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White Island eruption




No signs of life, unlikely survivors are left, police say

What you need to know:
* At least five people have been killed after Bay of Plenty volcano White Island erupted on Monday.
* 47 people were on the island at the time of the eruption
* 8 people remain missing, believed dead, on the island
* 31 people are being treated at 7 hospitals, with many in burns units throughout the country
* 3 people have been discharged
* Four helicopters were able to land on the island and remove people in the immediate aftermath of the eruption. It is understood helicopters were able to respond within minutes
* Police say they have seen no signs of life in reconnaissance flights, and they do not believe there are any more survivors on the island.
* Volcanic activity was continuing on the island
* It wasn’t safe for emergency services to return to White Island on Tuesday, but NZDF was deploying drones on Tuesday
* Both New Zealanders and foreign tourists are involved. At least one of the dead is a local man.
* The volcano was placed at alert level two by GeoNet before the eruption, amid increased activity.
* Tourists were visiting the island with White Island Tours and Volcanic Air, with many coming from the Ovation of the Seas cruise ship.
* An ash plume reached 3657 metres above the volcano, and was visible from the mainland.
* NZ Red Cross has activated the Family Links site for people wanting to register themselves as safe or register an inquiry about a loved one. Families can also use the police 105 number.
*White Island’s last eruption was in 2016.
Latest update 8 now dead.
Let us hope this is not replay of the police cockup that was Pike River. With Timms in charge, I have very grave fears that this might indeed be the case.


  1. I just wish they would get their stories right.
    Busy telling us they could not land it was too dangerous, next thing four landed and took off everbody alive?
    It’s turning out to be another Pike river, where plod really was plodding useless!
    You would hate to be still alive, looking zt the choppers!



    • I was on an overnight fishing trip out there in the 90’s. We stopped overnight in a sheltered bay next to the concrete bank/warf remains. In the morning went for a walk onto the island right up to the crater. Stank of sulphur, steam vents spewing out steam. Really scary.



  2. I understand the number of confirmed deaths has increased to 7, with more considered likely.

    GeoNet has a continuous stream of alerts over the last three months about the increased level of activity on White Island, and had pressed the button to trigger the maximum alert level short of an eruption weeks ago.

    And yet those in government took no action.

    “Lets do this ?” – Well now you have done it. And no amount of blaming John Key for the present government’s level of inactivity is going to cut it this time. Somebody deserves a right proper bollocking for totally ignoring all these alerts and just doing nothing !



    • Yep they vey quickly announced a criminal investigation.
      Could perhaps be considered negligent but hardly criminal. No criminal intent to be found I wouldn’t think.
      Can’t see them nailing any Nati Awa cheifs even if they tried.

      Police have become Jacinda’s jobs worths. And now WorkSafe is in on the Act.

      Doesn’t matter what they say or do people will still go for a look.
      That’s just people.
      After all, look at the number killed on Mt Cook or everest and they still keep on going these places.
      Could have been a bus crash.
      8 Killed on or roads last weekend but i don’t see WorkSafe getting in on that which they should. NZTA should be nailed for having dangerous roads.



  3. Did the tour a couple of years ago.It was an amazing place and really harsh enviornment. Incredibly unlucky for those caught out there. I would go back there given the opportunity I hope White Island Tours don’t suffer the same fate as the Manapouri Power Station tours or the Coal Mining experience on the Deniston Plateau both stuffed by OSH.



    • I visited the Deniston Plateau. Cold, horrible place in an August fog. I imagine those living up there would have been dreadful in the middle of winter.
      Hubby has been to White Island. Said it is a eerie place.



  4. You won’t get any decent coverage out of NZ media filth.
    They are tuned into half truth at best. This is the sad reality.
    I went to Daily Mail last night at 10pm NZ time and had way more info than was available locally.
    This is a clear live test of just how shitty NZ Media filth are.
    They just won’t inform as was the case with Grace Millane murder where Ardern stuck her nose in.
    It becomes about the reporters (?) and the ‘experts’ but not about informing.

