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WHO Director Tedros Says It’s Time To Get ‘Aggressive’ With ‘Anti-Vaxxers’

Upset with the failure of the Global Pandemic Treaty, World Health Organization Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has vowed to get “aggressive” with “anti-vaxxers.”

According to Tedros, the unvaccinated are creating “chaos” and need to be taught a lesson by the global elite.

“The serious challenge that’s posed by anti-vaxxers and I think we need to strategize to really push back because vaccines work, vaccines affect adults and we have science, evidence on our side,” said Tedros.

“I think it’s time to be more aggressive in pushing back on anti-vaxxers. I think they use Covid as an opportunity and you know all the havoc they’re creating…”

According to Tedros, humanity is not ready for the next global pandemic and warned Disease X will kill twenty times as many people as Covid.

No-one can predict where or when the next Disease X will emerge, but its existence “is a matter of when, not if,” Dr Tedros said.

Disease X “may be caused by an influenza virus, or a new coronavirus, or it may be caused by a new pathogen we don’t even know about yet,” he added.

But Dr Tedros was absolutely certain that a new deadly virus will emerge – and soon.

“Covid-19 was a Disease X – a new pathogen causing a new disease.”

“But there will be another Disease X, or a Disease Y or a Disease Z.”

Meanwhile, bird flu has jumped from animals to humans for the first time, shortly after Bill Gates announced his Foundation was in the final stages of seeking authorization for a bird flu vaccine.

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  1. How can he say that that absolute ass wipe, when the so called science people are coming out and saying they made the whole thing with masks and standing 6 feet away from people etc up. They are also saying these so called science people that there were millions of deaths that were unnecessary due to the jab.
    They sure do want to kill off the majority of people don’t they and they will be left with the continent of Africa oh goodie they are the most successful people in the world aren’t they///////////



    • he doesn’t like the spotlight, he is a militant from Ethiopia and he needs to create a new plandemic, quick, before the truth becomes more widely known and he is taken to the gallows….



  2. The article’s final sentence is an ‘interesting’ one; How ‘convenient’ that ‘bird flue’ should suddenly ‘jump’ to humans at the same time that Gates has started marketing a ‘vaccine’.

    The two events are, of course, not remotely connected in any way. ////////////////////



  3. Tommy Robinson, covers about WHO in a “chapter” in his just released documentary , which shows all the tools used against the public to gain functionary controls over us in many ways.

    LAWFARE: A Totalitarian State by Tommy Robinson
    1 hour 30 minutes : 2nd June, 2024 :

    This is worth setting the time aside to watch, as Tommy’s journalism is far far ahead of any “News Hub” “Red Radio RNZ” or Horrid or Stuff.



  4. We are from the government and we are here to help.

    Ah ha
    So World Government comes via the Medical world because , you know, you need to be healthy

    Much more cunning than Jackboots.

    And despite that pathetic four letter word, HOPE, you will find people comply.
    There was psych testing by applying different regimes in different places
    This has all been measured and recorded
    Victoria AU was draconian all the way; QLD ebbed and flowed, WA varied control
    It was a psyop
    [define psyop: military operations usually aimed at influencing the enemy’s state of mind through noncombative means ; yep yep that is what it was, You are the enemy ]

    It worked
    Sure you can complain on fakebook, YSB, BFD, Instagram etc
    You objection is noted and there is a permanent record.
    Part of your social credit status.

    Most will comply
    They wont resist.
    There is clearly world government given the fact that the whole event was coordinated from 2020 (and before)
    There are a few resistors like Sweden but they have been swamped with the third world because stupid white women thought it would be a good idea to have the ‘poor people’ there.
    And anyway, long term neutral Sweden has joined NUTO
    The dominos of resistance fall.

    UN2030 is on track.

    Germans are heavily involved in all this and they were able to swing from Nazism for over 10 years to Communism in East Germany (conveniently called German Democratic Republic -GDR ) overnight for half a century.
    The ‘tools of State’ are still fresh.
    It is all totalitarianism.
    Angela knows
    Ursula knows.
    Achtung achtung.



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