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Who Owns Our Water?




Waitangi Tribunal call for stronger freshwater rights for Māori could benefit everyone – Māori Council

Recommendations by the Waitangi Tribunal around Māori rights concerning fresh water are being taken as a win by the Māori Council.

The report found that Māori water rights must be better recognised by the Government and that Māori should have rights to a percentage of water allocations.

Yeh right. Give an inch and we will all be paying for the stuff that comes out of the sky for nothing.

Just like the radio spectrum, Maori want to own everything. Even though it was never mentioned in Te Treety, they seem to think it is all theirs.

That useless prick, Geoffery Bloody Palmer is the cause of all this shit we are having to put up with. Once again these Liabour fuckwits do something without any concern for the consequences in the future.


  1. Privately owned land, property in Australia, water. I’d wager that somewhere there’s a group of kaumatua rubbing their greedy little hands together while they formulate a claim to the Pacific Ocean.

    After all their ancestors did bumble their way across it a few hundred years ago. All they have to do is find or invent a court to listen to their claims.



  2. Wait for their claim on the undersea cable linking us with Hawaii. They pioneered that route so its only fair that they own it. They only have to prove that they actually came from there and not from the Cook islands.



  3. The thing that has always had me beat about Maori is how fast they managed to regress after landing in NZ. These were a people who managed to navigate the Pacific & settle a new land using skills quite advanced by any 13th century standards.

    By the time Cook arrived they had forgotten how to get back to where they came from, they’d nearly lost the skills of cultivating kumara, they’d wiped out most of the flora & fauna & now lived in a state of constant warfare over resources. They consumed everything & created nothing.

    In less than five hundred years they’d screwed paradise. Only the arrival of the noble yet benevolent Pakeha with his cereal seeds & livestock saved them from self imposed extinction. Left to their own devices the last of the Tangata Whenua would be sitting in a cave dressed in rotting sealskins & gnawing on the final piece of the last of the tribe next door.

    But instead of being worshipped as saviours we are protested against.



  4. My answer to your question of ownership is that no one owns the water. Yes, there may be water restrictions and local government makes out they need to have “plans” and they need to allocate, but partnership with any unelected group is not required. Handing over allocation or royalties to Iwi as a consequence of this Tribunal finding does not appear a sound solution.

    Very wary of what this intellectual lightweight government may do in response to this dubious finding of the Tribunal given the shambles the PM generated at Ihumātao with poorly considered words.

    Sitting on the report and taking time to breathe through their noses while some thought is engaged may be a prudent initial reaction.



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