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Who believes Meghan? By Vox Populi.

It’s rather amusing how the British press is having such a hard time figuring out why she hates the British Royal Family so much.

Meghan hates Princess Kate for the same reason every moderately attractive girl with ambitions of being the popular hot girl hates the beautiful head cheerleader. It’s nothing more than raw, unmitigated envy. Meghan can’t compete with Kate’s position, class, style, or popularity, and her genetics prevent her from ever being considered “an English Rose”, so naturally she hates the other woman with the passion of ten thousand burning hells.

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  1. Comon Ed, unless you just wanted a reason to post thise memes this topic belongs on a faggot blog like fruitys.

    Seriously do ysb folk care that much? Markle derrangement syndrome? I know shes a fucking mong but making her the center of attention is just feeding the troll.



        • Harry and Sparkles are as bad as each other. Ok, so they left and set up a new life in Shittywood. So get on with it… Oh dear, “we couldn’t have done it without (Diana’s) $25m legacy she left Harry. Not exactly the real world is it.

          Talk about narcissistic continuing with an interview while Harry’s 99 year old grandfather’s in hospital. Self-centred and insensitive.
          I’m sure the $100m deal they’ve signed with Netflix wouldn’t have influenced the terrible timing of the interview, Nah, not one bit! //



            • What’s in it for her? It’s all about her, the money and her son being a prince. Archie’s not because he is too far from the crown. Not as she claimed because the royals are racist. Oh, and unlike her sister-in-law Kate who she detests, Sparkles will NEVER BE QUEEN! It is all about her but she will always be second fiddle, she will never win the Oscar. Kate will.



          • His grandfather is a prick.
            He was a Kraut who escaped form Hitlers claws. Carried with him the same snarky attitudes.
            Charlie is a bloody wimp beaten up by the nasty old shit. Never said anything nice about anyone except himself.



            • I dont know much about old Phil except that he is a Battenburg.
              Therefore German.

              The crowd that parade as Windsors are in fact Saxe-Coburg + Gothe.
              Also German. Preceded by Hanover.
              There is bugger all English in their heritage.
              They only changed the name in the war between England and Germany (cousins fighting cousins, sort of) in 1917 when US entered the war and the English side was going to win.
              The Battenburg branch changed to Mountbatten.

              They produce shit useless males who are weak simps so Harry is no surprise –unless he really is harry Hewitt which means they should cut him off.
              They will know.
              But a tall order to openly admit to having Charlie Big Ears cuckolded by Diana when he might be King. (even if he was practicing being a tampon in another bed)

              The blokes are useless.
              Prior to Lizzy there was one that stuttered like buggery and one that chased yankee skirt.

              The current mob of Lizzy’s sons Weird Chuckie, Dirty Andrew, and I dont know much about Eddie boy but he gets severely piss taken on the spoof series ‘the Windsors’

              Yep, I have SFA time for royalty.
              Nothing is attained on merit as shown by this ginger simp in the fierce grip of a California crazy.



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