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Kindy teachers want what primary teachers have got


Kindy teachers are next in line to take their pay fight to the Government, following successful industrial action from primary and secondary teachers.

In the past they’ve enjoyed pay parity with their primary school colleagues, but with the latter achieving parity with secondary teachers, those working in kindergartens have been left well behind. 

“Early childhood teaching is on the skills shortage list for immigration, and we’ve got the same issues as primary [schools] – people coming in, then not getting enough to be able to stay,” New Zealand Educational Institute spokesperson Virginia Oakly told The AM Show on Thursday. 

“The early years are the most important. The most growth and development for children is happening at that time. It’s really critical. There’s a lot of important milestones… and we play a vital role in that.”

Kindy teachers say they have serious issues around workload, release time, and retention of experienced teachers.

According to the sectors last collective agreement, newly qualified teachers starting out in early childhood education are paid $45,491 – up from $41,067 two years ago.

“Why would you go into teaching if that’s what you’re going to be on?” said Oakly.

According to the offer NZEI members appproved last month, qualified new entrant teachers in both primary and secondary schools will start on $48,410, rising to $51,358 in 2021.

Oakly said she wasn’t sure what it would cost the taxpayer to give kindergarten teachers pay parity, but it didn’t matter.

“We go into negotiations with the issues that need to be resolved for our members – not the dollars… We know that pays out in the end. If we get it right in the early years, we save later on. It’s an investment and we need it.”

Kindergarten teachers are set to enter pay negotiations soon, with their most recent contract expiring in May. 

“Now that primary teachers have secured parity with their secondary colleagues, we’ll be looking to secure the same deal for kindergarten teachers through a unified pay scale,” said Oakly.

Primary and secondary teachers won huge concessions out of the Government after staging the biggest strikes the sector has ever seen, after months of being told there was no extra money.

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  1. So kindy teachers want the same as primary teachers who want the same as secondary teachers, who want the same as university professors.

    This just shows had mad and bad the teachers and their unions are.



  2. Only a left wing woke retard would think that a kindy teacher is worth the same as a secondary school teacher.
    How many years does it take to become a secondary teacher – versus a kindy teacher.

    To me a kindy teachers course should be about …. one week, as long as you can change a nappy, like kids, are a fun type of person and you are not a child pervert – you can start next week.

    And its the minimum wage.



    • While that may be true, it’s not how it works in this country. You do need to get bachelor’s degree in education.

      Length of training: 3-4 years of training required.

      Entry requirements for early childhood teachers

      To become an early childhood teacher you need to have one of the following:
      Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
      Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education).




      • It’s known as ‘bullshit creep’. Fifty years ago to be a nurse required School Cert in four subjects & the successful applicants learned ‘on the job’ starting with wiping arses & moving up the pecking order.

        Nowadays it takes a three year bachelor of nursing (read Maori culture) before they get a foot never mind their overweight carcases on the ladder. Then they consider themselves the equal of doctors & arse wiping is beneath their status.

        The only noticeable difference from the health consumers’ POV is that the wage bill is higher & no one gets their arse wiped when they need it!



        • Actually if primary teachers did their job, those teaching the early years teaching children how to learn, those teaching the older years showing children how much fun learning can be, the pre-school teachers would become an important part of education and the high school teachers could be paid what they earn – minimum wage at best!



        • Exactly nasska. The problem is that our society has moved radically away from learning on the job and instead substituted fake ‘qualifications’ provided by (as Colinxy said below) left-wing indoctrination organisations.

          They result of all this is that there is a shortage in all the professions because everyone is at ‘university’ instead of actually learning the job. Then, when these poor people ‘graduate’, they have to start at the beginning because, despite spending years and logging up tens of thousands of dollars in student debt, they know almost nothing.

          University used to be where the top 15 to 20% of academics developed the higher points of their disciplines. But nowadays, ‘universities’ exist solely to indoctrinate the masses in woke propaganda and their ‘degrees’ have no actual value because they cater for the lowest common denominator in every way.

          A friend of mine trains people who’s job used to be called bank clerks. Now they call them relationship service managers and they need a fucking ‘degree’ to even be considered for the job. Some of these raw recruits even have double degrees! Imagine what we have come to, where a young person needs to waste three or four years of his life and clock up $15-30,000 of debt just to get a job entering figures on a computer in a bank!

          Our society is in Shit Street. Woke Marxist propaganda effectively took over the universities a generation ago: now the products of this distorted thinking are passing their mindfarts on to our children disguised as ‘education’ and meanwhile society demands that they go through this indoctrination before they can be employed in even the simplest jobs.



  3. When Cindy and Grant made the promise that people would be paid what they are worth, it signaled to the unions they had open slather to go for the golden ring with an open cheque book. The industrial action across all areas of the public sector is as a result of Cindy and Grant’s promised largess with taxpayer money. Now the infighting is beginning as the money runs out.



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