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Which Poll is right?




They really don’t like National at TV 3

Over on TV One however, we have this.

Which one do you believe? All we need now is for DPF to give us his polling results and they will all be wrong.

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      • Simon and the party certainly shouldn’t be manipulated by them and definitely not by Tova’s opinion. it still means that Labour could get over the line with the Greens or NZ First.

        Do they ask the electorate if they think that Winston should be kingmaker in the next election?



  1. Neither one is right. Pollsters have lost integrity. It’s clear they’re over-sampling loons on the left – in the very same way they’ve been doing in the US since 2015 (remember Trump had “no path to victory” then he had a landslide).

    Also, the shy-Tory effect is getting stronger, the Liberals in Australia had 50+ polls against them in a row, but somehow they increased their majority.

    The only thing that is allowing Ardern’s cabal of loons to retain any baseline support is National themselves. They are so utterly cucked that to most sane NZers it’s very hard to tell the difference between Labour and Labour Lite National at the moment. If they were to call all of Jacinda’s lies and oppose on the big issues they’d be comfortably over 50%. But they aren’t and they are feeding out a lifeline to the CoL.

    Remember the golden rule of MMP. No matter what, the support parties ALWAYS get punished and support drifts to the lead party. NZF are seriously going to struggle to get over 5% and the hate speech from the Greens is going to crush their vote too. If there is 8-9% wasted votes at the next election it’s going to be a very blue Parliament indeed.

    Hopefully the extreme polarisation takes ACT over 5% and with a little luck, Seymour will have learned his little boy lesson and ask for the sun, the moon and the stars to support National. If he’s got any sense, he’ll demand Education and open up the option to every school to become a Charter school and fund them up the wazoo. Stopping the indoctrination of children is the surest way to fuck Labour for good.



    • If ACT goes to 5% where will its vote come from besides National? The New Conservatives are up to 1% on one poll. If National gifts then a seat and the stand good candidates in South Auckland seats they could take votes from the left by getting the religious PI votes.



    • The media is the biggest barrier to a non-Labour government. National could solve world hunger and Tova would find find a way to spin it negatively. Simom Bridges could cure cancer and Jack would either not report it or have Barry and Heather talk about how, as a kid, he jerked off into a tissue and leftnitbunder his bed.

      The media is tribal and they are not even hiding it anymore.



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