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You are probably familiar by now with the BARRY YOUNG whistleblowing scenario.  As a former employee of Te Whatu Ora, Barry noticed deeply alarming safety signals amongst the data he was recording with respect to the rollout of the Covid “vaccine”.  When Barry drew his concerns to the attention of his employer, he was effectively fobbed off.  Knowing that people were continuing to be harmed by the “vaccine”, Barry pursued a public disclosure which was made in November 2023.  As a result, he was arrested, imprisoned for two nights and is currently released on bail and facing trial on a charge of “dishonestly accessing Te Whatu Ora databases”.

BARRY YOUNG is facing his FOURTH COURT APPEARANCE on April 23.  The original bail conditions still apply.  He cannot work or have a normal life while this situation remains.  

The Court’s intent on April 23 is to set the date for Barry’s Trial by Jury but this remains to be seen.  This situation could go on for years if We the People do not RISE UP AND DEMAND JUSTICE NOW!  We need to come together in large numbers and actively share the truth in our communities.  

The next major opportunity for this is the WHISTLEBLOWER SUPPORTERS PICNIC scheduled for Sunday, April 21.  We have 5 venues committed so far – Wellington, Napier, Geraldine, Christchurch and Dunedin.  To include your region, all you need to do is choose a public park and rock up with your friends and acquaintances with appropriate signage and lunch.  

DAN PICKNELL, a former Police officer, who unsuccessfully petitioned Police Commissioner, Andrew Coster, for an explanation regarding requirements of the Police during the Covid response that were not deemed to be in the best interests of the New Zealand public, will be present at the Wellington event, along with Barry Young himself.  Both will address those in attendance which will be livestreamed to the regions where equipment is available to allow this.

Whistleblowers can’t navigate the murky waters of a corrupt judicial system without us.  They went into bat for us.  Now it’s our turn to give them the support they so well deserve.  

Please get in touch on Telegram https://t.me/A_New_Hope_NZ to let us know the venue for your picnic👍


  1. 120 shit head MP’s won’t wnat this out in the open and neither will out High Court, Phizwiz lawyers nor all the medical organizations we fund and bow down to.
    The sooner some of them bastards die the better for the rest of us.



    • Mr Bates v UK Post Office, David can beat Goliath just needs determination and persistence. Next move in UK should be to prosecute and Jail the CEO, sequester all her assets as the product of crime and fire all Post Office employees who knew and or took part in the cover up. Then Fujitsu – freeze assets and Bank Accounts operate under commissioner and offer to settle quickly without proceedings on the basis of cash settlements of 10 times the amounts sub postmasters wer accused of stealing and 20 times for those imprisoned or committed suicide or died. Refusal commence proceeding pass legislation and ban Fujitsu from all Govt contracts for 20 years plus say 50 Million as security for costs, that will make the Board sit up and take notice as the whole world see’s their evil ways and acts appropriately.



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