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Obama Spotted With Black Eye and Bandaged Fingers Days After Death of Personal Chef


Barack H. Obama has been spotted in public for the first time since the mysterious drowning death of his long-term personal chef Tafari Campbell – and the former president was covered in cuts and bruises.

Barack and Michelle Obama were spotted separately at the Vineyard Golf Club and Farm Neck Country Club, respectively, according to photos obtained by Daily Mail.

Dressed in a green polo shirt and white shorts, Barack Obama was photographed on the golf course at the exclusive Vineyard Golf Club. The former president was sporting bandaged fingers and a black eye, which caused speculation online.

Citizen journalist Travis of Flint, Michigan wrote“just days after his personal chef and friend died in a very mysterious paddle boarding accident, Barack Obama appears to have injured fingers and a black eye. We still don’t know who the other person was and Obama loves paddle boarding. I think we can all guess what happened at this point!”

As previously reported, Martha’s Vineyard law enforcement appears to have left a significant void in the details surrounding the tragic drowning of Obama’s private chef, Tafari Campbell.

The call log of the 911 distress call, received on the night of the accident, conspicuously omits the reason for the call.

TGW report: Tafari Campbell, 45, met his tragic end while paddle boarding on Great Edgartown Pond, Martha’s Vineyard, on Sunday night. He was reportedly not alone, but local police have yet to disclose the other person’s identity.

Police confirmed Campbell was visiting Martha’s Vineyard and was employed by the Obamas at the time of his death. Barack and Michelle Obama were not present at their home but were in town when the incident occurred.

On the night of the incident, the Edgartown Police Department’s logs confirm the receipt of a 911 distress call at precisely 7:46 pm, reporting the 45-year-old struggling to stay afloat on the surface before he drowned.

Oddly, the call log shows the reason for this call as BLANK – an inconsistency, considering that all other calls made that night had their reasons clearly mentioned.

Dispatch calls between Martha’s Vineyard emergency services confirm the presence of a second paddle boarder with Campbell.

According to a statement from the Massachusetts State Police reported by MassLive, the unidentified paddleboarder tried to swim to Campbell but tragically, “did not reach him in time.”

After the failed rescue attempt, the individual managed to swim back to shore and alerted someone who then called 911.

A female made the initial 911 call, who, as of 8:18 pm, was actively searching for Campbell on a boat, per Daily Mail.

Adding to the mystery, the call’s origin was marked as Wilson’s Landing, a popular paddle board launch site roughly two miles from the Obama residence on Turkeyland Cove. This information contradicts the Massachusetts State Police records, stating that the first call originated from the Obamas’ residence.

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    • Big Mike and his wee bitch, Baz, have got nothing on the Clintons.
      They were under way more than 30 years ago.

      Wee bazza took more pleasure in mass killing like with Drones on Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan.
      A couple of invasions and mass killing.
      Wrecking Libya and hassling Syria were more his gig.
      He/she/they preferred big numbers than retail one on one .
      That is the Clinton gig.

      Now, if drones were around in the 1990s, Bill may have …
      ..but we speculate
      Bill C was more into spreading ‘the love’ of his seed pods.
      Even on Caribbean islands.
      Hils runs the local (lower 48) snuff division.



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