Human Rights Watch. ….
    …. Malaysia’s state Sharia laws, which punish consensual same-sex relations as well as gender nonconformity, are among the many laws and policies in Malaysia that discriminate against LGBT people.
    Malaysia’s federal penal code covers most criminal acts in the entire country.
    State Sharia laws, enforced by state Islamic Religious Departments and tried in Sharia courts, are only applicable to Muslims, who make up about 60 percent of Malaysia’s population.

    There seems to be a creep of sharia looking to be a part of the federal penal law
    Slowly pushing their leverage, locking in place like ratchets as islam’s goals are to subsume and create dhimmis, or conversion.
    Of course Malaysia welcomes diversity, so long as you comply to Malaysian law. … hmmm …



  7. Mean while in NZ :-
    All systems are go for Minister Little in doing his 28 “hui’s” about the Royal Commission’s report on the Christchurch shootings, and the government response, nationwide in the next three weeks for Muslims, and other faith and ethnic groups,

    …. asked for the government to give the various communities the resources they need to prepare for and participate in those, he said. …..

    …. “In line with the previous consultations in Christchurch, media are welcome to report from outside the venues, and we’ll make ministers available after the consultations for interviews,” a spokesperson for the Minister in charge of the Royal Commission response, Andrew Little said.
    “However, the hui will be closed to media so people can speak freely and frankly to ministers.”…..

    …. hard-pressed community representatives about their fears over the growing threat from white supremacists, …….

    With further links and concepts here.

    Hui will be held in Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, Palmerston North, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill. These follow an earlier series of consultations with shuhada and the Muslim community

    It seems to be an invitation only for certain diverse ethnic special ‘#TheyAreUs’ people.

    Yet though there were tragic deaths and injuries, many other New Zealanders were drastically affected in ongoing life altering ways for months after and have their losses, in the name of the “greater good” … yeah-right ….

    No thought of them by the looks of it.
    Considered paid out, but now another go is set up for months of this year that looks like tarring them again,



  8. “A Fundamentalist Baptist Christian male and the kind of behavior of a Fundamentalist Salafist Muslim male when they encounter, at different times, a homosexual man.

    For when a Fundamentalist Baptist Christian man meets a “gay” man, that type of Christian will say many very ignorant things to him and as a result of those ignorant things said that “gay” man will end up with a headache.

    In contrast, when a Fundamentalist Salafist Muslim man encounters a homosexual man, that type of Muslim will cut that “gay” man’s head off.”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Or be treated like a “flying pig” from a multistory building.

    It would seem that full point of sharia was not complied with by the imams decrees.
    Are they slipping into apostasy? which would put their heads on the line.

    Or were they compromised with “ Bacha Bazi “



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