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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to announce ‘minor’ Cabinet reshuffle

RNZ reports

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to announce ‘minor’ Cabinet reshuffle

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will unveil her promised Cabinet reshuffle this afternoon following a Labour caucus meeting to sign off on the changes.

MPs from around the country dialed into the conference call from 8am. Labour requires a vote be held for new members to join the Executive.

A spokesperson for the prime minister confirmed Ardern would announce some “minor” changes to the Cabinet line-up at 3pm.

Ardern had earlier signalled she would refresh the team around the mid-year mark, which is not unusual for a government mid-term.

It is widely expected that Police Minister Poto Williams will be stripped of that portfolio.

Williams was appointed to the position after the 2020 election and has come under under increasing pressure in recent months amid a spate of gang violence and shootings in Auckland.

National Party leader Christopher Luxon last week called for her to be replaced, saying she was out of her depth.

“Poto Williams may have skills better suited to other portfolios, but it is clear she is not equipped to be Police Minister, especially at a time when gang activity and violent crime are increasing,” Luxon said.

Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta is another who has faced sustained criticism from the opposition in recent months. Both National and ACT have described her as “missing in action” as China makes a push into the Pacific.

Mahuta is also responsible for the contentious Three Waters legislation in her role as Local Government Minister.

Justice Minister Kris Faafoi has also faced recent questions about his commitment to the job and to politics in general, with it widely known around Parliament that he was reluctant to contest last election.

Where does one start? They all should be sacked for not doing the job we are paying them for.

Bullyboy Trev should go, along with Mahuta, Williams, and Kelvinator. But her problem is who to replace them with? The Liarbour talent pool is already drained to below the belly of a snake in a dry puddle.

I guess the backbenchers have read the polls, done the numbers, and are shitting themselves at the prospect of joining the unemployed next year.

Any further drop in the polls and some cabinet members will also be worried.

Not many Liarbour ex MP’s get job offers in the private sector for a very good reason. They have no identifiable skills any employer would need. Toxic Helen is a case in point, no directorships, no quango appointments, zero. She is so bad, she had to set up her own foundation to look employable


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  1. This is going to intersting! Who ever gets dumped will be out on their ear come election!
    It’s a hard position to comeback from!
    Have the dug the puddle deeper?
    Maybe they bought some water to make it deeper?



  2. A new foreign affairs minister but who would be any better than the useless Maaahoooota.
    Let’s just deal with this Labour pardy crock-of-💩 once and for all and call the general election early. Any changes DL makes will just be shuffling the deckchairs on the Titanic.



  3. Potatoe, diffierinatly gone any one can see she’s an embarrassment, except her mother.
    Nash steps back in to that positon! Wno else!
    Fatty Foo, he’s PI , does count in the maori stakes. So he’s out!
    Ninny mahoootas is safe, as dumb as she is! There would be a maori up rising if she went.
    She’s a protected species, now that she has started a new helen clarke foundation!
    Cindy must be pissed with the puddle!
    Who was the kiwi Builder? Haven’t seen him for a bloody long time. Has he died?



  4. I reckon David Clark will be elevated. He has all the right qualifications. he’s a nasty arrogant smart arse bell end who drives a van with his mug all over it to a park so he can ride a push bike while everyone else is locked down. Not only that he has a dodgy doctorate just like D.L. Sounds like a future leader to me.



  5. Surely the only possible candidate for promotion to Cabinet would be Willow Jean Prime. McAnulty has to be in line for better things.

    On the way down should be Little, Sepuloni & Faafoi but Labour is incredibly tribal so their arses may be saved. Williams is dead meat.



  6. That odious, arrogant cunt Clark, having served out his time in Jacinda’s comfy naughty corner, will be elevated to a position of authority over all our lives. Pototo Williams is staring blank-eyed at the headlights. Fatty Farfoi, looking more and more like Toad of Toad Hall with every passing day, can no longer summon the breath to get out of bed. Mallard is about to be drowned in a vat of his own bile. Ma Hooter and Willie Jackson won’t be going anywhere, because Te Tiriti.



    • The Convoys from North Cape and Bluff meeting in Wellington were a massive wake up for Ardern. Not only did thousands drive the route, thousands more stood and waved flags and banners. Ardern tried to dismiss the first two protests at Parliament as just a disaffected few and she was shown in brilliant crayon a picture of a pissed-off public – a great big voting one.
      The most disappointing response was Nationals. We know the Ardern-led Labour government are scum, but National is trying to cash in on the ‘we’re not Labour’ ticket while being exactly the same. Where is the empathy for the vax-injured who can’t even access ACC? Where is the support for individual freedom, body autonomy, right to choose?
      Luxon has shown he will take the New Zealand public for granted if and when it suits him. He is a truly disgusting individual that does not deserve to represent this country in any way, shape or form.