    There is an update on DM this morning and allows for comments. Won’t happen in NZ.

    It looks like there are 5 confirmed dead; 8 missing and likely dead; so 13 deaths plus people with critical burns which leaves them vulnerable to infection.
    Likely final number of deaths in range of 15 to 22.

    We have to be philosophical.
    It is adventure tourism. It is not visiting the Louvre.
    A person died in a jetboat crash in Fiordland in March this year.
    Death happens in adventure tourism as it did in the Swiss canyon 20 years ago and 7 school kids in a similar canyon accident 10 years ago at Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre.

    These are not directly foreseeable and fit with the ‘thrill’ of adventure.
    They are not preventable in that people seek out adventure and in a small percentage of times things go wrong. The only way to prevent is to ban such activities to reduce risk to zero.

    Cave Creek 1995 was preventable and to add insult to injury it was a dodgy, undercutting Govt Dept that had too much power then and has too much power now.
    This added to tighter risk minimisation that was further added to in a ridiculous way after Pike bloody River where it is questionable the explosion would have occurred had the prescribed procedures been followed. Instead they covered sensors with plastic bags so alarms did not activate!!
    The price we, as a country, pay for this deliberate illegal act is now very high. The people who were complicit in this foolish act are among the dead.

    Results: Scaffolding to paint the second floor.
    This will only add to more rotten houses as people forego a massively expensive procedure due to overreaction.
    There will be overreaction to White Island (or whatever it is called tomorrow) and truckloads of grief porn by Ardern and her colleagues.
    Instead of marking this as a sad day where nature got the better of people as happened on 22 Feb 2011 in Christchurch this will not be allowed to rest.

    Volcanoes blow up.
    A hiker on the Italian volcanic island of Sromboli died in July this year when a similar eruption occurred.
    151 people died in Dec 1953 at Tangiwai caused by events escalating from a volcanic eruption.
    Mt Tarawera had approx 150 deaths as well in 1886.
    Indonesia has had multiple volcano death tolls in each of 2018 (437 people) 2014, 2010, 1982 and so on.
    First world countries Italy and Japan experience these with Japan having multiple fatalities from volcanoes in 2014, 1991, 1952 and earlier.

    I tuned into the TV1 this morning as TV3 does not come up on my $4 rabbit ears.
    Jesus wept, that John Campbell is a grief porn idiot. So 100% sleazy.
    The Green blond is weird. Like a plastic doll spouting out words like a text to voice simulator.
    Then they had some real numpty little kiddies spouting out nonsense and one Clark Kent waving about a spiral notebook like he was some intrepid reporter from the 1940s.
    Who uses those any more with recorders, tablets and voice to text software.
    It was a shameless exhibition from a government station that told us nothing but poured on the emotion.
    It was a show; not an information source.
    it was poorly done. I seldom watch TV. This is why.

    Someone said on YSB last night it was better covered of Sky AU news.
    We are not going to get decent coverage and as with Pike River it will be lies and cover-up.
    The only good news is this time it is a Labour led Govt and the Nats wont reopen old wounds like Labour has done over Pike bloody river.

    Sorry if that sounds callous but we can’t turn back the clock and must live for now; not what might have happened ‘if we had known’.
    That behaviour only leads to depression and getting stuck in an emotional hole as we see with Pike bloody River where the people who lost family are used as political pawns.
    We don’t need another Bernie Monk.

    RIP to the people who died and condolences to their friends and family.
    Thoughts go to the people who will have permanent injuries but live.
    This occurs with motor vehicle accidents but do not show up in visible statistics.
    Let us clean this up and move forward for the living.



