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WHO: PCR Tests At High CT Probably All False Positive

Written by Dr. Judy Wilyman

The fact is that we will never have freedom again if we do not address the misuse of the emergency powers with the science. In this latest newsletter I have demonstrated that there was never any ‘global pandemic’ – it is only a pandemic in name.

The 2 scientific arguments that completely demolish the claim that we have a ‘public health emergency’ of COVID19 are:

1) The ‘cases’ that have been used to declare this emergency situation are healthy people without any disease symptoms.

2) The definition of a pandemic that is based only on ‘cases’ is not based on science and the adoption of this new definition in 2009 was done by elite individuals in an ‘Emergency Committee’ and without the scrutiny of the scientific, medical and general community. A scientific definition requires the scrutiny of the community otherwise it is invalid under scientific methodology.

In December 2020 the WHO declared that any result from a RT-PCR test that was amplified at a high cycle threshold (CT) e.g. above 35 CT is potentially 100% false positive.  This leads us to question all the reported ‘cases’ of COVID19 disease in Australia in 2020. This is because Australia has reported that it was using this PCR test at a CT of 40-45  and most of the reported ‘cases’ were people without symptoms.

The question now is ‘What cycle threshold is the Australian government using in 2021?’ Has it been reduced at the same time as the vaccine was introduced to give the appearance that the vaccine has caused a decline in the cases of this disease?

The WHO says that in 2021 a manual readjustment of the PCR positivity threshold must be done to account for background noise in specimens with high cycle thresholds. 

There is no transparency in the use of this test that is now allowing government’s globally to claim that healthy people without disease symptoms are an asymptomatic case of disease. This also enables the government to claim that healthy people are a risk to society. This is criminal and this is being based on a PCR test that is not a diagnostic tool for any disease.

Many doctors and scientists are stating this and they are being ignored and censored. Here is the inventor of the test, Kary Mullis, also stating ‘it is not a diagnostic test‘. It should never be used when symptoms are not also present.

In addition, it is these ‘cases’ that have been used by the government to enact the emergency powers. Yet the definition of a pandemic that is based on an increase in ‘cases’ of a disease has not been validated by the scientific community. It is not a scientific definition if it has not been validated by the community of scientists – only by elite individuals.

The case-tracing of healthy people with QR codes is fraudulent and it is enabling more ‘cases’ of disease to be obtained and more healthy people to be locked up and falsely declared a ‘case’ of disease. This is industry-pseudoscience, and it has all come about because the WHO allowed a small group of individuals, with financial conflicts of interest with industry, to adopt an unscientific definition of a ‘global pandemic’. 

This makes the use of the emergency powers invalid and all the directives that have been enacted to control this non-pandemic of a flu-like illness. Please read the full article describing the unscientific definition of a pandemic that has been used by governments and also watch the interview with Elizabeth Hart on Asia Pacific Today.

This interview describes the full extent of the Australian government’s conflicts of interest in promoting an untested drug in the population. She also describes the complicity of the mainstream media and research institutions in this fabricated and well planned ‘pandemic’ event.

This crime against the population has also been perpetuated by governments deliberately suppressing the treatments for respiratory viruses that are known to be beneficial. Here is Craig Kelly presenting his evidence of this suppression to an empty Australian parliament. This picture illustrates the type of ‘democracy’ that we have in Australia today. The people’s voice is not being heard by our government.

Here is the video of Dr. David Martin explaining to the International Criminal Court that there was nothing novel about the 2019 coronavirus. This is because it had been patented between 2008 – 2017 under gain of function research carried out in the US and in Wuhan, China.

In addition, the fact that it was a mutated coronavirus means that humans would be expected to have some previous immunity to this virus because these are a family of common respiratory viruses that cause the common cold.

It is now clear that this is a ‘pandemic’ in name only. There is no evidence of enormous numbers of deaths and illness in the community, in all countries, and this is necessary under the scientific definition of a global pandemic. The WHO could not have declared this to be a ‘global pandemic’ in 2020, if the definition of a pandemic had not been changed in 2009.