    • Yes all them protesters at parliament caused ducky to lose his shit and become an embarrassment to this government!
      Cindy did not give up the duck easily, no way! She’s going to be handed her arse in a sling!!!




    For the benefit of those who may not have the time to peruse the entire article , the text appearing-below was copied from the larger Newshub article that Waikatogirl previously linked-to.. Thank you WG for bringing it to our attention..

    One wonders how long it will take the Duck to ruffle feathers at Westminster and if his ‘assisted’ ‘departure’ reflects his incompetence in respect of the Anti-mandate protestors.

    I also notice that ‘Priyanca Radhakrishnan moves into Cabinet and takes an associate Workplace Relations role with a focus on migrant exploitation’, and in respect of ‘migrant exploitation’. Knowing how ‘caring’ (//////) Indians are for each other (especially of the lower orders), one has to ask, ‘Does it take one to know one’?

    I notice as well that Chris Hipkins has been elevated to Minister of Police (A sick joke perhaps?) and that Poto Williams (while significantly ‘Retain[ing] Ardern’s confidence)…stays in Cabinet…[and] picks up Conservation and Disability Issues’. Given her past performances, one wonders what damage she will cause there…

    The article reads:

    ‘Kris Faafoi is leaving Parliament to spend more time with his family, she says. He expressed this desire at the 2020 election and was intending to leave 18 months ago. But Ardern asked him to stay another year. She says his contribution as a minister has been “hugely valuable”.

    Trevor Mallard will stand down in August and will move into a diplomatic post in Europe. He told Ardern in 2020 that he wanted to transition out of the role over the course of this term. Adrian Rurawhe will be nominated as the next Speaker.

    “On Friday I advised the Governor General of my intention to resign from the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives in August,” Trevor Mallard said in a statement.

    “I have had the honour of being unanimously elected three times by the House as a presiding officer. It has always been interesting and mainly deeply satisfying.

    Kiri Allan will become the new Justice Minister and associate Finance Minister. She is described as a very capable minister and this is a sign of the Prime Minister’s confidence in her.

    Michael Wood will become the new Immigration Minister, while Willie Jackson is the new Broadcasting Minister.

    Priyanca Radhakrishnan moves into Cabinet and takes an associate Workplace Relations role with a focus on migrant exploitation.

    Kieran McAnulty will become a minister outside of Cabinet, with a focus on regional issues. He will be associate Local Government, take Emergency Management and the Racing portfolios.

    Duncan Webb becomes Labour chief whip.

    Poto Williams is no longer the Police Minister. That is going to Chris Hipkins.

    Williams retains Ardern’s confidence and stays in Cabinet. She picks up Conservation and Disability Issues’.



    • I think you’ll find Kris Faafoi did in fact leave 18 months ago, he just needed to use his Parliamentary door pass every so often to continue having his salary direct credited.
      Now that Hipkins is Education and Police, the ram raiding should cease and truancy should be curtailed in one fell swoop and he should have to front up with reasons why if it doesn’t happen.



      • I thought Faafoi started out ok, but gathered more work as the incompetence of others was disclosed. He’s got beyond breaking point himself and his ministerial career hasn’t ended well.
        Pity any poor sod who gets immigration though.
        Clearly that is a department devoid of competence at any level of its bureaucracy. No minister will make quality decisions if the advice from officials is dud.
        They specialise in stupidity and incompetence at INZ.



  8. ACT, National decry Cabinet reshuffle, say it won’t change Government’s ‘lack of delivery’

    Despite the Prime Minister’s Cabinet reshuffle, there’s still an “underlying problem” of a “lack of talent and good policy”, ACT leader David Seymour claims.

    But the changes haven’t gone over well at the ACT Party, and Seymour said the reshuffle doesn’t change the Government’s “lack of talent”.

    “The Prime Minister’s major reshuffle of Cabinet has shuffled the deck chairs but the underlying problem is a lack of talent and good policy,” he said.

    National Party leader Christopher Luxon had a similar view that the reshuffle wouldn’t change the Government’s “lack of delivery”.



    “onwards and upwards you fucken bitch, god i hope they tell you to fuck off”
    New Zealand tax payer gets fucked up the backside by Cindy’s wonderful team once again and our fucken stupid population watches on yet again, appathetic useless fucks we’ve become. The country burns from the fucken train wreck that cunt is responsible for while she’s pumping billions of tons of carbon into the air ( i don’t actually give a flying fuck abut that ) NAUGHTY NAUGHTY CINDY !!! aren’t toyu being just a little bit hypocritical in doing that Cindy you piece of shit.



  10. I can’t believe how fucken retarded this country is !
    The fucken idot that ask’s why somebody would want to leave …..” if you have to ask, well you definitely want to stay here mate. The country needs people with some IQ and you sound like you might have some…………….a “



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