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Kiwi scientists discover mega-volcano with world’s largest caldera

Scientists from GNS Science in New Zealand have discovered a volcano so big they are struggling to find words to describe it.

Jenny Barretto and Ray Wood from GNS Science, along with John Milsom from the UK, were studying the Philippines’ continental shelf when they discovered a caldera three times as big Lake Taupo.

The gigantic caldera has been named Apolaki, which means “giant lord” in Filippino.

“Apolaki is so large that no comparison is available on Earth – during the review process, scientists had to draw on comparisons with calderas from Venus and Mars,” said GNS Science.

A caldera is a large volcanic depression resulting from the collapse of a volcano due to emptying of its magma chamber after eruption or magma withdrawal.

The group of scientists began studying the Philippine continental shelf in 2008, before turning their focus in 2015 to study the features of the Benham Rise, a seismically active region below the Philippine Sea.

The discovery of the caldera raises questions about what special conditions caused it to form, around 40-million years ago.

The group’s findings were published in the journal Marine Geology.

“We are delighted that our findings have been published as no other caldera of this size has been discovered before,” Barretto said.

“The next step is for us to confirm that this is indeed a volcanic caldera through rock sampling and geophysical studies.”

If the team’s findings are confirmed by further research, Apolaki will officially become the largest known caldera on Earth.

Lets read that again, in case you missed it. “The next step is for us to confirm that this is indeed a volcanic caldera”

Even newshub aren’t this thick as to publish such an announcement are they? The headline is adamant that this IS a major discovery. Now at the end of the story they say it might be one.

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  1. In their haste to be first to trumpet the NZ connection Newshub were prepared to sacrifice truth & certainty.

    Keep this in mind when you read their other pronouncements.



    • Not sure which organisation is wrong. Have the scientists announced the matter before being sure and are seeking more research funds to keep prodding the thing to find out? Was the word “assumption” missed by the reporter anxious to get some words down.

      News hub needs to take a deep breath and tone the matter down perhaps until the observation is closer to being understood.



  2. While they are checking maybe they can check for methane seeps –Jimmy Shaw would like to know. /sarc

    Talking of marine methane seeps, a geologist friend commented yesterday about the $28 mill NZ is putting towards the satellite to keep track of O&G emissions and mentioned a colleague said he knew of at least 350 significant seeps off the East Coast –will make pretty picture in the satellite images.



      • A bit like all the dead rats washing up on the west coast. They were removed so fast by Doc, you would think they were still alive the haste with which they were removed. And yet it took them weeks to get their arse into gear and remove all that rubbish that washed out the river down there months age.
        I wonder why???



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