The ‘cases’ of disease that the media is presenting are healthy people who have had a PCR test but have no symptoms. It is these cases in healthy people that are being used to close borders and quarantine healthy people in Australia.

This is a media campaign, not a pandemic, using statistics out of context to encourage the community to accept the governments new regulations that restrict our fundamental rights and freedoms, ultimately harming our health and wellbeing.

You can bet the tests used here in NZ are more than 35 cycles. Therefore, according to WHO, they are all false.

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  1. There have been many OIA requests to find out the pcr cycles used in NZ, dont know about recent requests but none of the earlier ones were answered and just cited it as “sensitive information” that couldnt be released to the public.

    That answer alone screams something theyre hiding and most likely far higher then recomended in a desperate bid to justify cindys lockdowns.



  2. I’m conflicted reading this article. It is excellently written and the author makes a very cogent argument which I find difficult to disagree with.

    But then, on checking her out, I find that she’s not a medical doctor, but a politically motivated anti-vaxxer who was awarded a phD under very questionable circumstances by a fake university in Australia.

    This from Wikipedia:

    Roslyn Judith (Judy) Wilyman is an Australian anti-vaccination activist who came to prominence following the controversial award of a humanities PhD titled “A critical analysis of the Australian government’s rationale for its vaccination policy” by University of Wollongong.[1][2] The thesis came under heavy criticism from multiple directions, including medical professionals, due to claims within the thesis, including advancing a conspiracy theory[3][4][5] whereby the World Health Organization (WHO) and the pharmaceutical industry supposedly conspire to promote vaccinations in the absence of evidence of safety and efficacy.[4][5]




    • But Wikipedia is towing the WHO Pro vaccine mantra. Its good to raise questions about any opinion on vaccines. Some of the stuff I have shared has been refuted by a friend of mine who is a GP in South Africa, but then I have a friend who is a top Heart Surgeon in Brisbane who is very suspicious of the vaccines and is treating patients with clotting etc. So it’s very hard to get a complete unbiased completely objective handle on the whole issue. Reading the scientific journals helps, but those are often very technical or behind paywalls. However, I have no doubt the truth will prevail.



    • LIke you Eurokiwi I am often conflicted with who brings the information forth, and just what is then the actual source, and if they overstep that part so they can use the ‘axe that they grind’.

      Yesterday I started a thread, about the hospital protocols of just using Remdesivir and the initial person Dr, Ardis who raised his head above the pulpit. I was a bit dubious, but he was using the FDA sources, and admittedly I did not go back to find & read them.
      Though did check on wikipedia and can see it was a problem.

      The last comment I put was from a completely different source, and shows that FDA and NIH seem to allow some rather dubious practices, and people should be aware of just what an ‘EUA’ means and it is still in place.
      They certainly have not covered themselves in glory on those trials & experiments, where they have first hand data and then interpret into simpler knowledge.

      So after reading that, then I find it very difficult to believe much more of the FDA directions, particularly in regard to vaccines.

      As rol, wishes, that truth will prevail, though the lie, now using suppression, and censorship also, to stop good debate, discussion to “gain further function” of understanding.



    • I did the same Eurokiwi BUT Wikipedia is the last place I would take any notice of. I learnt this years ago when there was a guy who must have most of his time editing everything about AGW to suit the alarmist narrative. After many years he was barred but the damage had been done –nothing was corrected as far as I know.
      Recently one of the founders of Wikipedia has been in the media slamming the site, saying it is so biased as to be useless.

      I noted the lady’s background but that did not take away from her valid points and particularly the great links she had.



  3. I forgot to mention earlier. When I was checking up on the Dr , on Google I got all the “anti vaxxer” articles. When I went on Duckduckgo on the first page there was reference to this YSB article –well done Ed.



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