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Black Dr. Who Actor Says ‘White Supremacy’ To Blame for Terrible Audience Ratings


Actor Ncuti Gatwa says he blames ‘white supremacists’ for the terrible audience ratings of latest series of Dr. Who, which has the lowest viewing figures in the show’s history.

According to Gatwa, the script and his performance has absolutely nothing to do with the show’s poor reception. Instead, it’s due to the fact that British audiences can’t stand seeing a non-white actor portraying the main character.

The show’s producer Russell T. Davies admitted during a recent Rolling Stone interview that his current incarnation is written to be “excessively progressive.”

Episodes in the newest season include redesigning a flip phone so it doesn’t look like a gun, a character defending a “non-binary” child against “transphobes,” and an entire episode dedicated to pushing abortion.

But for Gatwa, it couldn’t possibly be shoving an endlessly progressive agenda down viewers’ throats, causing a downturn in viewership.

It must be racism.

Bounding into Comics shared Gatwa’s recent interview with NPR.

From there, Deggan would turn to press Gatwa for his thoughts on the mountains of criticism fans have leveled towards Davies’ aforementioned decision to focus the series’ narrative on overt sociopolitical messaging – “If you’re not writing that [in 2024], what on Earth are you doing?” the showrunner declared during a previous interview with Rolling Stone – rather than entertainment.

However, instead of earnestly actually engaging with the substance of this very specific and widespread complaint, Gatwa instead moved to paint those fans who have tuned out of Doctor Who as nothing more than anti-black racists.

“I don’t want to diminish racial aggression at all, but for me, personally, I find it fascinating that it matters so much to these people,” said the actor. “You are going to limit yourselves from a show that you love because you don’t like something about someone’s appearance. It’s just, like, really sad for them.”

It should come as no surprise that the new, progressive-agenda-pushing version of “Doctor Who” debuted on Disney+ on May 14.

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  1. I know this is an odd thought, but but but but does anyone think the kids and older fans just might be sick to death of the whole Dr Who series by now? It has gone totally away from the original series. They did have a woman playing Dr Who and since then possibly the fans are sick to death of the whole thing??????



    • Educate. Give them alternatives.

      Look at Star Trek, TOS, TNG, DS(, VOYAGER. They had the most diverse crews in sex, colour. That was
      ground breaking for inclusion of different human races, and women. But as the Actress said to the Bishop, you can have fetishes, just don’t stick it down my throat.

      They predicted what life would be like if we get through the next 200 year period. In those series they occasionally looked back on this period, the Wars, the Eugenics wars, but also had themes where the issues we face today were mirrored in what they discovered on other planets. As did Stargate SG1.

      Tyrannical Govts, Fake Pandemics, Vaccine Tyranny, Climate Change Scams, Populations under lockdown, Con Artists manipulating planets profiting out of scams, Eugenics…

      Star Trek went rapidly downhill at 180° with Star Trek Discovery and Strange New Worlds.

      Hollywood has been hijacked by woke.

      There is a place for all races and both sexes, but not in a confrontational way, or in a way that undermines the original theme or caricature.

      Can you imagine Temuera Morrison playing Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, or Captain Cook? Or Chloe Swarbrick playing the lead role in Titanic? Nah.



      • What to conserve and what to progress? That is the question.

        Society must evolve; however, it should not discard what works in favor of some unknown fad or new lifestyle.

        How can a society remain virile in the face of growing decadence?

        Is racial and cultural “purity” the answer? Perhaps not. Look at Japan with its multi-generational stagnation and imploding birthrate.

        There has to be another way forward. But what? One way or multiple paths?



          • How you noticed that other mammals and primates only come in two sexes: male and female.

            The same goes for human skeletons.

            An archeologist will not tell you that there are “70 diversity sexes.”



            • Perhaps that was the parable in the bible about Noah’s ark. Noah rounded up the binary pairs – male and female and saved them all.

              The unicorn – a horse with rainbow mane, and a road cone grafted onto its nose was left behind.

              Perhaps it is also the lesson from the pied piper, (an actual person in ancient Europe) a rainbow coloured piper who steal’s children. I think the actual story is more likely about stealing children’s childlike innocence.



        • ……”Society must evolve; however, it should not discard what works in favor of some unknown fad or new lifestyle. “……

          How can it evolve when it is being strangled by those who worship the past? For all the deservedly bad press progressives attract the economic & social power is held by religious conservative nuts determined to hold onto what they have.

          A successful advance is yin & yang……….an endless game of tug of war where advances are slow & incremental. Advance too fast & a reaction sets in (eg the fallout from Ardernism) Using a heavy hand to retard progress (eg modern Japan) results in economic recession & social stagnation.

          If anyone requires an example of what conservatism can do then look no further than the Islamic ME. Poverty, squalor, religious oppression, no human rights & a dearth of innovation or invention. 1300 years stuck in a time warp while the world goes by.



    • It’s called envy. And it is not white per se, it is developed nations. Without being racist, developed civilisations have removed themselves far away from tribalism.

      Many countries, before the elite quickened their pace and started openly manipulating countries in the last 150 years, even China and Russia had very rich cultures going way back, and of course the very culture rich countries of Europe.

      Any country that does not fall into line with the globalists, get attacked or manipulated over race/sex/drugs/pandemics/vaccines/climate change.



  2. Where to begin? The series has been portraying white men as cowards/idiots or evil bastards for a while,(Chris Noth from Law and Order had a recurring role as a crude Trump caricature). Davros, the creator of the Daleks has been retconned because having an evil character in a wheel chair is “problematic” so he has been reimagined as …. you guessed it, an evil white male! No wonder longtime fans are incandescent with rage. This reviewer on Youtube doesn’t hold back. a lot of his viewers find his reviews more entertaining than the episodes themselves.



  3. ‘…British audiences can’t stand seeing a non-white (actor) portraying the main character…’
    But in their recent elections, they voted for non-white characters – all men – to be their mayors, councillors etc, so they must secretly want to be ruled by the non-white.
    Gosh. I wonder if Dr Who should be played by a Muslim woman in a burkha – that would make an interesting dynamic with her trying to give orders when she’s not allowed to speak to unrelated men.



  4. It’s not the racial change in actor that is the problem, it is the awful incessant woke agenda forced down the viewers throats in Dr Who.

    I always thought Dr Who was a shit programme whoever the Dr was so have no dog in the fight.



  5. High gain power by teaming up with the low, to attack the middle. This rewriting of most people’s culture and history, is an attack on the middle. Once befuddled and distraught, you can be robbed easier. The high team up with the low (diversity crowd) to rape and pillage the wealth (which includes culture) from the vast majority of people. It is the only trick they know.

    You must accept you are being attacked first, before you can fight. Grab two swords.



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