  5. My thoughts go out to those poor people who have been burnt, although they have survived thus far. Burns injuries are horrific and by all accounts a lot of the injured have been burned extensively and some will probably not survive



  6. As I pointed out in Have Your Say-
    It is beyond sick that Ardern has dragged her camera crew along and is milking this for all it is worth. (Labour spin are bombarding the media with pics of her Hugging people/frowny faces for the camera etc etc)
    I detest that woman even more for her totally self-centered response to this tragedy….’What can I gain from this?’ is quite clearly her motivation



  7. I posted this at the other blog

    Once again the window of opportunity was lost. “GNS Science’s Dr Ken Gledhill said usually what happened was the eruption would be followed by a period of quiescence – inactivity.” from stuff article

    Also I have been following White Island’s rise in activity for about a month now, and actually posted a comment at Kiwiblog asking why our local MSM were quiet on this while international sites were reporting unrest.

    from Kiwi blog: rightoverlabour
    How come I have to find this out on an international site?


    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1LOG IN TO REPLY REPORTNOVEMBER 1, 2019 7:41PM
    Perhaps because it’s a non-story.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 5LOG IN TO REPLY REPORTNOVEMBER 1, 2019 8:10PM
    Possibly a non-story to Lefty Twats. However, those who are interested in scientific developments, and especially those that suggest a link between enhanced volcanic activity and solar minima, and subsequent impacts on cooling climates, it’s definitely a story.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1LOG IN TO REPLY REPORTNOVEMBER 1, 2019 8:50PM

    I follow https://watchers.news/ and they had alerts about the changes in White Island a few weeks ago. Their latest alert was on the 3rd December where tthey noted the following: “Explosive gas and steam-driven mud jetting continues at White Island’s crater lake, New Zealand” https://watchers.news/2019/12/03/white-island-volcano-activity-december-2019/

    This was repeated in their weekly Volcanic Activity Report here: https://watchers.news/2019/12/04/the-weekly-volcanic-activity-report-november-27-december-3-2019/



    • Nice try but the Tangata Whenua don’t necessarily go along with GEO alerts especially since Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Awa owned White Island Tours Ltd were shovelling in the coin by taking tourists out to the island.

      In any case according to their mythology, which as we all know trumps your your honkey science, prior to colonisation by the evil whites Maori were volcanologists of note. For instance the male mountains of Ruapehu, Tongariro, Ngauruhoe, Taranaki & Tauhara stood proudly on the Central Plateau, alongside a lone female mountain Pihanga.

      …….”A graceful mountain, Pihanga was robed in bush, and still stands between the other mountains and Lake Taupo. All the mountains wanted to win the heart of pretty Pihanga, but none more so than Taranaki and Tongariro.

      The two fought so fiercely that the earth shook, lightening crashed, and lava flowed down the warring mountains. In the fighting Tongariro lost his head – some say he broke it off to throw at Taranaki, others that Taranaki sliced it off with a powerful blow. Either way, the top of Tongariro fell into Lake Taupo, where it forms Moututaiko Island to this day.

      But Tongariro emerged victorious, and a defeated Taranaki was banished west, led to the coast by Toka a Rahotu, a small guide stone with great mana (importance). As he travelled Taranaki carved out the Whanganui River, before he settled beside the beautiful mountain range Pouakai.”……


      Maori volcanologists have much to teach the Pakeha!



        • Now that you mention it Ed, I’ve been known to sling the odd line of bullshit myself but my best efforts wouldn’t hold a candle to our indigenous lot:

          ……”Ngatoroirangi, a great Tohunga (spiritual leader), decided to to travel inland to explore the area. While he and his travel companions had a rest on the eastern side of Lake Taupo, he spotted a very beautiful mountain to the south. Ngatoroirangi decided he wanted to climb that mountain for a better view of the region. When they reached the foot of the mountain, Ngatoroirangi told his companions to stay put and wait for his return. They were asked to fast until he came back because this would give Ngatoroirangi the strength to succeed in this adventure. Ngatoroirangi promised them a big feast on his return and that he would teach them everything that he was going to learn during his travel. So it happened that he and his slave Aruhoe started their dangerous journey. The higher they climbed, the colder it got, and the cold froze their breath and made their fingers and feet stiff. Aruhoe stumbled very often but Ngatoroirangi urged him to move on.

          Meanwhile his companions who were waiting for his return became very hungry and grew tired of waiting. So they suggested that Ngatoroirangi might have died and they were waiting and suffering for nothing. Somebody mentioned how impatient hunger can be. So they decided to light a fire for cooking and they started to eat again.

