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Who To Vote For. Freedom NZ !!




I think I can confidently say, most of us on YSB are centre-right in our political leanings. With this in mind, I have been thinking about our choices to get a party that will best meet our needs.

National has been overtaken by the woke and god addled. ACT has been overtaken by the ex green woke and caved to the anti-purebloods amongst us. The Conservatives are just a bunch of religious nutters saying all the right things to get noticed, especially by those pissed off with ACT and National. Like all religious parties, they cannot be trusted. Nothing good can be said about the Winston First Party.

With such a dismal choice, I was wondering what we would want in a political party?

The Election is only 24 months away and now is the time to try and get a new political party that will represent our needs.

List below all your requirements.

Freedom New Zealand?


  1. A party that stands for personal responsibility, Definitely not career politicians, a mix of people who have worked at the coal face of many occupations, experienced real life. And one that actually stands by their promises doesn’t change with the wind.



  2. We need to change the whole system from MMP which is presently weighted to the benefit of politicians. Lists made by political parties for their preferred politicians, what a ridiculous farce! If they want to be in Parliament at least make them put a bit of effort into gaining such a cushy position. STV?

    Voters need the right to ‘recall’ MP’s or PM’s who are incompetent or at least a better mechanism for demanding a new election. Politicians are elected to govern not to instigate an ideological regime nobody asked for.



    • WG I voted for STV back when the system changed yo MMP. Leighton Smith was a strong advocate and he sold me on it.

      HBDHB has STV and I Loved I could put the awful Anna Lorck at 24 of 24 on my voting paper.



    • I agree WG and others about MMP.

      I think STV is too complicated (we have it in Wellington for Council elections)
      My preference is SMP. For a couple of reasons. Firstly it while it still allows minors parties to be represented it does not allow “the tail to wag the dog.”

      Secondly to change to it requires very little practical changes away from MMP and so could be more “palatable” to everyone. The change is that when the party votes are taken into account, the electorate MPs are taken out at the start. That is, the party vote is only used to divvy up the list seats. Electorate seats are more valuable, as they should be.



    • WG i rekon a good change to the system would be to fully do away with the list/party vote, keep the electorates the same but use STV system.
      Now the interesting part, instead of list mps replace that with a ballot type setup for ANY ordinary everyday kiwi (no previous political positions, local govt etc keep the troughers out) that wants to have a crack. 48 ordinary everyday kiwis to give REAL representation of new zealanders. Pay them well and have a media ban on digging up murky pasts etc and just leave them alone and let them do their job, career mps fair game for the media.

      Theres no one in govt who genuinely serve the ppl they all serve themselves in one way or another. By having 48 commoners in there with only 3 or 4 years to make change and no worries about treading carefully to get re elected i rekon there would be real change. Of course safeguards would be needed to stop “influence” would need to be sorted out otherwise theyll just get bought and paid for by various political groups



  3. Have to agree with you wg
    I think the mmp system has been a disaster as it shifts the “power” from the majority to minority. We become dictated to by list MP s who to me haven’t been “elected”
    I am a fan of Amy Brooke and the Swiss system.
    However we are stuck with MMP so I look at NC , not for religion which I do not like in politics, but to temper the party in power.
    Even National if elected with a majority , could act in a dictorial way.
    And yes , change to qualifications to be a candidate . No more Mexican beans or genters.



  4. There’s a gap for a party that focuses on the big picture. We need people capable of steering NZ into a position where free enterprise (not corporatism) can thrive & create the wealth needed to provide safety net welfare. Cake creators rather than cake cutters.

    What we don’t need is another party of micro managers who cater to whingers & their unimportant trivia. Not every facet of our lives needs government control or intervention.



    • “Not every facet of our lives needs government control or intervention.”

      Name one part of our lives that does. Govts are elected to provide its citizens with security in their lives, but not interfere in their personal abilities to improve them.



      • Name one part of our lives that does. Govts are elected to provide its citizens with security in their lives, but not interfere in their personal abilities to improve them.

        Well said, Ed. People should be taught from childhood how to stand on their own two feet, rather than rely partly, or fully, on the nanny state.

        The further you go to the right on the political spectrum, the more you find larger personal liberties and smaller government. Why is that? Because men and women who are healthy and self-actualizing are willing to accept responsibility for themselves (and to others) and don’t need to depend on a nanny state. A much better idea for politics is small government and large personal development. https://www.neurosemantics.com/bad-idea-we-need-more-government/



    • Not every facet of our lives needs government control or intervention

      Can we shake the university-itacal system loose from plugging in its 4 year degree, clip-board tick boxers loose.
      Better still to kill it off.

      “Social influence and social change 1976”
      “The psychology of active minorities 1979”
      by Serge Moscovici
      These have been further expanded into action by other “Professors, Lecturers” into many other departments, and through institutions globally.

      “Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals” is a 1971 book by Saul Alinsky, with his systemic way of continuous pushing.

      This teaches about the ‘techniques of persuasion’ and so that weed seed is now in flower, through out all our institutions. corporations, media, judiciary, local, regional, national government, rooted deep in all techno-bureaucrats.

      We may say that “go woke, go broke” but that flowering, has under runners, suckers, and seeds, a very difficult weed to finish off, and will be total over powering.

      Many supposed voting citizens have given their freedoms in exchange for security.
      So that control, power leads to corruption, and so now absolutely.



  5. A party like ACT promissed to be before they joined Labour and National and dropped the libertarian base.

    A party that supports:
    1) The individual is primary.
    2) Minimal governement control and intervention.
    3) Supports the rights of each person to decide what health treatments they use and accept.
    4) Free speech espcialy for those we don’t agree with.
    5) Reduce the number of MP’s by half.
    5) Drop MMP.

    I think that is what ACT used to be.



    • Agree nasska, part of the BIG picture problem is the many, many treaties/trade agreements/etc… that we have been signed up to. Soooo, you need some savvy…. legal to work our way out of these issues and there are many pitfalls. We need to have a totally new system, not the NWO reset, but we have to be able to understand/withstand all the outside pressures any new system here would experience. The bankers/markets etc… will all make a huge move on them if they don’t know their shit… and I mean they need to know their shit and everyone else’s…. other wise, now in Level 3 Northland, we need to get the fuck out of this stupid little country… I feel for you, I have an out, but many here don’t. I wish there was more I could do personally to help here. But unless sheeple wake the fuck up, there is little one can do to save the sheeple/lemmings from going over the cliff….



  6. Which party can stand up to and reject all the nihilist ideology’s: socialism, globalism, capitalism.

    Which party could actually defend people, not greed. Those whom can meld truth, beauty and the good. He searches in vain.

    It’s got to be local, as in down to individual responsibility. Ban Debt. I suspect we have got the corrupt system we deserve. We need to build again, like our forefathers. The ones before the boomers. Builders, not boomers.



  7. I would like to see GST removed from all food items. I would like to see the Parliamentary Press freed up to ask the “hard” questions. I would like the life time MP pension after 3 terms abolished along with free air travel for MP’s. This might encourage some of the bludgers to move on earlier than otherwise.
    I agree with others above, how can you vote for any Polly from any party in New Zealand, They are all agents of the UN and the WEF. and they do not give a rats … about the people.
    You have just been treated to 18 months of Comrade Cindy’s Communism.



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