          Their deeds caused Ngatoroirangi to feel icy cold fingers stabing into his heart which made him double over in agony, and he prayed to his sisters in Hawaiki to send him fire to warm him: `Oh Kuiwai, Ih Haungaroa, come quickly. Ka riro au I te tonga. (I am carried away by the cold south wind). Do not delay or I will surely perish.”

          His sisters heard him praying and instantly sent the fire demons Te Pupu and Te Hoata to their brother who was fighting with death. The two demons swam as fast as possible through the pacific to Whakaari (White Island). When they lifted their heads, the earth around them became a fiery pit. And this is what you can still find today on White Island.But here the fire demons realised that they were still far away from Ngatoroirangi. So they dived back into the sea and moved on. When they reached the land they went on underground. Each time the demons broke through the soil for orientation they left a steaming, bubbling track of thermal activity.
          The tunnel which they were `digging´ on their way built a connection between White Island and Mount Ngaruahoe which lasted forever.

          With all their might, the fire demons broke through the crust of the massive cone of Tongariro where Ngatoroirangi was dying.

          Aruhoe had already succumbed to death. But Ngatoroirangi was rescued by the heat which was produced by this volcano. He called it Tongariro to remind us of the icy south wind which nearly had killed him.

          By this adventure the Arawa tribe became the guardians of the thermal activities in the area of Rotorua.”

          (Source: ‘Te Whakarewarewa’ von Don Stafford )



      • Shovelling in the coin…. I suspect it will emerge that coin trumped safety here….
        Lots of volcano tourists have died around the world when volcanos have erupted unexpectadly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Mount_Ontake_eruption ( which seems eerily similar to White Island) .
        Lots of volcanologists have died or have had close calls (read this for an insite https://www.theguardian.com/education/2001/jun/04/highereducation.news ). Unfortunatly volcanos can errupt without warning. The question that needs to be asked is simply was there anything unusual in the readings the GNS were getting on the day of this tragedy? If not, no one is to blame. If yes, that will be another story.



  8. White Island tour operators could potentially face manslaughter charges

    Tour company operators involved in the deadly White Island eruption could face manslaughter charges if found criminally liable for failing to protect customers, a criminal law expert says.

    Police announced tonight they are considering a criminal investigation into the deaths and injuries resulting from yesterday’s tragedy.

    Five people are confirmed dead and eight others are missing and presumed to have died. Another 31 victims remain in hospital, many of them critically injured in regional burns units.

    AUT criminal law professor Warren Brookbanks told the Herald police would have to establish whether there was criminal liability for the deaths.


    There is more. No one will be able to get out of fucking bed shortly. Jay walk and some plod will gun you down.

    Life is a risk, always has been and always will be.



  9. Compare our brace rescue guys wit those from South Korea.

    I saw a doco on Al Jazeera the other day called Sewol

    Its about the South Korean Ferry Boat that capsized with 300 people on board. a few years ago.

    It was good weather in daylight, one coast guard boat got there and a few runabout.
    They rescued hardly anyone.
    The captain climbed off the boat fairly early.
    The boat was full of schoolkids and they were told to stay in their cabins.
    The shore command kept asking lame questions like how is it, can you get some video.
    The South Korea President stayed in bed
    Then the boat turned over and 200 people died.
    It was very sad.
    Its on Youtube



    • If your news source is Al jazzera then you need better friends.

      Those scum bags interfered in the recent AU election with lies and quarter truths
      They are greater filth than NZ media filth
      They had a crack at Pauline Hansen/One Nation because it opposed excessive immigration esp of murderous M.E. scum
      Qatar has taken in 000 refugees from Middle East Conflicts
      They are even in conflict with their dubious anti democratic neighbours.
      All Jizz is Qatar’s propaganda arm.

      More people have died in building the Qatar stadia for the 2022 Toe jam cup than will play in the tourney
      Tourney secured with massive bribes.
      Did they report that?
      Didn’t think so



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